Ian Wright insists Arsenal needs to drop experienced stars for their youngsters

Ian Wright has insisted that it is time for Mikel Arteta to drop the likes of Granit Xhaka and Alexandre Lacazette and give chances to the Arsenal youngsters.

Arsenal suffered their seventh loss in 12 league games when Burnley beat them on Sunday.

The Gunners have been on a very poor run of form in the league this season despite spending so much money in the last transfer window.

Arteta has given chances to the club’s younger players, but he has trusted the likes of Granit Xhaka and Willian too often despite their poor run of form.

On Sunday, Xhaka let the Arsenal team down again after he was sent off in the game.

Willian has been ineffective for much of the time that he has played for the club.

Lacazette has similarly struggled despite seeing more game time than most of his other teammates.

These players cannot deliver the result for the Gunners and Wright thinks that it is time for Arsenal to take a chance on their younger stars.

Speaking to Premier League Productions via Mail Sport, Wright said: ‘The manager has stuck with him [Xhaka] for a while.’

‘He has shown a lot of faith in him. I think he has done the same with Willian. He has done the same with (Alexandre) Lacazette.

‘I feel like at this particular moment, he has had a lot of faith in them and they have kind of let him down up to this point.

‘There are players now that should be getting a blast at it now.

‘Throw in Eddie Nketiah, Emile Smith-Rowe coming back on-loan and doing well at Huddersfield last season. Joe Willock, Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

‘You need to do something different because if it carries on like this and he continues to have faith in these players, and they are not delivering, then I don’t know what’s going to happen next.’ 

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  1. I am not saying i disagree with wrighty but all that will happen is the young players will come in and get stiffled by the tactics and style of play. There is something wrong when a team with as many potential goals that we have in it and doesn’t produce. The way we play is restricted and easily read by good players and managers.

    1. Plus Arteta wont do that, one of his biggest mistakes is relying on tactics and experienced players who constantly let him down or he them down, they are bomb proof to him.

    2. Reggie, you are righty..
      The style of play, Slow build up, and getting to opposition organized will not take the team anywhere.
      And when the opposition is leading and parking the bus, we do not have the right players to score the high crosses that come in.
      I think Arsenal may be the worst team when it comes to heading the ball.

  2. Arteta should sprinkle in the youngsters and play them. Play ESR as a 10 with Auba and Pepe in front. Mix in Balogun with Auba and Pepe on either side.

    When Partey returns I’d love to see AMN as his partner. The same players have let down managers, fans, and their teammates for a couple of years now.

    I want Arteta to be successful, but it has to start with dropping Xhaka & Willian.

    His discipline is not consistent. Guendouzi shipped out, yet Ceballos in 2 scuffles with teammates, Xhaka red card, Willian going to Dubai, Ozil & Saliba frozen out.

    He is lacking in man management skills, and giving chances to youngsters can maybe wrest control back from older players.

    Currently Arteta missing on all cylinders, and needs to finds answers quickly.

  3. Burnley have no stars yet they beat Arsenal at the Emirates. There’s no fight at Arsenal right now. The top Arsenal x1 is top class
    Leno Bellerin Gabriel Luiz Tierney
    Partey Pepe Sska Auba Laca Ceballos on paper are as good as any team in the Pl. Ambition and fight are needed.

  4. Did we not do same before with UE, Freddie also Arteta has given them enough chances in league (not ESR) but they have failed in league. None of them apart from Saka has grabbed the opportunity with both hands. It’s one thing playing against a third tier football team in UEFA cup and another thing to play against EPL team. Same youngsters will struggle when we come across some quality in Europe as well later. Lot of ppl say they are not ready but I don’t think the common youngsters mentioned here like Willock, Nelson, ESR and to some extent AMN are quality enough to make it in big European clubs. When you have the talent and quality then it shows like in case of Saka and Martenelli, you don’t have to use age as an excuse. I understand a lot of us have emotional attachment to these youngsters and love them but this does not mean we hype them into what they are not. Ian Wright
    (great player) as we know is very optimistic and not known to be realistic in his opinions when it concerns Arsenal. He is kind of person even if we are 6-0 down at half time would probably bet his money on Arsenal winning the match at full time. He just loves the club too much.

    1. Hi guys Arteta needs to go under advisement pablo cedric not sure what the f%$# going on with cillba
      Rowe, Nelson, martenelli buy back Martinez🤣
      Out with xhaka let him cool off for a month or two, out with Laca let him get his head screwed on properly lost his bearings, holding- out on loan to get some more experience from other coaches. Willian, luiz use sparingly only out of options , el nenny also courting red cards use cautiously, pepe coach him to play ball to much running and holding of the ball can learn from messi, touch and release but more over a big prayer

  5. Reggie spoke my mind perfectly well. The youngsters would get swallowed with Arteta pattern of play in epl. Arteta is a man on the course for self distraught so I’m not going to call for his sacking How can he equate Xhaka madness to a positive energy. Which energy? The guy is fcuking crazy for grabbing another professional who is trying to pacify him because he got tripped over is leg in front of the camera. It’s been 24hrs after his madness I’m still waiting for his apology to the fans and his teammates. Arteta double standard is glaring for us to see.

  6. Wright is right. We need the youth to take over now for 2 reasons:
    1. The seniors have been given too many chances and they are letting the Club down time and again. Let the youth come in and freshen things up.
    2. If the youngsters do well, which I am optimistic about, the Seniors who think no end to themselves and are indisciplined and egoistic will have to sober down and know that if they do not perform they are not in the team. This bides well for the Club.

  7. I was in tears seeing our loss against common Burnley and not seeing a squad of youngsters in that game who would have made a difference in that game, imagine the youngsters scoring 20 goals in 6 games while so called experienced players scoring only 10 goals in 12 games why?! its a pity because we fans are beginning to lose hope on the wrong person(Arterta) instead of the players who are doing nonsense.

  8. What he should do is make his tactic plan B and say to te players youbare playing your game every game is different so if te players think ruining hard is te plan for that fsme game they shuld do it but if it does not work in like the first 40 or 50 minutes then its time for plan B

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