Ian Wright faults this Arsenal player for Edouard’s goal

Ian Wright has slammed Ben White for not engaging Odsonne Edouard for Crystal Palace’s second goal in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw last night.

The Gunners nearly lost the game as Palace turned the score on its head after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had given the Gunners an early lead.

However, the goals the Eagles scored were avoidable and Wright was particularly critical of the one scored by Edouard.

The Frenchman drove at White after receiving a pass from Michael Olise.

Instead of the Arsenal defender engaging him, he kept moving backwards and helped the former Celtic man to get closer and closer to the Arsenal goal.

Edouard eventually unleashed a shot which beat Aaron Ramsdale in goal to make the match 2-1 in favour of the visitors.

Alexandre Lacazette came off the bench to score the equalising goal for the Gunners, but Wright was critical of White’s defending for the second goal.

The Arsenal legend says via Sun Sports: “I think it’s a little bit of a worry for Arsenal because when you look at both goals, we’re not getting defenders to go and engage.

White’s got to get closer to Edouard and he doesn’t do it. They’ve done brilliantly to score the goal.

“I think he’s got to get close to him… at no stage does Ben White close that gap.

“People can say what they want, maybe the goalkeeper or whatever… at no stage does that gap get smaller so why wouldn’t you shoot?”

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  1. He made a mistake Wrighty, simple as that.
    The time to start worrying is if it becomes a regular thing.
    Just as we have never seen the perfect manager, neither have we seen the perfect player.

    1. Hi Ken.. I couldn’t believe what I was reading regarding your ‘is it worth it’ comment!! It must be bad… although i bet you’ll be the first one through the turnstile on Friday 🙂

      1. I don’t envy you Ken mate
        Went to the Lake District last weeken for 3 nights and it took us 4-30 hours each way from the West Midlands .
        I know that you live Scotland and going down to London must be double that time to watch that crap every time .
        Hats off to you buddy for a one night stay .

        1. Sue and Dan, I’ve decided not to go Friday, no matter what..
          To see players with the undoubted ability within our squad, being “coached” into shadows of themselves (Tierney and Partey for example) is just too much.

          I’m going to watch it on TV and see if MA and his players look better on the screen, because there are some on JA who see things so differently to me.

          As for the “referee” I cannot understand how he is still seen as a PL official – he cheated on Monday and there can be no other explanation.
          Right in front of his eyes, a player could have broken another players leg – where is the protection against this kind of cynical foul?

          No, all in all, I have to take a rest… and the price of diesel is rocketing 😂😂😂

          1. I don’t blame you, Ken. Twice in one week would be exhausting (& I’m not just on about the journey 😄)

  2. What about Benteke waltzing past Gabriel for the first goal.The Brazilian turns like an oil tanker and is vulnerable in one for one situations.As for the second goal, Ramsdale seemed to be unsighted as the shot was virtually above his head.

  3. I just dont think White is that good, at this moment in time i fail to see this so called good player. Doesn’t look particularly strong at anything.

  4. Why do our explayers ignoring our major problem, which’s having an inexperienced and out touch manager and picking on the players. It is obvious after we scored our players went into a safety mode until Palace scored their first goal with Arteta clapping every move until that time.

  5. This is far from the first time that White has backed up instead of engaging an opposing player, in and around the box, which led to a premium scoring opportunity…I’m still not sure if that’s his MO or something that he’s learned on the training pitch, as I don’t remember this being an issue while at Brighton…that said, he was largely deployed a bit wider on the right so it likely wouldn’t have been quite so disconcerting

    for me, he’s a tweener defender, who’s more suited for a back 3 and ill-equipped to play CB in a back 4…the real question is why did we spend monies normally associated with a blue-chip CB on a largely untested shoehorning project…it makes about as much sense as when we brought in Ode, refused to be tactically flexible, then shoehorned ESR out wide…it’s these kind of maneuverings that have lead me to conclude that either there’s simply no definitive plan in the works or the “plan” on offing is incredibly flawed…either way, it’s undoubtedly problematic

  6. Well Partey and Lokongo did not appear in 90 minutes, so blame whoever you can. Xhaka looks better with every game he does not play, but haters try to find others to blame but the Source. Lokongo lost a Ball that any other day would have infuriated the haters, now the defense has to take the blame.

    1. So when Xhaka plays we are better? Why then if true did we and have we failed to first get in top 4 with him, then top 6 with him and now top 8 with him. Why do professional footballers not rate him? Why wouldnt Inter pay more than 13 mil for him, why did he trash the armband when he got it, why does he get so many red cards and bookings, why is his transfer value so low. He was available this summer for 20 mil and got no takers. I think it all speaks for itself.

  7. Reggie, one by one.

    1. I thought you blamed AW, UE and MA for not finishing in the top four?
    2. You have not read the comments from those players who do rate him.
    3. Probably because that’s how much they valued him at – our club obviously see him as a much more valuable player.
    3. Following the abuse he received, not only him but his family as well, from fans, that was probably the only way he could show his disgust at them.
    4. Like Vieira and Kean, he puts himself on the line for the club and gives his all.
    5. I seem to remember he was on his way, before MA talked him into staying.

    Our best performance this season, was with him in the side and it’s gone downhill since.

    Just answering your questions and not necessarily disagreeing with you – devil’s advocate I think it’s called.

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