Ian Wright gives his honest analysis of Arsenal’s chances of Top Four

Arsenal would appear to be in the driving seat for a place in the Top Four, and some of our readers are even dreaming about overtaking Chelsea for Third Place. But the fact remains that despite our games in hand, we are still currently in 6th place in the table and need to convert our games in hand into solid points on the board.

Man United got back on track with a win over Brighton in midweek and have a winnable game against lowly Leeds on Sunday, while West Ham are at home to a resurgent Newcastle side, which could go either way.

Wolves are only 2 points below us and have a home game against Leicester and will probably stay close behind, but 8th-placed Tottenham have a daunting trip to the Etihad. Wouldn’t we all love to see Tottenham get destroyed and implode under Conte!

But al this is irrelevant if we don’t take all 3 points at home to Brentford tomorrow, but the Arsenal legend Ian Wright is feeling upbeat about our Top Four chances after us beating Wolves last time out, and has given his in-depth analysis of the race for the coveted Fourth Place. Speaking on his Ringer FC podcast, as quoted by Metro, Wright said: “When you look at Arsenal, they’ve got Spurs, Chelsea, West Ham, Man United soon, so it’s going to be tough.

“I said at the start of the season, if we could get sixth, I would be so happy and I think Mikel Arteta would be where he should be, in and around sixth-place, and then you start to progress from there.

“When you look at how everyone is doing at the moment, everyone is playing each other. If Arsenal can win games like the Wolves one, I’ll be happy with that.

“I fear for West Ham because they’ve got the seriousness of the Europa League coming now and it gets more intense now, they play more frequently and the games are tougher. That’s why you worry for them.

“I don’t think West Ham will be able to sustain it, with the Europa League as well.

“Spurs, I don’t know what’s happening with them and they go to Man City, United, Liverpool and Arsenal soon. Those are tough games for a Spurs who look the way they do right now.

“United have big games too so I can’t call it, I can’t. But when you look at how poorly some teams are performing, it’s interesting.

“I think we [Arsenal] are going to do it. They need four points from their games in hand [against Burnley and Spurs]. Can Arsenal recognise that this is it now? This is the season.

“Whatever you say about United, they have the firepower and players and they will start to take their chances and click. That’s what worries me about United.

“But there’s something happening at the club with the in-fighting. If that’s happening, how do you continue to put in the performances to get the top-four? Southampton could have beat them [on Saturday].”

“I think it will be tough for West Ham to get in the top four,” Carragher said.

“Arsenal, what a win that was for them away to Wolves. The games in hand, no European football.

“You think about how long Manchester United will be in the Champions League, that could play a part. It feels like it will go to the wire.”

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  1. Our games against Spurs(TBC)and Wolves are the big ones, if we can win those I see us ending in top 4…there’s also 2 tricky consecutive games against Man U and West Ham at the end of April that could be make or break.

  2. We have a good chance, taking it is the issue. I am quite upbeat though. We have big games too, Manure, Chelski & Pool. We really don’t have to will all our games to get what we want, others won’t win all theirs either.
    I hope for the best.

    1. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to have it but I think 99% of Arsenal fans, including myself like how we are building a young team and do not want to see raggedy-assed has-been mercenaries taking up starting positions from our very exciting youngsters. Also, in case you missed it, the transfer window closed a couple of weeks ago.

  3. 7 home wins and not losing to Spurs and Westham are key.
    Brentford W
    Wolves W
    Leeds W
    Brighton W
    Everton. W
    Leicester W
    Man U. W
    Liverpool Draw
    22 points
    Watford W
    Newcastle W.
    Palace. D
    Villa D
    Southampton D
    Spurs, D
    Westham D
    Chelsea. L
    11 points
    72 points.
    4th place

    1. FF Any of our close rival teams, or us, who gets 72 points will finish fourth and I think with something to spare.

      I personally see 68-69 points achieving fourth, possibly even fewer points than that. We are currently bookies favourites and, I think, with justification.

  4. I agree with Wright, the sixth position is the most realistic target with Lacazette and Nketiah. Imagine if Lacazette gets injured or makes a deal with other club this month

    Beating Brentford and Wolves will keep our top four dream alive, but we must be realistic due to our problems

    1. U have come with this striker thing again, just add it ‘we should have buy striker’ dnt u get tired of repeating striker issue

    2. GOI
      come on my friend. it wont break us or make us if we win or lose against Brentford or wolves but it will go a long way to defining our season either way.
      if we are there or there abouts come the last 10 games then that is where it will count. i believe we will get decent results against these 2 teams, 4 points at the least, or all 6 max points and if we can our noses in front and not lose against our rivals at the least then we are in for a big shout for a top 4 finish.
      As for the CF we are missing and you keep reminding us of. we haven’t had one all season! and we have done a decent job without one.
      keep the faith!
      onwards and upwards

