Ian Wright urges Arteta to replace “negative” star with Nelson

As Arsenal struggles for goals and wins, every upcoming game is one that they have to win.

The Gunners will face Tottenham in the Premier League next and it is a game that they will have to work very hard at if they want to win it.

They have already lost five of 10 league games and they will be facing a Tottenham side that is top of the Premier League table and who have lost just one game in the league this season.

Arsenal’s poor form is down to the contribution of their players and one player that has been punching below his weight at the moment is, Willian.

The Brazilian was signed for free from Chelsea in the summer because of his experience and he is one player that Arteta will have expected to make a telling contribution to his team.

He has, however, been in dismal form for the club with just four assists in the league, all of which came in two games.

Ian Wright is one of the fans that is frustrated by the Brazilian and he has urged Mikel Arteta to bench him against Spurs and start Reiss Nelson instead because he is “negative”.

‘I’d try to throw something else into the mix, Reiss Nelson or even [Bukayo] Saka on the right,’ Wright said on Ringer FC’s ‘Wrighty’s House’ podcast

‘But Saka’s going to be on the left so I’d put Reiss Nelson on the right instead of Willian because we know what Willian’s going to do. 

‘For me he’s been a little bit negative with the way he’s been playing, a lot of backwards passing. You need somebody who can at least get back and progress the ball. 

‘If Saka can go and really put pressure on [Serge] Aurier, that’s where I think if we’re going to get any kind of joy then I think Saka’s got to go up there and put pressure on him, then [Granit] Xhaka can pull in on the left, just to put that body in there then [Mohamed] Elneny should hold.’ 

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  1. Willian shouldn’t be in the squad. He is past it and is hindering the growth and development of nelson.

    Chelsea did not really put up a fight for willian because they saw that he was at the end of his career. Not to say willian was a bad player.

    I dont beleive willians love for football is as big as it once was. I think that this is often the case with some kf the players coming to the end of their careers. I also think deep down willian is a Chelsea boy as petr chec was so giving your all on the pitch and busting a gut when your body doesn’t want to just aint gonna happen. This is one thing that I see in david luiz and not willian.

    Willian is now having to learn a new system under a new manager who is young and never coached. Its also not a player he has a relationship for or a club he has a passion for. I am far from suprised that this signing is not going well. Willian is just wanting his citizenship and to stay in London and get his final paycheck.

    I beleive nelson would be a better pick as he is hungry. He has a point to prove. He is a arsenal boy. He is with his friends. He has not had too many coaches and can buy into MAs ethos.

    Arsenal should sell Willian to a club where he can coast and pop up with some assists from time to time and not be expected to actually be one of the main guys

  2. This is why I’m frustrated about the whole Ozil situation! Willian as we know made mistakes during the break and instead of treating him equally to Ozil, he was actually there during the match! And most of the time, he won’t try to be creative, but still he is playing ahead of all of the other players, is there anything in his contract making MA forced to play him over and over?

    Let’s give Willock and Nelson a chance, they’ve been doing great in the EL together so let’s use this understanding and see how it will go!

    1. I think if you take time and look carefully. There is a bigger picture with ozil.

      I think one of the reason ozil is not playing is definitely to do with his involvement with Chinese Muslims.

      Now I may be reaching here but arsenal has a huge fan base in China. We all know that things are a bit different in China and that there is a lot of erm egos there. If you upset the wrong person it can be a big consequence.

      My guess is that if we play ozil it will have big consequences in China. I also think that there was previous attitude problems and that the China thing was the last straw.

    2. I have been watching willock in the prem and I think he is about ready to come good. Mark my words in the next 3 games williock if he starts will contribute to some goals.

      As for Nelson he needs some 1st team games to understand.

      Frankly I hope lacca Willian and cebellos all have to self isolate or can’t play and force arteta to play Nelson willock and ainsley

  3. Arsenal is a joke , the owners are useless and clueless. Eddu is a circus conductor. The agents are misleading the team and suckling it dry and i guess with a help of someone from inside who is working for his pocket not Arsenal. Why they signed Williamn he is Finnished just stealing the £220 000 weekly. Why signed the former Southampton right back as he is also finished ? . Why keep garbage Elneny and sell Lucas Toreira? Why not give William Saliba a chance to start or loan him to the championship teams ? What is the hierarchy structure above Aterta in this team ? Why hire Aterta a rook to play a guinea pig with such a big brand when there is Morinho, Conte, Allegri, Ningelson ,Acelotti, Simeon and many more? Arsenal is sheepish, weak,spineless, rotten, confused, directionless yoyo team. It’s a bunch of loosers from the top to the bottom. The hierarchy above the coach must be consolidated with people of highest expertise, Eddu must go ,Aterta must go a serious coach must be employed. Arsenal must buy shares in a league 1 team and loan all promising young stars to gain enough experience. For first team arsenal must sign uenic Baddu from Spain, Hungarian no Hassem Aurea, Pat Daka , and Edwaddo from Cetics. Sell Aubameyang, Lacazate invest in the future.

    1. Wow, we have found someone who can really take this club to the next level. Hang on Busani, I’ll borrow a few billion and put you in charge and we can quickly rise to the top again!

    2. I agree with Busani 💯. The so called quality players at Arsenal are just names nothing else. No confidence, no pace no urgency… nothing. The so called young and inexperienced team that played on 4 Dec against Rapid Wien displayed much better football. Yes Wien might not be as strong and good as EPL teams but they are a good team. Arteta make radical changes to the team asap or else walk away and never come back. I still believe Willian can be a much better player at Arsenal

  4. Chelsea retirees told to wear the badge of Arsenal to fight for honours. Can they not understand how ludicrous that misnomer is heralded as normal by the people who lead Arsenal.

  5. I find it fun to believe we want Ozil back, we need to move on no matter what ozil’s issue is, he had a couple of games to prove himself,

    We need players who have passion and want to make a name.

    Willock, Maitland-Niles, Nelson & Smith need more games to gain confidence and skills.

    Even if we don’t buy strikers to replace in January, we have Folarin & Martinelli,

    As long as we buy more hungry & aggressive midfielders,

    Talents & energy must replace its likes.

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