Ian Wright drops massive transfer hint “…if Arsenal do get in the Top Four”

As all Arsenal fans are aware that Ian Wright is not just an Arsenal legend, but a massive fan as well, and will always have close links with the club and is definitely an ‘insider’ when it comes to knowledge about the workings going on at the Emirates.

But he is also a pundit on many TV and radio shows, and he may have slipped up while talking to Kim Cates on TalkSport the other day about Arsenal chances of making the Top Four this season.

Wright said: “Whatever happens off the back of this season if Arsenal do get in the top four with the players that I know that are probably waiting…”

Interrupting him, presenter Kelly Cates asked: Oh hello, who?”

To which Wrighty replied: “No, no, no. I can’t say anything.

“Waiting for Arsenal to get in the Champions League, this season will be a massive learning curve for this team.

“That’s the least we can get out of it.”

A despondent Cates then stated: “Cannot believe you’ve only given us crumbs.”

After bursting out in laughter, Wright insisted: “I can’t say too much, it’s only eight games.”

Cates then quipped: “It’s only eight games but there are players waiting to come if Arsenal finish in the Champions League…”

That was a very interesting exchange, and we all know that Arteta and Edu do meticulous planning on our wanted transfer targets, so it would be little surprise if they didn’t know who their main targets would be for next summer. Having already built an excellent new Arsenal squad in the last two seasons.

But we all know that there are still a few additions needed to take us to the next level, and from Wright’s words, it would appear that next summer’s transfer window could be even better than the last one…


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  1. Nice hint from Wright. We all know Douglas Luiz is waiting to join us

    If Cody Gakpo comes, I’m afraid Smith-Rowe’s and Nelson’s days will be numbered

    1. I don’t mind us moving on Nelson because of Gody Gapko. Nelson rise has been very slow compared to Matinelli. He has also had his chances. However, I don’t want ESR to leave for any reason he is our future star like Fabregas. Hope we are able to get C.Gapko or Modyk the boys’ are really good..

      1. I think Nelson will have the chance to show his improvement tomorrow. If we recruit a new LW, maybe the coaches can train Smith-Rowe and Nelson to be Xhaka’s successors

        1. As far as o can see, Xhaka is playing in the position ESR has excelled at in the past, almost box to box but usually not just behind the strikers, but also mopping up in front of the back four.

          1. Xhaka’s left foot has been producing assists and goals from the left half-space. I wonder whether a right-footed box-to-box midfielder like Partey and Smith-Rowe can be more productive or not in that position

            Cancelo thrives in the same space, but his technical abilities allow him to make accurate long crosses using the outside of his right foot. I don’t think Smith-Rowe can do that, but maybe Partey, Tielemans, Luiz and Maddison can

  2. Kody G , Mikylo Mudrik , DM and a stand by sub for Magalahay with the support of our loan players next season will be done unless a world class star shows up within our budget line, we shall be good to go remember we have to extend contracts for our yung crops who are helping us right now i mean Saliba, Martineli and Saka.

  3. That’s exactly what I think would have happened this season if we had qualified for the top four, you can see the gaffer is after top top talent like Raphinha.

    Once we are in the top four players like the Tielemans, won’t mention in the same breath with Arsenal.

    Notice the players that the gaffer like but didn’t have champions league football to entice them, the Vlohovic, the Locatelli and the Jude Bellingham

    The gaffer is hungry and smarter than most of us think

  4. Give me Locatelli every time!

    Our experience with Brazilians named Luiz has not been that successful!!!!!

  5. This article tells us precisely nothing exce[t that Wright is an informed Gooner. I guess about 99.9999% already knew that!

    I do think articles ought to actually say something meaningful and not just churn out blindingly obvious statements, even when attached to a well loved and well known name.

    He did not actually say ANYTHING though. Sigh!

  6. Where there is somke there is some sort of fire, Wrighty may have just stop short of showing his hands, protecting his insider’s sources I supposed.

  7. Wright said nothing that informs us of anything in particular. Interpreting what he said is like interpreting the meaning nothing. It’s the silly season.

  8. Sorry, no disrespect shown by me to JustArsenal. But shouldn’t this article posting be talking about Arsenal chances in their next two home matches tomorrow and on Sunday against BODO and Liverpool in the Europa League and Premier League respectively?
    For, the last summer transfer window which came to and end on 1st Sept 2022 during which Arsenal signed goalkeeper Tunner, Vieira, Marquinhnos, G Jesus and Zinchenko (5 new players) is just35 days old today that it’s ended.
    To me, if talking about Arsenal first team incomings can’t be resisted but talk about. Why not talk about the next January transfer window for Arsenal?
    Rightnow in week 10 by this weekend but with one week postponed in the EPL season’s campaign. But despite that Man City are looking to be swearing vehemently to pull us down. Arsenal are glaringly seen irrevocably occupying the top of the League position.
    And as us are occupying this 1st position of the League which is rarely an occurrence that has occurred for Arsenal this season.
    This rare occurrence in our own case that has occurred for us should unrelentingly be jealously guided by us from allowing the all conquering Man City team to drag us down.
    Occupying the 1st position which us have going in into week 10 in the campaign is our motivation. And us should be motivated to keep this our first position to ourselves. And continue to keep it to season’s end to lift the giant platinum title trophy and lift it to our admiration and jubiliations, and of those who love Arsenal

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