Ibrahimovic agent denies Man Utd transfer rumours – Come on Arsenal

I know that the transfer window is not officially open yet but that does not mean that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal should not already be working hard behind the scenes to bring in the top players that we need to make sure that the Gunners do not suffer another faltering title challenge next season.

We are already hearing about other clubs around Europe securing the transfer of players, such as Mats Hummels to Bayern Munich, so even though the Premier League season is not properly over until after Manchester United play Bournemouth tonight and then Louis van Gaal takes his troubled team to Wembley in the FA cup, Arsenal fans are already eager for news of a signing.

It would be great in my opinion if the Swedish international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was one of the summer additions to the Arsenal squad so I was a bit worried yesterday when there were reports in the football media about Man United having made him an offer, because we know how much money they are prepared to throw around.

There is good news for us, however, from a Sky Sports report in which the agent of Ibrahimovic flatly denied these rumours and left the door open for the Arsenal boss to make his move. Mino Raiola even made it sound as if such a rumour was not very realistic, perhaps because Zlatan would demand Champions League football or not want to play under van Gaal.

He said, β€œIn this world we have to accept some journalists use their imagination and make things up. The story is not factual.”

So what are you waiting for Arsene?

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  1. I honestly think Wenger won’t go for ibrahimovic because of the enormous wages he is asking for at 34!

    1. Ibra might be ageless kind of striker, but his wages demand will be (it said could rich 500K per week) absolutely ridiculous. Even Lionel Messi or Ronaldo doesn’t get that much.

    1. Lukaku would be the signing of an ambitious club IMO. Ibra is too old and not PL proven and too expensive.

  2. Ibra isn’t coming to the EPL…………. HE’S GOING TO THE MLS (my best guess is L.A galaxy)

    stop fantasizing!!!

  3. Fabregas to real madrid …….hahahahaha (source don balon)
    once a traitor always a taitor

  4. I think we would go for the wage thing if almost all of it went down as a signing on fee. For some reason though I think Ibra wants most of it to be a weekly wage, becoming one of the highest payed players ever probably appeals to him. He might even get more than Messi, if we believe everything we read about Zlatan well then this would not be a stretch. Give him 15-20 mil signing on fee and then pay him similar money to Ozil. Gonna need some clauses though, performance related.

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