Ian Wright’s interview with Dennis Bergkamp in full (Video)

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I had the opportunity to visit Dennis at his home in Holland. It was a long overdue catch up with my old room mate and great friend. I hope you enjoy.
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The word legend is bandied about a little too often for my liking, but no Arsenal fan can deny that both Wrighty and Dennis have earned the right to be called real legends at Arsenal, and I’m sure all us oldies will really enjoy watching these two old mates getting together and talking about the old days, and what it was like playing for an Arsenal team that was full of legends at the time.

Earlier on, I did an article on what Bergkamp said when asked if he would like to return to Arsenal as a coach one day, which made me inspired to watch the whole interview all the way through. It is definitely worth a watch if you have supported the Gunners long enough to know what they are talking about.



  1. Love the comment from wrihty about that goal against Newcastle “never seen a goal like that before or since that day “
    Best team to have never won the champions League…

  2. We all have our opinions, but for me he was the greatest Arsenal player I’ve seen. He had everything, power, grace, technique, a mean streak and some of his goals were sensational. A great interview, well done Wrighty, another real legend.

    I would absolutely love if he came back to coach the youngsters one day.

  3. Same no one has stepped up as the next legend for the club. There are some youngsters with real potential tho.

    Let’s check back in several years to see who stays on who’s on the way to legend class.

    Tierney, Martinelli, Saka, Guendouzi, maybe Willock. Bright future for the lads, here’s to them stepping it up.

  4. So great to watch two true legends together.

    What a wonderful era to have been part of and to hear them talking about the club in a way that any true gooner would, brings goosebumps out just watching themand listening to them making complete sense.

    So many of that team love our club and like Dennis said about his testimony game…you suddenly realise what The Arsenal really means…it’s a marriage.

    Thanks for posting this Admin, I’m glad that I fit the bill as an oldie who remembers it all as if it were yesterday.

    Have to admit though Sue, my room isn’t as big as DB’s!!!! Damn and blast!!!

  5. Loved denis he was the most gifted footballer I have ever seen play for arsenal.
    He came exactly the right age and time to us just before wenger came.
    They talk alot today about the spine of the team ,we had probably the best spine of a team to ever play in the premiership…

    1. Jim, add Sol, Petit, Henry, now we are talking about The Arsenal my fellow gooner – the bar was so high you couldn’t see it!!

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