Ian Wright and Dermot Gallagher argue over Newcastle United’s goal against Arsenal

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher and ex-Arsenal forward Ian Wright argued over Newcastle United’s contentious goal that earned them a 1-0 win against Arsenal yesterday.

In a very close game with few clear-cut chances, Newcastle scored the match’s only goal, which came from a cross after the ball appeared to have crossed the line.

A lengthy VAR check did not confirm the ball crossing the line, but several images have surfaced online showing that the ball did, which was enough for the goal to be ruled out.

However, Gallagher seems to believe the ball was still in play, he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘The whole of the ball has to be over the line and you can look at it from that angle and you can’t tell, as Wrighty says, it’s impossible to tell,’

‘Sorry to interrupt, Dermot,’ Wright said. 

‘But the angles we’re seeing, the ball looks out of play. That’s surely what we should be judging it on. 

‘It’s not like we can’t say conclusively. What we can see from that from me, the naked eye, because we haven’t got any other way to prove that the circumference of the ball is breaking the line, then surely we should give that as the ball out of play?’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Newcastle’s goal will be talked about for a long time and we just need to move on from that game as soon as possible.

It will not be replayed and nothing of note will be done about our complaints, as we have seen in past incidences.

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  1. Dermot Gallagher is a bold twat if he thinks the ball is in play. How isn’t that a foul jolelinton has two hands on the back of Gabriel.. these refs are a mockery. The. You got tits like Owen and Neville who chat total bullshit. Both got agendas against arsenal.. the refs in this league are a complete disgrace. That twat gumirase should have been sent off long time ago. Was Kai havertz tackle worse than the two kovacavic done at arsenal? No chance.. pathetic Neville jumping up and down like a clown in the commentary box calling for a red. Concentrate on shitty Man U you mug..

  2. The truth will always be generally, Arsenal fans thought the ball was out, Gabriel was fouled and it was offside. Newcastle fans, will think the ball was still in, Joelinton didnt foul and Gordon was onside. That wont change anything though. I still say, regardless, the biggest error of the goal was Raya position and that was so bad, it cant be defended.

  3. Raya was at fault in not reading the situation early enough. His reaction was poor but it only cost us a point because we did not deserve to win. A draw would probably have been a fair result and we would have gratefully accepted that goal had positions been reversed and would probably have argued that the ball did NOT cross the line. I noticed that nearly all the comments about bad tackles we’re aimed at Guimares, no one mentioned Havertz’ studs up tackle which probably set the scene for a very bad tempered match. Rose tinted glasses and all that!! Not a great watch but seriously, we have to sort out our goalkeeping problem or we will be out of the title chase before Christmas.

    I keep on about teams with top keepers winning the big trophies and have provided the examples of Liverpool and particularly City who just happen to have the only world class keepers in the EPL. Another example is Manuel Neuer who has just returned to Bayern after a year long injury, two games two clean sheets. On the topic of Bayern, Kane has scored 15 goals in 10 games including 3 hat tricks, a good thing he no longer plays for the Spuds!!! January shopping list (if there’s any money left) a top keeper and striker.

  4. Further and PERTINENT thoughts on us losing ONE point at Newcastle. So why only losing onew point then? Well we were never going to score if we played all night and so the best we could ever hope for was a draw. And so THERE is the one point we lost, realistically.

    BUT, we threw away two points against Spurs, as we would havewon , not drawn, had Jorginho not been caught in possession for their second goal.
    Likewise at home to Fulham we threw away two points as we were two one up against ten men but stupidly sat back and invited them on, so they equalised. SO WE THREW AWAY four points combined against Spurs and Fulham but only ONE at Newcastle.

    THAT is how I as a realist, always look at dropped points. FOUR dropped in two games we SHOULD AND OUGHT to have won. Only ONE dropped by that VAR outrage.

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