Ian Wright urges reporter to apologise for his earlier comments on Tomiyasu

Ian Wright has asked for an apology from Sky Sports’ Kaveh Solhekol after his summer comments about Takehiro Tomiyasu came back to haunt him.

The Japanese defender joined the Gunners late in the last transfer window, but he had been the subject of interest from Tottenham earlier that summer.

Solhekol revealed in a video at the time that the defender had been offered to several clubs and said he wasn’t sure if the former Bologna man was fit to perform for the Gunners.

Tomiyasu has been arguably one of the outstanding right-backs in the Premier League this season and his fine performances are one reason the Gunners are challenging for the top four.

Wright dug up the video from the summer and tweeted at Solhekol to tender an apology for his comments.

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It seems not too many expected Tomiyasu to shine at the Emirates as quickly as he has done.

He has become yet another player that proves Mikel Arteta knows how to sign quality young players.

At 23, he has several more years to offer impressive and dedicated performances for the Gunners.

He doesn’t offer too much going forward, but he offers a lot of protection to the defence.

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  1. Havyn says:

    Tommy is better than Royal at Spurs that Edu wanted to buy and Arteta opposed, a Kia player.

    Aaron Ramsdale is also far better than Neto of Barca. Another Kia player Edu wanted to buy.

    Watch out for Edu who often prefers buying Kia players.

    Raul, Edu and Kia was and is dangerous combination for Arsenal. Raul has been booted out but the combo of Edu and Kia still around.

    That combo has left behind Cedric and Pablo Mari around Arsenal neck

    1. Grandad says:

      You have hit the nail on the head Havyn. Edu has a lot to answer for , but whoever was responsible for bringing in Tomi, has got it right.This guy is a proper defender who has pace, power and very good positional sense.He stays on his feet rather than committing to reckless tackles and he is excellent in the air.Ben White needs to get some tips from Tomi as he needs to improve defensively, as was evident in the Leeds match.

      1. Dan kit says:

        Both Cedric and Mari were Arteta signings ,at least put some facts in your post before writing .
        You forgot Martinelli was an edu signing as well .
        Let me guess all the great signings were Artetas? Lols

        1. jon fox says:

          Mr Eggyface to come strikes again with his ludicrous MA agenda!
          How you must hate him, esp as he is so clearly improving our team.
          How it must frustate you with your sorry and passe agenda!

          1. Dan kit says:

            Facts not an agenda you pleb .
            Why don’t you go answer some of the questions put to you on other articles rather than gobbing off on a new one .”Mr hide away”

            1. jon fox says:


              I AM ON JA ALMOST EVERY DAY AND KNOW WHAT GOES ON AND WHO IS HIDING AND ITS YOU WHO HIDES NOT I, when inconvenient questions are asked of you.

              But apart frompersonal point scoring, why not admit you dont ever intend to see the clear and obvious improvement in our playing personell compared to last season and th clear and exciting football we are playing a lot of the time NOW.



              Care you answer that or are you once again going to HIDE!?

              1. Dan kit says:

                You have literally just copied what I wrote about you 😂😂
                But you left your caps on for half of it .

                As for my above comment ,all facts not an Agenda .

  2. G says:

    Tomiyasu is certainly solid in defence but also provides a great platform going forward and we suddenly have an offensive right side. Also his head is always the target for Ramsdale when he goes long.

    1. Davi says:

      He’s exactly what we needed – strong and athletic, but also comfortable on the ball. I think the best thing about him, though, is that he’s just very switched on, always thinking ahead both defensively and when we have possession. Of course there are better offensive fullbacks, but Tomi has a great balance for this team – he’s more azpilicueta than trent but I think that’s just what we needed.

  3. gunnerforlife says:

    Tomiyasu is one of our best summer signings. He has proved so many people wrong with his sheer hard work, quality in defence and commitment. He brings so much stability to our defence.

  4. Kenya 001 says:

    OoohTomi boy , been excellent so far.Am really impressed, no one goes past him ! 💪

  5. Abdul says:

    Absolutely right

  6. pjennings says:

    I first saw Tomi playing for Japan in 2018 or there abouts. Japan are in the same group as Australia in World Cup qualifying stages. Everytime I’ve seen Tomi play, he’s played the centre-back role,, and plays it very well. The Australians tried to target and bully Tomi. It looks like the rougher you play, the more Tomi thrives. A very versatile player. Can use both feet (doesn’t have a preference). Can play left back, right back, centre-back, and defensive midfielder. Down the track I can see Tomi being a real asset to The Arsenal. Hope they hold on to him

  7. jon fox says:

    Good to see no Gooners bothering commenting on the “Wright demands an apology” nonsense that heads this piece.

    What actually MATTERS to all of us is how good Tomi is and how well he is certainly doing.

    THAT ought to have been the subject of your article, not the silly and nonsensical “apology” nonsense!

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