Ian Wright sends an important message to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang regarding his Arsenal future

Ian Wright has urged Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to sign a new Arsenal deal.

The Gabonese attacker is the club’s captain and arguably their most important player but he has just one more season left on his current deal after this season and the club has been trying to get him to renew his terms with them.

Aubameyang is concerned about winning trophies and he probably doubts he can win silverware with the Gunners before his career comes to an end.

He scored a goal and missed a sitter in Arsenal’s game against Olympiacos and used social media to thank the club’s fans for the good messages that they sent to him after the game.

That post also gave Ian Wright the opportunity to send his own message to the former Borussia Dortmund man.

Wright told him how important he has been to the club in the comment section and urged him not to leave the North London side.

He wrote as quoted in the Sun: ‘We love you!!! This club loves you. Our fans love you. Forget about last night.

‘If you weren’t here with all due respect to the rest of our team we’d be in deep trouble. ‘For you to score the amount of goals you are scoring whilst doing all that defending is just incredible!!! ‘(Please stay and sign the ting).’

I am not sure that will be anywhere near enough to persuade Auba to extend his contract, he must have already been well aware of the good feelings of the fans towards him and that has not prompted him to sign an extension as of yet.

Seeing one route to next seasons Champions League closed will most likely have far more effect on his thinking than any amount of messages from former players and the fans.


  1. He must agree that Auba is waisting his time at Arsenal and should have been sold as Laca after last season. Both were wanted by top club, pick up for 150M. We will get 100M at best today.

    Auba must feelsl terrible to see his effort useless most times. He deserved to play for Real or Barca, end his career as Henry with few trophies.

    1. I agree 💯. But if management backs Arteta to improve team in the summer I don’t see why Pierre the great should not win those trophies with Arsenal.

      1. Unfortunately under Kroenke and this Board, the Arsenal has minimal ambition to win the EPL. The situation with Aubameyang will pan out similar to Van Persie; Aubameyang will want Arsenal to show ambition in the transfer market, they won’t, he will look at the squad of players he is expected to win with and he will be sold or leave on a free at the end of next season.

  2. To be honest I can’t blame him for wanting to go and Thursday night when the final whistle went I said goodbye to him.
    You can see he loves Arsenal FC and his teammates but like every player in every team in the world he wants to win trophies at the highest level.
    Some players aren’t or will never get to that level. Aubameyang is a top player who CAN achieve the trophy he desires.
    He knows that there are some of his teammates who just aren’t good enough and Arsenal aren’t at that level and won’t be for a few more years.
    Constantly playing him out on the wings in every game when his best position is playing in the middle as the main striker can’t help. He knows he is a much more potent goal scorer than Lacazette yet he plays second fiddle to him. Arteta has full control over that so has to take some of the blame if Aubameyang leaves.
    He has a choice to make. Stay at Arsenal and play out on the wings and fight for the 5th or 4th place in the league if we’re lucky, or the odd FA Cup. Or go to a club that will play him in his preferred position where he will score a lot more goals and a club that has a serious chance of winning their league and the Champions league giving him the silverware he wants and deserves.
    I know which I would choose.

  3. Auba as an arsenal fan from Trinidad in the caribbean , who have been let down by former players in the past and have been supporting this great club when ive seen bandwagonist come and go in support of other clubs ,i would like to ask you dear sir to plz commit to Arsenal for a few more yrs . Thank you in advance

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