Ian Wright gives his opinion on what Arsenal should do next

Ian Wright calls for the sacking of Unai Emery after Leicester City defeat.

Arsenal should give Unai Emery the sack now according to club legend, Ian Wright. The former Arsenal attacker turned pundit hasn’t been enjoying Emery’s time in charge and has had enough.

Wright has been vocal in his criticism of Emery for most of the Spaniard’s tenure at the Emirates. He now believes that the time has come to sack him following their loss to Leicester City.

Many fans expected Arsenal to struggle in their game against the Foxes yesterday, however, they also expected the team to at least put up a good fight.

But their 2-0 loss had almost nothing to impress their fans with and losing 2-0 was even a respectable scoreline as they played almost no progressive part in the match.

According to Wright, things haven’t gotten any better under Emery and the team doesn’t have an identity under the former PSG manager.

The danger for Arsenal in keeping Emery on could result in players refusing to sign new deals and perhaps lots of fans refusing to come out and watch games as well.

However, it has been reported just today that Arsenal are 100% behind 43-year-old. This means it is unlikely that Wright will get his wish anytime soon.


  1. If the board refuses to do something then we should make the stadium a empty place. Then they will move Emery out.

    1. We? I’ve got season tickets and win, lose or draw I support my team and will never not be there to support my team whenever I can.
      Sorry if that upsets people but I’ve been there since 1966, and it’s for life, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. You’ve got my previous medal Declan. Some so called fans wanted us to lose because of the coach. We did. They forgot that the word “sack” is not there in our Board’s dictionary.
        Cone to think that Klop was available when it was a good time to let Arsene go and we missed it by overkeeping Wenger.

        1. I want Emery gone but that doesn’t stop me being there supporting the team whenever I can. So called fans wanting a defeat to pour more pressure on the manager are idiots.

      2. That’s fine Declan, I personally will not be going to spend my time and money there, at least until I see a change. I have supported every player on this site, am always present when Wenger was there, but now nooo. I never wanted us to lose so that Emery can be sacked, before every game I am hopeful. I am a fan not the owner, or board. At the end of the day it’s about buying and selling, if the goods am buying doesn’t meet the money am paying I will graciously decline to buy such goods anymore. I will be watching on sky sports/ BT. I pay for that as well. Good luck to everyone.

  2. Well hes right and has to get in there quickly with his comments as he’ll be Twitter and social media free for weeks when he lands in Oz, jungle bound. #im a celebrity get me out of here.

  3. If Liverpool wins today they will have 34 points . Arsenal has 17 after 12 games. Liverpool will be at 17×2 . Unacceptable. We are only 5 points above relegation zone and only one loss away from number 15! In the meanwhile, man utd is over taking us soon. Only one point separates us. We are finished.
    Can’t believe my eyes. Wenger is 50times better than Emery. We jumped from a frying pan to a burning fire

    1. It’s the scouting and recruitment Why Pepe when Zaha is available? Why not Lowandiski who scores in every match What’s wrong with us ?

  4. It is so pathetic…all I want is the in the stadium should do everything to get that useless man out of arsenal.he is killing our attacking prowess.southhampton will come to Emirates for a draw and arsenal will go down to 13 or so….then the so call bosses in there will see clearly then

  5. instead of losing Laca and Auba, we should lose Emery. Emery is sure of winning the next two matches against the lowest opponents but it won’t go his way. I think an empty stadium and “EMERY OUT” banners and posters will make the owners take action ASAP

  6. Every weekend seems to be horrible atm in terms of footy Sue 🙁
    Only small saving grace is spurs arent great as well.
    Oh how I long for a David Dein type character to get involved again with our club even usmanov gave up.
    The Leicester fans singing are you spurs in disguise made me want to puke!

    1. Too right, Kieron. Not watched MOTD in ages, can’t bring myself to!
      As bad as the spuds are, they’re only 3 points behind us! We’ll have a job finishing above West Ham, at this rate! Wasn’t long ago we were a point behind City, it’s now 8!!

  7. We should go for Luis Enrique because he has a winning mentality. How can our team play counter attacking football against Leicester as if we’re facing Bayern or Barcelona. Emery is supposed to be coaching mid table teams not Arsenal unless the Kroenke family sees Arsenal as a mid table team.

  8. Has anyone looked at Allegri’s profile compared to Luis Enrique? I don’t think Enrique will be able to turn our fortunes with the caliber of players we had. I know Allegri has done well with smaller struggling teams. JMO.
    Maybe we should have a discussion on it.

  9. Southampton and Norwich, two relegation fighters up next. And i don’t have the confidence we can beat either of them. This is ridiculous. Please sack this clown. Arsenal board need to do their jobs.

  10. The match was fairly even until that first goal, in general-play and clear chances it was even up until the goal. Commentator mentioned it a few times like he was surprised by it, Smithy, and it even felt like we might break the deadlock only for the final pass to elude us. Also, the work rate from our forwards was very good for a good while, Ozil Auba and Laca, good work-rate. Our defenders looked more confident than they probably should’ve been too, fullbacks should have done better for the first goal though.

