Icardi not going to Arsenal….yawn!

As Arsenal fans watch the events of Paul Pogba to United and John Stones to City, you cannot help but wish that Arsene Wenger would also start splashing the cash. This is not only to give ourselves a better chance of competing in the league, but to also keep up with our rivals who are speeding full steam ahead in the transfer market.

Arsenal have been rejected or missed out on every single one of their striker targets this summer and its a trend that is seemingly set to continue, with the latest target also being told he won’t be allowed to join Arsenal this summer. It all started off with Leicester’s Jamie Vardy back in June, but two months down the line, we have seen rumours of Morata, Lukaku, Janssen, even Ben Yedder all pass on making a move to the Gunners. The latest player set to join the list is Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi, who has been linked with the Gunners for a number of weeks now.

Icardi, like all the others however will supposedly not be on the move, meaning Arsenal won’t have much luck in approaching the Argentinean. New Inter Milan boss Frank de Boer stated that he has no interest in selling his best players and assured just how important Icardi is to the team.

De Boer said: “We’ll keep every player we don’t want to sell. Icardi is very important for me and he’ll stay. He’s young, he can learn a lot, but he’s already proven himself to be fantastic. We can work very well together, there won’t be any problems.”

The story of Icardi to Arsenal has been a relatively quiet but troublesome saga nevertheless, with Inter going from not interesting in selling, to potentially having to due to financial constraints. Icardi’s wife, who is also the player’s agent maintained that she wanted her husband to remain in Italy, but later also seemed to be considering a move. Any potential deal is now off the cards however and once again Arsenal will have to turn their attention elsewhere in looking for that striker that we so desperately need.



  1. Wenger and Gazidis may not be able to afford pogba but they can buy lacazette/icardi/mahrez, i mean that’s not even a discussion. They just refuse to because it doesn’t allow for their corporate model to buy more than one player each transfer season, and where we’ll end up once again after it is all set and done? 4th spot, out of the CL league etc etc. Enjoy the season folks.

    1. Ozil nd Sanchez wont sign – we will loose them both – they realize that the club has no ambition. Every year the transfer prices go higher and we are usually one or two seasons behind the price changes.

      When Arsene gets comfortable to spen 30-40 million the prices of great players go up to 60M+
      when he will be ready to spend that kind of money the prices will be 20M higher.

      the two Mnchester teams are running away with this one.

  2. If you dont do your transfer business early dont expect it to be easy now – with teams having less time to find suitable replacements..

    Like you say – YAWN!!!!
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  3. Wenger has come out and said he won’t be pressured into making a big signing. He also stated there has no been much movement in this transfer window !!! WTF you cannot make this crap up. In the real world we would be asking social services to check his welfare

    How can anyone defend what’s happening at the club

  4. OT:
    If Zlatan made Manchester United $100M (Not sure) in just shirt sales, then how hard is it to sign a world class player? Someone help and explain.

    1. How the fsck can you make 100 million in shirt sales in one summer? Assuming one shirt is 50 pounds it means that this shirt alone sold 2 million. You really believe there are so many supporters buying shirts? Especially when they can buy Pogba ones.

      1. And how much of that £50 do utd get, £10 if they’re lucky.

        The whole “we’ll earn that in shirt sales” is a myth, why do Adidas pay them £75 million a year in sponsorship? Here’s a clue, to earn money from shirt sales!

  5. Icardi was on Arsenal radar in his dreams. A pi$$ poor striker playing in a Chinese run team, a shadow of the former Inter glorious team. Where did they finished last year and how many goals has Icardi scored? I keep forgetting these minor details. Maybe because there’s nothing to brag about?

  6. no worries wilfried bony available …4 goal reject from rival we are hoping to challenge … wenger is fast becoming the biggest fraud in football management

  7. Insult insult insult… The club board have insulted us for years. All other clubs identified their target and made the transfers happen. But we knew only rumours, rumours rumours… They always insult us with the word’ money is not the problem of the right player is available’…. Even this year with only three weeks left, nothing substanstial still happens…

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