Ian Wright sends out tactical message to Arteta!

After our loss to Liverpool on Monday night, Ian Wright has come up with a clear message for Mikel Arteta, to help him improve our midfield.

Ian Wright spoke to Premier League Productions after our loss against Liverpool on Monday, and the The Metro has reported that Wright believes that Dani Ceballos should be deployed in a more advanced position:

“Like I say the creativity from the midfield is a problem at the moment, the sooner they can sort that out the better. I think Dani Ceballos can play a bit further up and push on, especially if we’re going to player a counter-attacking style.

You cannot play a game and not get a guy as potent as Aubameyang in the game and get him some chances. Mikel [Arteta] has to do something to get him into it. Unfortunately, with Xhaka and Elneny – yes they can take the ball from the centre halves – but they can’t progress it into the forward areas. We didn’t keep the ball at all today. That’s what Mikel has got to worry about.”

I wrote previously about how Xhaka and Elneny are both defensive minded midfielders, and if Arteta wont use Ozil then the creativity will have to come from somewhere else and given that we don’t have the funds to bring in top class creative players, Ceballos will have to suffice as he seems the closest to giving us something creative.

We all saw that his brief stint off the bench on Monday had glimpses of creativity, but the only problem is that he is not very consistent. But as Wright rightly states, if he is deployed in a more forward role just behind the strikers, as Ozil used to do then we may be able to see that little bit of creativity that we have been missing for a while. Gooners do you agree with Ian Wright?

Shenel Osman


  1. I agree big time. We lack creativity in the middle. This is the first time in a long time that we have lacked so much creativity in the middle.

    I would love to see a 4 33 formation with a holding midfielder. Preference thomas parter but i wonder if elnenay could do a job.

  2. We cannot achieve what Wright is suggesting for Ceballos,unless we ditch the 3-4-3 system.4-3-3 is the way ahead for us.

          1. Cedric has shown some options on attack with good long overheads for the likes of laca and auba done well against with liverpoolpkus comes back to hold the right side tienie in the left also gives us side crosses

      1. A dream it is, ACE!
        Josh Kroenke has told me to be “very excited” and I will be if this happens.
        Vinai and Edu told us that Arsenal don’t have to sell to buy, yet our number 1 priority midfield target for over 12 months, Thomas Partey has a €50 million buy out clause, which Arsenal have failed to activate. Lyon have said that Aouar is available for offers above £40 million, yet no action.
        Mikel Arteta has stated that he is getting full support. I would hate to see what he thinks is minimal support?
        ACE, if the current midfield is not upgraded fifth position will be a “dream”, even with Arteta’s best efforts.

        1. Very well said ozziegunner, that is exactly what they said to everyone. They should all be reminded of their comments, and stop bloviating nonsense. There are just under 3 days remaining to put up or shut up.

    1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking too Grandad. I hope we get in Aouar and Partey so Arteta can conveniently do this.

    2. If we are playing 3cbs I think Playing with one DMF should be enough

  3. A number 10 is a player that moves around all over the field to receive the ball . He is also good at occupying space without the ball in order to free up his team mates. Ceballos plays in tight Cercle , adequate when faced with a one one one situation but has no vision.
    MA needs to try Saka in that role. He will be more effective.

      1. @ Jo – Bunz true I don’t see Cebelas do what arsenal is lacking based on creativity to be honest Cebelas doesn’t have vision and his passing of the balls isn’t good – ozil is still the best in that arsenal team when it comes to Chances creative- Auba is isolated and arsenal is the worst team chances. Created since a Arteta decided not to play ozil unless they buy Aquar otherwise Auba won’t score many goals-

  4. Well Icw, the guy without vision is in the Spanish International squad, so he must have something as they are one of the strongest sides in the World.

    1. What’s that got to do with him being in the Spanish national squad? As for Spain being one of the strongest sides in the World why do they play the games then? Just hand them the trophy. Last time they won anything was in 2012 when Iniesta and Xavi were in their prime. He is none of those I promise you that. Are we forgetting that he is surplus at Real Madrid for the 2nd year in a row?.

  5. I’m just wondering if a certain Dele Alli, whom I understand is surplus to requirements at an unnamed north london club, could be the solution to our midfield creativity crisis.
    He would be classified as home-grown, he lives in the area, he would allow us to move Auba back to the centre and sell could Laca for 45m – and all but guarantee a top 4 finish.
    I could even hear the Emirates singing – we’ve got Alli, Deli Alli…….

    1. More chance of Tony Adams becoming Spuds manager than Alli ever coming here. IF you REALLY CAN hear the fans singing what you wrote, I’d see a shrink pretty quickly if I were you!

  6. We cant win the ball high enough or control the midfield well enough to give Ceballos the platform he needs to be the midfield pivot. He is having to play from too deep and get back and tackle for more that he should because we have no strength, spine or abilty at winning the ball in midfield. We are left trying to win the ball on the back foot all the time because we dont possess a true midfield general.

  7. Was it Arteta that said there is only one player in the squad who could play the role of #10 and was it Arteta that said Ceballos is not a #10. I for one is as confused as most but am hanging in and am listening and following the manager carefully. Even though am not impressed as yet.

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