    Midfield, not creating and not getting the better of their opponents over-all. Auba looked up for it, Laca a little rusty but he had enough energy to make you hope. We’ve missed these two along with a fit Bellerin because last season our strikers and fullbacks papered over a lot of our forward play, strikers being clinical and working well together, and fullbacks along with Ramsey were helping them to create space by keeping men busy and running into channels. This season Auba had to do it on his own, need/needed Laca and Bellerin to come back flying.

    Where we really messed up was in the two league games prior to this match, the confidence was low at Arsenal probably as low as I’ve ever seen -numbers wise. I’ve been very harsh on our fans for a few weeks now but the fans yesterday were really good and they deserved better than that. Our strikers had only 3 chances, Auba has had just the three chances over three games now, I think they might need to think about crossing the ball in a tad more, get it to Bellerin and Tierney then play Luiz in midfield and get him to go like Ramsey, enter the box because our strikers are being shadowed, everyone knows that they are our – be all and end all, creativity and finishing prowess, it’s all on them. Luiz should play midfield, he’s one of our best passers. Hard pill to swallow, we may all now transfix our eyeline to the darn Europa league unless one of the two teams above goes and falls on their ass, until then it’s Europa all the way buddies.

  11. I thought Emery would be sacked today but of course there is money involved. Ok, just £6 million or so to pay Emery off but there is also his back room staff, all 8 of them he was allowed to bring with him, so perhaps another £10 million or so. That’s a lot of money and so I think he will be given a little more time.

  12. Emery not playing Pepe is a shrewd plan to not let Ozil shine, as Pepe is probably the only player with enough ball playing skills to link up well with Ozil, and Emery knows it all too well. He’s not that clueless.

    It was right when Emery was under immense pressure to play Ozil, he decided to come up with an excuse to not play Pepe. Pepe was getting better and better, and how else would he get better, by sitting on the bench? This was very TACTICAL by Emery tbh. Putting Ozil in a team with players with mediocre ball playing skills, and keep Ozil useless throughout, with Pepe on the bench.

    Genius this Emery, and he’s willing to drop points just to see his WAY through. He’ll bring Xhaka again, I’m sure. Yesterday, he was using Luiz as a proxy Xhaka, almost as a DM when Arsenal had the ball. Xhaka is so important to Emery, and he’ll do anything it takes to bring him back. And Emery, as long as he’s the coach will not make it easy for Ozil at all and will pull such cheap plans to hurt Ozil’s impact.

    1. What most people don’t realise is that Unai keeps his own tactical league table. And we are doing really good in that one…

    2. Wow, ive heard some conspiracy theories but yours just does take Emery bashing to a new level. Theres bashing when its correct and then there is Daulats ludicrous conspiracy theory. Do you not realise what rubbish you are writing. Its not even opinion.

      1. Okay, then tell me why Pepe isn’t playing, all of a sudden? And tell me AMN over Pepe? How would pepe get better by sitting on the bench.

        And it’s no news to anybody how much Emery has wanted Ozil out? You serious? If not for the immense pressure from the Arsenal fans, he wouldn’t have played Ozil. You don’t go from ¨Ozil isn’t giving 100 percent in the training¨ to ¨Ozil is feeling good and positive in just one week span!

        Pepe was gaining confidence with two free kick goals and must have been feeling good for the next matches and suddenly he’s dropped? And right when Emery had no choice left but to play Ozil? Isn’t that too fishy coincidence?

        And what about the formations that Emery is using since he decided to play Ozil, first in a diamond, then again 3-4-1-2? No wingers? It’s clear Emery doesn’t want to play Ozil to his strengths, but to exaggerate his weaknesses to make a point for his decisions of not favoring Ozil.

        Just imagine how bad would it look for Emery, to have not played Ozil throughout the season till now, and if suddenly after starting, Ozil starts to have big impact on the game. And if Arsenal didn’t reach top 4 even after good performances hereon all blames will come down to Emery for not starting Ozil in the early part of the season and dropping unnecessary points. Now THAT would surely end his career with Arsenal. Emery can’t let that happen. He’s that TACTICAL!

        1. So that’s two of us on the same wavelength. I posted something very similar to your post a couple of days ago. I too think it’s deliberate by Emery to nullify Ozil’s qualities rather than amplify them. Mind you I said all this MANY TIMES last season but all I got from the mindless ones who had jumped on the ‘Let’s all hate Ozil’ bandwagon was ‘Stop making excuses for Ozil.’ Then again it must be difficult for them to think clearly when they’ve got about as much brain as a baby ant.

          1. Yeah. And It’s not even too hard to extrapolate from how Emery has been treating Ozil. He has snubbed Ozil any chance he has got in the past when Ozil looked like doing well. Take the pre-season for example.