      1. If we can’t even win against Brentford and Wolves at home, we might as well forget about a top four finish. Luckily, Ivan Toney is injured, so White would likely have fewer problems in the back

        1. the spuds said the same thing about Wolves and look what happen to them
          Manure were nailed on for a win against Burnley and Southampton
          we went away to Wolves and took all 3 points
          you have become very negative in your views recently

          1. Why is it that when people state the obvious, they’re termed negative. He simply said, if we can’t beat a depleted Brentford or wolves, how do we beat better teams? Especially seeing we have no competent strikers, all thanks to the genius of Arteta and the club in January. Out of the clubs vying for top 4,we and westham have the tinnest squad depth. West ham have better injury and discipline record than we do. Which means we’re more likely to lose an already thin squad of players to suspensions from disciplinary actions and injuries than West ham would and all these factors put together, including the coach’s in-game tactics(which is very poor), will determine if we make the top 4 or not. Seeing as we are out of all other competitions and sabotaged our own January transfer window, the minimum arteta has to attain for this season is a top 4,finish 5th and he has to go. In my opinion, he should have gone well before now but if wishes were horses. Top 4 now or get the heck out of our club.

        2. I agree👌 absolutely with GAI, if we can’t win against Brendford even with E.Toney and Wolves at Emirate we can forget about top4. These players must be ready to fight %100 to win games.

    3. Sorry I disagree, we have a very realistic chance of getting fourth, possibly third in the league. The reason why I believe this, it’s because our youngsters have a hunger for winning that I haven’t seen in our team for a long time. The comraderie on the pitch, the celebrations when winning, the naive bravery, free from the pressure of past successes all contribute to a mentality of a top team.

  5. Pretty honest Assesment from Ian Wright as usual, a lot more articulate than that of phony pundits such as Kevin Campbell and others on this site. The main factor is that Arsenal are in control while other teams will be taking points off each other and hoping that Arsenal collapse

  6. Top six built on the backs of young, developing players and an attractive style of play was what I would have considered success at the beginning of the season. Anything more would be gravy.

    At this point it looks like we are on course for top six (tick) and young developing players (tick). The attractive style of play has not been on display enough for another tick but I’ve seen glimpses so it’s not a Boom either (see what I did there).

  7. In no way do I realistically think Chelsea don’t make the top 4, but if they falter against Palace tomorrow and/or lose to Liverpool the following matchweek, they have to come into this discussion. Especially w them still being involved in all four competitions.

  8. It’s not impossible to finish 4th, but based on our previous regular fall after wins, it’s unlikely, but maybe if others stumble too…..just maybe. With no real goal scoring forwards I can’t see it, BUT it is important to get into the Europa Cup, to have more matches to give, Patino, Salah Uddine, Mika Biereth, Omar Rekik, Miguel Azeez, Folarin Balogan and Marcelo Flores some real experience. What great Hale Enders we have

  9. Going by our lack of team depth and the very low goals scoring coming from our now main striker sitters miser Lacazette. Who has only found the net for Arsenal 3 times in the EPL this season. And coupled with the no goals scored show coming from Nkethia for Arsenal also in the EPl this season too. Is I think a serious concern and worry for Mikel Arteta the Gunners gaffer to have his two strikers of Alexandre and Eddie overcome their failings of firing blanks for Arsenal in the EPL thus season very soon.

    So that Arsenal’s Top 6 places finish ambition will suffer no jeopardy to it that will see us miss out on the Top 6 places again this season.

    As things are looking to stand currently in the EPL and as they concerned Arsenal in relation to the Top 4 place finish this season that’s being advocated in the Gooners quarter for the Gunners to achieve it for the club this season. I think Ian Wright the Arsenal legend saying that Arsenal finishing in the Top 6 is a realistic objective which Arsenal should pursue to finish there I think is in order. If going by the strength of the current Arsenal first team squad on ground is a kind of team strength than can only be relied upon to get a Top 6 place finish this season. With a Top 4 place finish by the Gunners this season a realizable possibility.

    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to read any comments that are coming from the Gooners quarter attempting to be brainwashing Arteta and the Gunners saying that Arsenal will be to the good if they finish 6th This season.

    But for me, if the Gunners continue in their last Wolves match win this season away at the Molinuex, And become unrelenting in match winnings to be regularly winning as they match on to the Top 4 place finish this season. Yes!!! Arsenal will most certainly have a Top 4 place finish to their season this season.

  10. 3rd and 4th place is tantalizingly poised for anyone to take.
    For me, we just need to take it one game at a time and it starts with beating Brentford tomorrow and Wolves on Thursday.
    Anything short of 6points from those games will be a setback but win those games and let’s see how our rivals fare.
    Top 4 is very achievable if we could grind out results like we did against wolves away and pray mother luck smiles on us….

  11. We now play Leicester, Liverpool and Villa in a span of six days in March. Circle those dates in the calendar to decide our top 4 fate. Lack of depth will hurt – if we win the first one, would sacrifice the Liverpool game?

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