Ian Wright: ‘I told Grealish personally that I’m angry’

Ian Wright has personally messaged Jack Grealish after he was caught not only breaking lockdown protocol, but attempting to drive whilst in an unfit state.

The Aston Villa is touted for an £80 Million move to Manchester United this summer, whilst Arsenal have also been linked to his signature, but his latest escapade may well be a deterrent to potential suitors.

Professional players have an example to set, especially those most highly sought of, and we can only hope that his latest escapade will not encourage others to break the rules amidst the current pandemic.

Ian Wright has now come out to express his anger at the situation, and revealed that he has messaged Jack personally about it.

“I am gutted because people could have been hurt, that is the thing,” he said.

“People do not realise, not just with what is going on, but people could have been hurt and I hope that he is sitting somewhere now realising the enormity of the mistake he has made – that is all I am hoping.

“I have messaged him so he knows how I feel. I am very, very angry about it.

“He came up from the Championship with the weight of Aston Villa and all their expectations on him, and let’s face it, with the way that he has played this season, he has answered everything to carry that club.

“People think as a professional footballer you make a mistake, but no, the reason you are a professional footballer is that you have to lead by example.

“He is linked with a massive club in Manchester United, so you think to yourself that you have to act accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you are 24, you have to act accordingly and I hope that this isn’t something that is going to cause him a lot of problems. I really do hope that.”

Will United have to reconsider their stance on his proposed transfer? Will the player’s value drop after the latest fiasco?


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  1. Good on you Ian Wright.I trust Aston Villa will take appropriate action against Grealish who has always struck me as an arrogant, ignorant individual.

  2. I totally agree with Wrighty.
    Having read a couple of newspaper reports on the incident, Grealish had been at an all night bash and appeared unsteady and unkempt as he left early in the morning. According to one paper he tried to leave the scene and damaged a couple of cars.
    As a leading light at Villa he should have shown more respect to his club, his country and everyone out there who is trying to do the right thing to halt the spread of this disease. A fine of 2 weeks salary is nowhere near enough for flouting the rules. When morons have BBQ’s for 20+ people what message is Grealish sending out to them? Gormless, entitled idiot.

    I doubt that his misdemenour will cost him his transfer

  3. Just goes to show that Grealish is not the sharpest tool in the box, unfortunately his kind of irresponsible behaviour reflects badly on all footballers, which is a shame because there are a lot of them who are responding well to the crisis we are in now.

  4. Seeing as this is about Wrighty, I just wanted to say how emosh his Twitter was today, seeing as it’s the anniversary of Rocky’s passing….. RIP Rocky…..😢

  5. All I hope is that all this negative press makes him turn down Manchester United and come to Arsenal. A superb footballer and without doubt the most talented English player in the country, who Southgate should build his team around. Ian Wright was a fantastic striker for Arsenal, a player I loved watching leading the line but that doesn’t alter the fact that he was probably the most immature, spoilt player I have ever seen on a football pitch so how he can criticise Grealish is beyond me.

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