Ian Wright says Arsenal man has forced his critics to eat their words

Ian Wright says Aaron Ramsdale can laugh at his critics now after his stunning first campaign at the Emirates.

The England international joined the Gunners in the summer, with several fans and pundits doubting that he is good enough to play for the club.

After suffering two relegations from the Premier League with different teams, some fans didn’t understand why Mikel Arteta would bring Ramsdale to the Emirates.

But he is now proving his worth to the team after usurping Bernd Leno to become the club’s number one.

Arsenal legend, Wright, tells Premier League productions, as quoted by Metro Sport:

“Aaron Ramsdale, he can now look at people and laugh at them because he was written off to a certain extent. 

‘He can now have a laugh at his own expense and a laugh with the fans because he is more relaxed with the way he is playing.”

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Ramsdale has been one of our best buys, and signing him against all the negative reactions shows Arteta knows what he wants.

The Spaniard has also been spot-on in most of his signings, and that shows we can trust him to sign players that will improve the team in the summer.

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  1. I don’t think any player on that team can laugh at anyone they have just thrown away a champions league spot! What they need to do is keep their heads down work harder and come back better next year.

  2. If I was him, I wouldn’t be so quick to laugh at those who felt we paid over the number, as his performance level has clearly tailed off in the final third of the season…hopefully he can regain some of his early days form come the beginning of next season or we could be facing another Keeper dilemma, which would be a tough pill to swallow on the heels of both the wrongful sale of Emi and the mismanaged Leno situation

  3. Not wishing to harp on about the past as it can’t change what is now, and maybe it was down to timing, but as mentioned above Martinez was and still is a very good keeper. I agree that Ramsdale has tailed off a bit but overall he has been great this season as well.
    Nobody should be cocky and Ramsdale probably needs to take stock over the summer. Still a young man with that on his side

  4. A bit odd he couldn’t or wouldn’t guarantee Martinez playing time, but it seems Ramsdale isn’t being replaced anytime soon.

    Could have been starting Martinez and saved 30 million to spend elsewhere, just saying. So much for “no guarantees” I guess.

    1. Durand, you know exactly what my thoughts are surrounding the whole playing time assurances façade that was being propagated at the time of his departure, as it’s quite obvious that several “favourites” were given those very same assurances since that time

      1. I find it more ridiculous looking back, and I was against it at the time. Leno was a favourite, but a few months later he’s replaced, and martinez could do everything we were looking for in a gk. It’s just very strange.

        1. Davi, from a PR perspective I can totally understand why this was the narrative being bandied about, as old schoolers and Arteta supporters would gladly grasp onto this supposed “no player is above the team” message, but it’s clear that this was nothing more than a ploy to quash any clearly justifiable dissent regarding Emi’s departure

          1. Agree – martinez was a key player in several very big wins and hadn’t really put a foot wrong, so I’ll never understand why arteta wouldn’t just give him assurances that he’d earned the number 1 spot. Obviously you can’t say that he’d be first choice forever, regardless of performance, injuries etc but any player who’d done such a good job should be able expect that he’d earned the trust of the manager by that point. Otherwise it really does look like the manager has favourites, and he wasn’t one of them

        2. I thought so too. It depends on what you believe. I considered it had nothing to do with anything more than Martinez demanding to be number one and the guarantee not being forthcoming and of course his desire to represent his country which pretty much required first team membership

          1. so you believe that Ramsdale, Willian and Ode signed on without any assurances regarding playing time? if that were the case, particularly pertaining to the latter two individuals, that speaks volumes about MA’s tactical naivety and inherent selection biases, don’t you think?

            1. I gave a simple reply as to why I thought Martinez moved on. You obviously know a lot more about everything than I do TRVL

              1. This is what Emi said exactly: ““When I was on a high, I still felt like they didn’t deserve me because of the way they were treating me. They couldn’t guarantee me the games I needed so I thought that if they couldn’t guarantee me the games I needed, then I’m moving on.

                “They didn’t say to me that I wasn’t going to play, they just didn’t guarantee me the games that I wanted to play.”

  5. Martinez wanted to go to a club where he was guaranteed number 1 and one would assume that Aston Villa gave him those assurances. That’s not a million miles from what I wrote in the first place.
    Thanks AdPat for clearing that up

    1. SuePA…what AdPat offered was well-known and not a point of contention, so not sure what exactly it “cleared up”….my point had nothing to do with his desire for first team assurances, as that was a given, I was simply stating that most who sided with MA in this regards did so under the guise of a “no player above the team” narrative, which makes no sense in light of those other players who were clearly given those very assurances he was unwilling to give to a far more deserved individual

      1. You make an interesting point but it bore no relation to my post
        However I’m not sure how giving assurances works if you turn out to be a pile of pony. It has to give

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