Ian Wright’s comments about Tottenham should be a wake up call

Ian Wright has openly admitted that Tottenham looks good enough to challenge for the Premier League title.

He was asked if Tottenham can win the title and the former Gunner told the BBC as quoted by Mirror Football: “Yeah, looking at that, especially if teams are going to give them that much space, they are going to hurt people.”

Who can blame him? We can all see that Spurs are one of the best teams in the competition and as fans of their bitter rivals we cannot help but hope the wheels come off for them sooner rather than later.

For me, Wright’s comments were not out of place, as a matter of fact, I think that it should serve as a motivation to our players.

This is the season that Arsenal ought to return to the Champions League, and it isn’t good news that our rivals are already thinking about something bigger than that.

However, one way that our players can give us something good to talk about is to win a trophy or return to the top four.

Our current form makes any of these seem almost impossible at the moment, but if our players have needed something to wake them up, here it is, Tottenham might win the Premier League this season.

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  1. lcw says:

    Unfortunately he is right. All the pieces in place except for one weakness. Kane is too slow for transition plays when he is assuming the role of No 10. Once Morino figures that out then his team has as good a chance as any.

    1. jon fox says:


  2. PJ-SA says:

    I could handle is for a few seasons and claim we were still a better team than Spurs but they’ve now been consistently out doing us for many seasons so you’d have to admit they are better than us now.

  3. Herbz says:

    Very sad indeed…

    As these were the teams we used to beat left, right, centre even with the Walcotts.

    Now we can only see their behinds!!!

  4. Herbz says:

    You’ll probably hear it first from me.

    MAURIZIO SARRI is just there without a job.

    Just like I told you about RODGERS before he moved to Leicester.

    Those are some of the managers capable of sustaining a club at the highest level, playing beautiful attacking football.

  5. S says:

    The only time we 100% have no chance to finish above them is when they win the title.
    Still early days but don’t they have to face Liverpool & Chelsea? & Leicester too

  6. Faeez says:

    These guys are getting paid astronomically large sums of money. For what? Cannot even score one goal. They’re totally relaxed about it cause whatever the outcome they’re still getting paid.

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