Ian Wright defends Arsenal’s disciplinary record

Ian Wright has defended Arsenal after Gabriel Martinelli becomes their latest player to be sent off in a game.

He joins Granit Xhaka, Gabriel Magalhaes and Thomas Partey as Arsenal players who have received sending offs in the space of just weeks.

Mikel Arteta has turned the Gunners into a very intense club, and it shows in how they play the game.

However, it is probably one reason the club is getting players sent off in matches frequently.

It is easy to think Arsenal has a disciplinary problem. After all, no other club has come close to earning as many red cards as they have in 2022.

But club legend, Wright believes it is not a disciplinary problem even though people want to make it seem like it is.

He told Premier League Productions via The Metro: ‘15 is a lot, but I wouldn’t say there is a disciplinary problem.

‘I think that’s what people will try and say, but there isn’t.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Earning 15 dismissals since Arteta became our manager is huge and screams of indiscipline.

However, when you consider that some of the red cards have been very soft and similar incidence at other games haven’t earned players red cards, you can tell it is not just a discipline problem.

Arsenal players need to be more careful, but we are not such a bad side as some fans and pundits want to make us out to be.

Mikel Arteta discusses the win and red cards

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  1. There is a fear of the
    UNKNOWN about the new AFC Rebuilding project. There is no doubt that referees, each has a favourite PL team ( which is human anyway), The only way to stifle up
    AFC’s Volting ambition for Top 4 is to help keep Arsenal’s key players out from next matches, through red cards. This is the only way to help Arsenal drop points in favour of referees’ Favoured PL Teams. As subtle and as simple, as that!!! Why did VAR not check at the Wolve’s match? Because there wasn’t any thing to check!!!!! Coach Arteta, follow up for a cancellation of Martinelli’s Red card this week. Please!!

    1. Akonteh what i dont understand is WHY ARSENAL? What is the thing that makes every referee and every Var decision anti Arsenal. I m ver interested to hear you conspiracy theory. Are referees paid to do it, are they injected with some serum or are they hypnotised ?

        You are so out of touch with so very much that you write , even though you rarely go an hour without writing and nearly all is nonsense !

        I mean you should just listen to your own words; they scream “ENTITLEMENT” and have no reality whatsoever about them.

  2. I think that for last 10 years Arsenal became known as a club that was a bit soft – that one way to beat them was to play physical against their talented but soft players. Arteta is coaching a bit of bite back into the team and wants them to play like Liverpool or Man City where you strategically press and don’t give the oppostion time on the ball. This can lead to a lot more fouls, yellow, and red cards, especially with a young team that is still maturing (barring Xhaka of course) and learning how to press hard, be physical, but not go over the line.

    I for one appreciate that we see more fight in our team (though not consistently yet).

    On a related front is our growing ability to close out games. In recent years there has been a naivete where we would get a lead and then still lose games. There is a certain guile that more mature teams have in knowing how to disrupt an opponent, including time wasting, knowing how to attack without reckless abandonment etc. We seem to be improving in their area, though the immaturity is still evident in that some of the players take it a bit too far and are punished for it.

    I think that the next step, after improving our defensive ability and our guile in closing out games, (which still needs work but is moving in the right direction) is to develop our ability to close out games by scoring additional goals. But everyone know that turning around a team always starts at the back.

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