Icardi rules himself out of Arsenal move?

Just when you thought this window couldn’t get any worse for Arsenal fans, the latest developments surrounding Icardi to Arsenal are not good for the Gunners I’m afraid.

After facing rejection from Vardy and being priced out of the market for Higuain, Lacazette and Morata, Arsenal now face rejection from yet another player, Mauro Icardi.

The Gunners had reportedly been in talks with Inter Milan, the player’s agent and Icardi himself, with some media reports even suggesting that the 23 year old would be flying into London this week to complete a move.
However this is does not seem to be the case as Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has had an interview with the Argentinean, in which all has been revealed.

Icardi is quoted as saying: “I’m here, and I’m happy here, I say that all the time.

“I have a contract with Inter until 2019 and they’re my team. For everything else, it’s the club that has to speak. I’m working to improve my game, to play well and to provide options for the coach.

“My entire family’s objective is to stay in Milan. Milan is our home, and that’s why she’s (Icardi’s agent) in talks with the club. We’re trying to find a solution.

“Me, wearing other colours? I’ll tell you the truth, I’m an Interista. Very much an Interista. This is the team I’m a fan of and these are my colours. There’s a strong bond.

“Football is a business and anything can happen, but I’m wearing the captain’s arm-band for Inter, I’ve been here three years and my objective is to win as a Nerazzurro. I want to make it.”

So that seems to all but confirm Icardi’s intention to stay in Milan and although there are still rumours doing the rounds about whether Inter Milan want to sell the forward, it is certain that he has no intentions of playing anywhere else at this moment in time.

In my opinion Icardi isn’t the world class striker Arsenal are crying out for but his addition to the team would be of great benefit in giving the Gunners additional options up front. Icardi would offer a different style of play to Giroud and at 23 years old, he could be a player that Arsenal could develop into a top class striker.

However it doesn’t seem so likely to happen anymore and so Arsenal must once again turn their attention elsewhere. Who’s our tenth transfer target on our list of targeted strikers Arsene?



    1. No no no!! Let’s get lukaku and mahrez for 70/mil cus I feel mahrez will go for thirty after a bid and lukaku for 40.. Sell Walcott for 25 mil also sell ospina and keep shezsky … We would end up spending around 40/mil…

  1. Arsene never even made offers! You know he just sitting down to watch Netflix somwhere till transfer windows closed!

    1. Looks like Wenger decided not to buy a striker and save money.
      This year looks even worst than last year where we had Fully fit Giroud and latter Wllebeck.

      I really do not know who will score goals for us, in the back also we look short as Koschilemy needs extended break and Mertazaker has become a year older.
      The start of the season is very important, the team that wins PL always start the Season well most of the times.
      If we fall behind to far, we can not catch suerly as we do not have that kind of players who can go on a winning steak for 10 to 15 matches, specifically with one not a world class striker

    2. Wenger ain’t watching no Netflix as you have to pay for it! He’s using tubes, streams etc. to save that extra £8 a month!

      1. Arsene watch old VHS video tape! HAHA What he doing?? Men U pay to Pobga and pay to no one!!!!

  2. This Icardi situation is so fake and pumped up by his wife/agent/whore just to get him better salary… You can see that from airplane!!!

  3. How are we ALWAYS the most stressed fans during every transfer window? Fans from nearly every team in the EPL are looking forward to the start of the EPL because they’ve made managerial and player related changes BUT us.

  4. Wednesday
    Icardi to Arsenal
    “I am desperate to leave Inter”
    Spotted at Heathrow.
    Looking at houses in London
    Taking his medical.
    Announcement expected soon.
    Icardi commits to Inter
    “I never wanted to leave”
    Thanks for the pay increase.
    The old 24 hour scam rumour virus 🙂

    1. Icardi was never for sale, inter have new cash rich Chinese owners, media just “forgot” to mention that bit. Why let the truth spoil a good story.

  5. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah OMG! HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  6. Icardi probably backed out when Wenger told him he would be mostly deployed on the right wing as he already has the striker in the world in Giroud

    1. i imagine when wanda came over arsene was thinking…maxi lopez…icardi…i have a shot!

      then she asked if she could meet giroud…
      the rest is inter milan contract extension history

  7. All this talk about icardi is because of the perceived financial problems at inter and them having to sell players. I keep saying on here, inter have new cash rich chinese owners. The only financial problem they have is working out how to get around the ffp rules. They will not be selling their top goalscorer.

    Forget icardi coming to arsenal

  8. We are and will not be getting a striker. AW and the board just going through the motions….

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