Ian Wright worried about Chelsea destroying Arsenal – “This frightens me”

Mikel Arteta has got an excellent record against Chelsea in his short career as Arsenal manager, despite nearly every pundit predicting an Arsenal defeat before every meeting.

And yet again the Gunners are preparing to face the Blues as huge underdogs, after losing to Brentford with many of the first team unavailable.

Chelsea won the Champions League last season, but have still invested an incredible amount in Romelu Lukaku to give them the prolific goalscorer they were missing last season, and the Arsenal legend Ian Wright, is not only very worried about Thomas Tuchel’s side beating Arsenal, he thinks they could even go on and win the title this season.” He said in the Wrighty House podcast. “Since Lukaku was linked, Romelu’s been talking to me on a consistent basis, so I know it’s happening but I have to keep quiet. All the time I thinking this is fine, but when I see how Arsenal got beat against Brentford knowing that Romelu will be there,’

‘I knew that this was going to happen, watching how we play, seeing how Ivan Toney and Mbuemo dealt with our defence, let’s face it Lukaku with the players he now has, it’s going to be devastating against most defences.’

‘I know that Arsenal won twice against Chelsea last year and it did change Arsenal’s trajectory, Bukayo Saka came in, Emile Smith Rowe came in, We kind of started to create,’

‘We’re now dealing with a completely different animal. We’re dealing with one of this hybrid dinosaurs they created in one of those Jurassic Park films. We’re dealing with a Chelsea team now that are so ready. We saw that when Thomas Tuchel got there, another elite manager.

‘He sorted the defence out. And that you throw Romelu Lukaku into that mix, into a team that is so confident, this frightens me. We’ve got a Chelsea where they now think they can win the Premier League.”

Chelsea are one of the favourites to challenge Manchester City for the title this season, and if Lukaku continues his goalscoring exploits they will have every chance, but hopefully Arteta’s record against the Blues will give us a little psychological advantage.

We can hope, can’t we?

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  1. I know I may be in the minority but I really feel like we can get something from the Chelsea match, this kinds of games always scares me under Wenger but under Emery and arteta we seem to do well in this types of matches (except from man city). I won’t be surprised if we end up winning.

    1. Arsenal could be swept away 8by a tsumani if they aint careful.
      Take a leaf from Tuchel how to defend.

    2. @Lenohappy, well said bro. Arsenal always fare better in a game they are written off. I don’t understand why a legend who’s supposed 2 be a role model suddenly became a coward, instilling fear on some weak hearted Gunners supporters, instead of encouraging them. I will demand an apology of him should Arsenal win that match. I hate an outburst display of cowardice, especially when it comes from a legend. Utterly RUBBISH!!!

    3. Yes me too I’m confidently agree with you ,come to look at the statistics we may end up winning

    1. If Kane doesnt go to MC,the Blues might target Abu.
      Stranger things have happened in soccer.
      Arsenal are no more able to compete in the transfer market and are in danger of just being another London club.

  2. Chelsea are favourite no doubt.
    But last season was full of shock upsets
    especially first half of the season
    So I like to believe we can ambush Chelsea like Brentford shocked us.
    As Robbie on AFTV says.
    We’re gonna do this.

  3. What are the fans in England donig?, they should protest for Kroenks to leave as there’s not time. As Chelsea, only God can help us.

  4. Chelsea is a hungry team our team should be hungry too or else we will end up loosing heavy defeat.

  5. The key to winning Chelsea lies on xhaka and how bellarin performed, I can’t see a win, but a 2-2 draw is not bad, my fear is that if we can’t able to draw Chelsea, we might loose woefully, 5-1

  6. Chelsea cant destroy Arsenal. Arteta fears City and Liverpool for reasons l dont know. Arsenal should not attempt high level defensive tactics since Werner is very fast and Lukaku too. We also need somebody good iin the air to defend Lukaku aerial attacks

  7. On paper it looks like a total mismatch. But this is a crazy game called football so would not be surprised to see an upset or at least a draw. COYG!!

  8. At time of Arsen Wenger I would have given up already but Arteta is going to be one of the best coach in the world…he may be facing some difficulties now but with what he’s trying to do is gonna bear a good fruit… talking about Chelsea match Chelsea should be the ones to be afraid of us because this they current coach can’t beat Arteta so easily

  9. The last thing left in Pandora’s box was ‘hope’. Logic and sense tell us Chelski will win. Like everyone I ‘hope’ we get a result, although I know they are a way better team than us, and who play with certainty and determination. We play like a disparate group out of synch with each other. But knowing all this something in me has ‘hope’. Last season we were ‘hopeless’, but maybe on Sunday the process of positive change may start to take hold. Hope though knows no sense, nor logic.

  10. We have to play to a plan, defend with great fortitude and attack with vigour. We have to play positive and yet be cautious of Werner and Lukaku, we can cause an upset.

  11. Arsenal have to beat speed with speed……slow build up from the back will not work………!

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