Ian Wright still thinks Wenger will leave Arsenal – despite denial

Recently it seems that nearly every single article about Arsenal nowadays is about whether Arsene Wenger will be departing the club this summer, or about possible replacements, especially since Ian Wright said that he had spoken to Le Prof and felt that his old boss was heading for retirement.

Here is how Arsenal.com reported Wenger’s responses to these allegations yesterday….
On Ian Wright’s comments…
I don’t know what Ian Wright said.

on being told that Ian Wright alleges that the boss gave him the impression he is close to leaving…
No, no. It was questions and answers. I could be tired because I get up early in the morning and I finish late at night, so I am tired, yes. But I didn’t give any indication about my future.

on whether he spoke with Ian Wright privately on Thursday…
No, it was a question and answer with members of the Diamond Club. That’s in the evening so there were many people there.

on whether there was no point at which he just spoke to Ian about his future…
No, no. We had a little dinner before but it was not the two of us. There were four or five.

on whether he thinks Ian has misinterpreted him…
Yes. You know I appreciate very much that you want me to rest, absolutely. But I am not ready for that yet.

Some people have taken that to mean that he will be renewing his contract, but it could also mean that he may be ready at the end of the season! But Wrighty himself is adamant that that is the impression he took away with him, and he reiterated on Match Of The Day last night: “We were at a question and answer and it was a really good evening. The way the boss was speaking, talking about coming to the end, and his demeanour, and the way it was going… In my opinion [I felt it].

“In my opinion. I could be wrong, I seldom am, but the fact is that is what I based it on. And I stick by it.

“I think with everything that’s going on…there’s some tough games coming up and he is still has some massive decisions to make, and I still think this might be his last season.”

So even after that exchange of views, are any of us any wiser as to Wenger’s intentions? I remember when Ferguson left United he left any announcement until the season was over (and Man Utd had won the League!) Maybe Wenger won’t be ready for a rest until Arsenal win the title again? Or maybe he’ll get tired of trying and failing…..



  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    We are joint top scorers in the league. I can’t remember the last time that happened?

    However, that has come with a cost: we have conceded 10 goals more than Chelsea and Tottenham. 8 clean sheets in 25 matches. That’s Wenger should look at right now.

    Coquelin MUST return to his old self. No doubt Wenger has tried to mold him into a Pirlo-type of CDM, but it won’t work. You don’t learn to distribute long balls at 25-years of age, just forget it.

    Return Coquelin to his old self: interceptor, tough tackling, breaking up play, professional fouler, taking yellows for the team. That’s what we need. He really shouldn’t even be near the opposition box! He can’t shoot nor is he as quick with his feet as our other forwards.


  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    In 2014/15 season Coquelin lead the league in interceptions. Now he sits at joint #20th. What happened?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      What happened? Playing regularly, happen ?
      His hunger has been replaced by contentment, just like the majority of our lads who used to give 110% to prove their worth, to get into the starting eleven And when you look at how Wenger picks his team, you might make sense of his mentality in trusting players based on their old form instead of picking those who are inform.
      In other words, once you prove yourself to Mr Wenger, you don’t have to bust a gut anymore to get into team.. Hence Ramsey’s one season wonder still living fresh in Wenger’s memory.

  3. ger burke says:

    wenger never tells the truth these days , he cannot be trusted. ho comes out with these riddles, he thinks he is being clever. the only person he is fooling is himself. the professor of false truths has outdone himself.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      I make you right, Wenger is a ho and an expensive one to say the least.?

  4. Onochie says:

    The funny thing above all is that Wenger isn’t being linked with any club in europe or asia. Guess he might be signing a new deal at Arsenal.

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