    3. Honestly,this is serious. I wonder why this Emery guy has never fielded our strongest team weak in weak out. Since he started playing Ozil, Pepe has been benched. This man is a clown. People should see through. We are declining so fast. Wenger never lost to the title winning Leicester. We were second the season Leicester won the league. This guy should leave asap. We need to put immense pressure on the board. Emery must be sacked during this international break. The atmosphere at the club is toxic. Players not motivated. No clear vision on how the team plays. No initiative. The players are confused. Torrera, Holding, Pepe playing badly. Bayern just sacked their Manager. How could we loose to Sheffield United? We already know we won’t get a result against Man city. We gave up a two goal lead against Palace and watford. This international break is the ideal time to sack him.truth be told.

  13. I saw this coming and knew it wouldn’t be long before the boo boys who were patting themselves on the back thinking they were instrumental in sacking AW, would be out here crying in their beers. Shout and pout all you want. The board ain’t budging until the end of the season. “Simmer down and pucker up”… 😂😂😂😂

    1. To be fair, some people have a point without being a boo boy or rabble rouser. The problem is that sometimes people just get silly and aggressive in situations like this and dont recognize that people do actually are more tolerant or do actually have a different opinion. It will over the next few weeks and months get quite nasty by some. We wont get Emery out, the people who decide will.

      1. @Reggie
        Every body has a point, be they a boo boy or not. This situation shows, that theirs didn’t really matter as much as they believed it did…

    1. The favoritism is so blatant. Obvious handball ignored, and Salah goal gets a 2 second check for offside while every other goal gets 5 minutes of checking. They still haven’t showed he is even onside yet.

  14. 2 wins in last 10 games, with 1 goal margin. It is an identity and clear target; when you pick a coach for and to emulate his Sevilla football to win EL, you get that identity, style image and level of ambition.

    We have an owner with a goal, make profits; to fire Emery will take some of it. To take it on Emery is naive, to expect what Wenger’s Arsenal identy, style and brand from Emery as well, he plays 1-0 win, his defensive football, counters.

    We have more games with so called easy or average teams on the way, but it doesn’t apply to us, any team know they can beat us.

    That’s where we stand today! In 10 games; after boxing day, trip to Palace & hosting Sheffield, we won’t do better while most team do. We will drop to 12th place with a draw next game while others win.

    But doesn’t matter to Kroenke we do better than last year by not losing 3-0 but 2-0! Team is in progress! Win EL is our target but upon draft, doubt we will make it to 1/4 finals but in relagtion zone by then indeed.2 wins out of 10 puts in that zone for a fightl

    Whoa! Kroenke is gonna hope and believe in his coach til then, mid february, after EL lost in 1/8 finals stage! Looking at EPL calendar by ten, we will be Bellow 15th, a point from relegation. Wtf!

    1. Whether we like it or not, the whole shebang is kronks, we dont have a say at all in the situation, we have no say in the boardroom or fans forums because they dont exist any more. We are just onlookers to our favourite team that belongs to a Yank and lives 4000 miles away. Support through thick and thin and hope that the thin is not everlasting. The club is not ours, just like most of this country, it has been sold of to a foreigner, whose decision making does not involve us, we are just unimportant to the likes of them. These people make their money by using and steam rollering the likes of us.

    1. VAR will give the title to liverpool unless city can activate 100pts god mode. man city should be the big villain that everybody hates but liverpool cheating so much and their small team counter attacking tactic makes people support city.

        1. same here, they say they were bullied by other team fans but don’t realise they have become the bully. hypocrisy at its best.

  15. Come on, we all want Klopp at Arsenal!!

    Even Pep might come now that the wheels are falling off the City bus!

    1. both were available at separate points and we stuck with Wenger. Now we have the great Unai instead. All worked out I’d say.

      1. You are very correct. Wenger stayed longer than necessary. Very painful. Now we won’t allow this Emery guy to take us to Mediocrity. He is only good for clubs like Everton. How can we fans make the club to sack him during the international break? We should care less about the money they will pay him. We cant stand another season in Europa league.

    1. Liverpool are the best team in the land without a doubt. One of the best Europe too. Have to admire them and maybe they will go on to he unbeaten? Hope not but you have sit up and respect what and how they do it. The work ethic and energy makes us look like statues!

    2. Liverpool players have superb endurance and conditioning to be honest, apart from their quality of course. They run on nitro throughout the game. Apart from a new coach, Arsenal players need intense endurance/conditioning training to match the physicality of EPL. Too slow and physically frail players we have.

      1. Daulat. I don’t know how Arsenal train but I get the impression that maybe they are over-trained on the stamina front (Emery: Ozil doesn’t run around enough in training) and under-trained on speed/acceleration i.e. over 5 and 10 metres, which for me is far more important. Many of our players seem lethargic instead of ‘zippy’. One example of this is Guendouzi, one of my favourites, who gives his all and could probably play two games in succession but is so often beaten when pure speed is needed.

        1. Just looked up in Google what I was trying to say and it’s called the difference between ‘slow-twitch’ muscles (stamina) and ‘fast-twitch’ muscles (speed/accelaration). Maybe we’ve overdone it on the stamina front at the expense of speed.

          1. Yeah, you got it right. I was trying to refer to the athletic abilities and explosiveness rather than on stamina front. Need more acceleration, explosiveness and athletic speed.

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