Ian Wright unhappy that Arsenal and Ozil never found a middle ground

Ian Wright has reacted to Mesut Ozil not being named in the Arsenal squads to play in official matches for the club this season.

Mikel Arteta has omitted the German from his Premier League and Europa League squads until at least January 2021.

The 32-year-old will have to play just under 23 football until the new year. That move was the latest strong message from the Gunners to the German as the club has repeatedly made it clear that he can leave them because he is not part of their plans.

Ozil took to social media to slam the club for the way he has been treated and he claimed that they lacked loyalty.

He added that he will continue to fight for his place in the team, which is surprising because he hasn’t been registered to play for them.

Wright has now reacted to the latest development and he claimed that football is full of surprises before admitting his disappointment that the club and player couldn’t reach a favourable agreement.

He Tweeted: “Football will never stop surprising me. The fact that whatever has gone on couldn’t be resolved between the club & Mesut is sad. Sad for everyone involved and I can only send him strength for what will be a difficult few months knowing he won’t even have a chance to play. Gutted”

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  1. Ian Wright is right of course. He would understand how important supply is for a striker. Ozil’s talents are already being missed with Arsenal no scoring.

    Arteta was given an ultimatum: leave Ozil out or there is no transfer money. We know what he chose… and why.

  2. The bottom line with Ozil is that is performances on the pitch were just not good enough,his stats were terrible.
    Arteta and Afc has had the courage to stand up to this guy who proclaims a love for Afc then wouldnt even contribute 12.5% of his salary when the club needed support,every other player did and everyone else earns a lot less than him,accused Afc of not supporting him with his political beliefs and now accuses Afc of being disloyal to him hahaha
    What a joke they pay you £350,000 a week to sit on ya arse mate.
    We are not fooled by your disguised bullshit ether you dont love Afc and the sooner you go the better.
    Well done Arteta and Edu for standing up to this dickhead.

    1. To me, that’s too much to say about Ozil cos he’s not that bad.
      Why I’m supporting Arteta on this issue is because most of us Fans has been crying for our coaches to use our academy players instead of the crab our first team give us(atleast by doing that, they are gaining experience)
      What Ozil is giving us infront can never cover what we are losing at the back.
      Man City has the best midfield last season but kept conceding.

      So I believe Arteta prefers to give the young ones(Joe, Willock etc more experience about what he wants in his game than giving Ozil chance when he knew he has to sort the defence first.

      So happy Ozil is not in the team anymore, not because I don’t like him but because he can’t offer what Ceballos offers us.

      Some people say with Ozil, we will create more and he will make more assist but forgot, the defence will be leaky.

      People saying Ozil played for Arteta before lock down fail to realise Arteta won more without Ozil, yes we don’t lose any game, but draws are becoming rampant.
      Liverpool lose the title to United in 2009 or so because of too many draws.

      Win 3 lose lose 2 is better than draw 5games.

      So I see reason why Arteta prefer to leave him out.
      But have to feel for him though cos I love him as a man.

      Enough ranting.

      1. I suspect Arsenal fans are unanimous in their disappointment that middle ground couldn’t be found. Where we differ is how we define that middle ground.

        But the story has been written and time to accept it and move on. Please.

      2. Not a rant at all or even close to being one. Just your own opinion to which you are entitled, as are we all.

    2. My attitude to this leech is that he is by far the single most harmful player we have ever had. Damaging to the club financially, in lack of harmony, in setting a diabolical example to others and a blot on the notionof players fully earning their money, no matter how large or how small, by giving their ALL for the team.
      I never forget it is a team game and the team and club always comes first. Not with this man who cares nothing for the club that has given him a life where he need never work again , financially.

      Of course the previous administration at our club were incompetent on a grand and damaging scale but at least, mercifully, those who awarded this contract are now elsewhere . AND NO WONDER!

  3. Ceballos, might run around quicker but he’s made 1 becent pass in 4 or 5 games I think ozil is a better player by far

    1. Stats please…
      You can’t just make stuff up..
      Assist for Nketiah against westham..
      Split passes which Laca and Auba failed to convert against liverpool countless times..
      Fulham match also to bellerin who couldn’t find the right cross..
      So don’t just come here to spew rubbish for your personal agenda

  4. So Arsenal and Arteta think that Mesut Ozil is not in their plans and hence do not register him in the squad. Whats wrong guys? What are you people complaining about?

  5. Anyone would think Ozil has been turfed out of his house and is sleeping rough on the street lol… He’s on a kings ransom and has just been paid an 8 million quid loyalty bonus, money that none of us will ever see in our lifetime! He’s been a hit and miss for years, the odd decent game now and again.. certainly nothing to write home about! And now hes whining on twitter about being treated badly… I’ll take your place buddy and happily let the club treat me badly too 🤪

      1. Haha a veteran like me would show more desire than Ozil 😂😂 plus I play for free 🤪 looking forward to the game tonight Sue 😀 real Madrid looked good last night and where is Hazard ? I’m still waiting for his muse to strike 😆

        1. You play for free – well I’m surprised you’re not in the squad 😄
          That guy from Salzburg (with the unpronounceable surname) did you see his strike last night? 🔥
          Yes, match day and I’m excited – in the mood for a Partey 😝
          I read that a lot of Shakhtar’s players were missing due to positive results, so had a lot of reserves playing and still won!!! Wow!!! Oh give up waiting for that to strike, Kev, hell will freeze over before that happens 😂

          1. I think I missed the boat by a few years 😅 Szoboszlai I watched him a few times Sue and what a talent this boy is and I think he’s just 19, I think we should forget about Aouar and go for him instead, negotiations with Aulas is just a waste of time 🙄 haha yeah I read that, how the mighty have fallen.. Zidane surely is closing in on the exit door ? I just don’t understand it Sue he’s quality but it just hasn’t happened 😕 hopefully he plays then 😀🎉

            1. Just 19… wow, a star in the making!!
              Celtic v AC tonight – Ibra to run riot?!
              Yeah Zidane must be sweating good and proper right now! Shame though as I quite like him and RM…(sod Hazard 🤣)

              1. If Ibra doesn’t I’d be amazed Sue I’d run riot against that Celtic defence 😂😂 unbelievable, plays like he’s much older and was excellent against Liverpool too at just 18 😶 speaking of Liverpool a fella said he done his ACL and was back within 6 weeks… I’d like to meet his surgeon 😂 he shouldn’t have come back, after what he won he should have gone to America for a big pay day 😀 haha so you don’t want to see him in the famous red and white? 🤪

                1. Would love to see you running riot against the Celtic defence!! Giving Lennon that smacked arse look!!
                  Uh.. no 🤣🤣 straight to the point 😉
                  6 weeks??!!! 😳

                2. Kev82
                  I always like the way you and Sue always communicate even though you guys has different opinion about Ozil.
                  That’s a lesson to some who are always hot headed just because some one don’t agree to there opinion.

  6. That Szobazzial, the name is weird and that makes him weird in a psitive way. At his age and his strikes are perfect .This is what we need at AFC .His free kicks corner kicks and shots are pleasing to the, has some trickery a bit like Ceballos simply a good player.

    If Aouar is expensive then take the younger one at a cheap price ARSENAL

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