Ian Wright has his say on Dani Ceballos remaining at the Emirates

Ian Wright has discouraged Arsenal from signing Dani Ceballos at the end of this campaign.

The Spaniard has spent the last two seasons on loan at the Emirates from Real Madrid.

He had been in fine form during Project Restart and was one of the club’s best players in their run to the final of the FA Cup.

They won the competition before he returned to Madrid. He rejoined the Gunners after the Community Shield.

Fans had expected him to continue where he left off in the last campaign, but that hasn’t been the case.

This season hasn’t been better than the last one for him and Arsenal even brought in Martin Odegaard in the last transfer window.

Ceballos has shown top form occasionally, but Wright doesn’t think he has done enough to earn another Arsenal stint.

He said the Gunners have youngsters like Joe Willock who are coming through and they should be given chances ahead of the Spaniard.

Speaking in an interview quoted in the Metro, Wright said when asked about the futures of a number of Arsenal players including Ceballos: “You say who’s vulnerable, you look at [Lucas] Torreira and [Matteo] Guendouzi, Joe Willock is doing very well at Newcastle, [William] Saliba’s doing well as well.

“I’d like to see Joe Willock get an opportunity but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

“I don’t think we should be signing Ceballos, I just don’t think he’s what we need now.

“I think that we’ve got young players coming through who should get an opportunity in front of Ceballos. If he’s going to do anything to stay at Arsenal it would’ve been seen already by now.

“[Martin] Odegaard is somebody who I’d like to see sign, but at the same time the people who are going to oversee who’s coming in and who’s going out are unfortunately the same people who signed someone like Willian for three years.

“Are we going to give those people the power to try to do this overhaul? I don’t trust them. It worries me.

“As much as the manager is passionate and the players are working hard, I’m not sure I trust the people in charge to try and make stuff happen in the summer, to oversee that job. I don’t see them doing it.”

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  1. I would imagine that pretty much our whole fan base would back up what wrighty as said about Ceballos ,the thing that confuses me is why on earth did we take him for a second season ,I get you take risk on loans for a season but to follow that up and resign him was idiotic at best ,I would send Odegarrd back as well no more Real Madrid cast offs ,maybe play are own players that are out on plan and doing better than what we loan in .

    1. Dan, At long last its good to be able to agree with you, certainly on Ceballos. On Odegaard I think any opinions in either direction will be academic, as I just dont see us affording him, even IF we wanted to. Me? I am in the jurys still out camp!

      I will be astounded though if a single Gooner anywhere wants to keep Willian, or as I call him “Ozil the second”, meaning a waste of space and a team shirt. Not to even mention the lunatic wages he is not earning but receives.

      I am like you in not liking loan players (inward) and certainly not ones whose careers are winding down. Or in Willians case, that should be “have already WOUND down”!

  2. Ceballos is good and is always going forward , not back, like many arsenal players,
    Better chance of scoring when he plays.

    Hope he stays and Bellerin who is a goal threat when he plays

  3. Ceballos should Leave!! A slow, soft Midfielder who is also nervous in d field of play!!
    You wonder how he is a Real Madrid player!! So uncreative n lacks confidence!!
    Same thing with Odergaard now!! Was invisible against Chelsea last Wednesday.
    Later, he will complain about Z.Zidane not giving him time!!
    He should also Leave n not come back!!
    However, the Main Players dat should be sold is
    Diz players re so unproductive!! It’s a pity dey have got some fans here.
    We need Able men like
    *Wilfred Zaha
    *Andre Silva
    *AMN, as a Utility player.e.g John O’Shea of Man utd.

  4. Wrighty is just reiterating the very concerns I’ve been speaking about for the better part of the season…when Arteta/Edu showed their collective hand and chose the ill-advised “retool” over the much-needed “rebuild”, they clearly showed that they can’t be trusted to put the long-term objectives of the club over their own personal selfish desires…so obviously I’m quite concerned about what further damage they might inflict upon the club should they be given another window

    as for Ceballos, good riddance…the fact that he returned for a second season was simply another poorly-conceived decision on the part of our largely underwhelming recruitment team

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