Ian Wright slams attitude of this current star, stating: “he’s gone”

Ian Wright has claimed that Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career is over, whether we sell him or not this summer.

The German international has fallen out of favour under the new manager since the resumption of football, with rumours of a back issue blamed for his exclusion at times.

Before the break however, Ozil had started every Premier League tie since Arteta was brought in as head coach, but something changed during the break.

The Spaniard now looks more than happy to exclude the club’s former record signing, while Matteo Guendouzi has also joined him in exile of late, but former Gunners’ striker Ian Wright claims that Ozil is done at Arsenal.

‘I think that he’s gone,’ Wright told Premier League Productions (Via The Metro).

‘It’s all about attitude. The thing is when you look at Dani Ceballos he had an attitude problem, Mikel turned him round and now he’s in the team.

‘Matteo Guendouzi – they’re talking about him having a problem – he’s not in the team.

‘Mikel’s given people the opportunity to get into the team if their attitude is right but at the minute their attitude is not right.

‘Arsenal need him [Ozil] of course but I believe that he’s somebody that’s gone from Arsenal whether he stays or Mikel gets rid of him, we’re not going to see much of him.’

The midfielder has already reiterated on more than one occasion that he will be staying until the end of his contract, which makes it all the more frustrating to see him cashing his monster pay cheque despite offering little to our side’s progress on the pitch.

Could he still convince Arteta to give him another chance? Or is Wright on the money?


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  1. Sorry to go OT, but have just been reading up on Anthony Taylor – he’s officiating the cup final.
    He has officiated 3 of our PL games this season, with us picking up just 1 point out of 9!! He’s awarded the opposition a penalty in each game.. and we’ve also seen red on one occasion.
    This will be his 2nd cup final… his first being our 2017 triumph…. just trying to work out if that’s a good omen or not 🤣🤣🤣

  2. When all is said and done it is disappointing that the Ozil saga is continuing.

    He has made it clear what his intentions are so he will carry on training and probably not playing until May 2021.

    I would actually like to see him get a couple of games just so we can remind ourselves of what he has to offer.. or not. Then we could all have a massive article to discuss it

  3. The owner is making an example of Ozil for refusing the paycut..
    They never published who the other two were.

    1. My thoughts exactly, cos I can’t understand how he was featuring in every game before the break and suddenly after the break, he can’t even make the team again and we’re being told it’s an attitude issue.
      Did his attitude suddenly change during the break? Did he all of a sudden stop training the way he was doing before the break? What went wrong? I think it has to do with the paycut issue.
      Well, unfortunately we’re stuck with him till the end of his contract. It’s up to the manager to either use him, or continue the wastage.

  4. I heard the main reason he has not featured after the break is lack of fitness. The change of attitude lately can perhaps be attributed to changes in his personal life. I take comfort knowing that conflicts between overpaid superstars and new managers are just part of the transition process. Pep and Yaya Toure, Bale and Zedan are two good examples. And did he, Ozil, not tell Emery he would outlast him at Arsenal!! Having him stay to the end of his contract will be toxic to the dressing room. He should be encouraged to ply his trade elsewhere even if it entails a subsidy or sweetener from the Club.

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