Icardi transfer talks too late for Arsenal? Juventus close…

Just a few days ago it was being reported that Arsenal were set to hold transfer talks next week with the Inter Milan and Argentina striker Mauro Icardi, as a possible alternative to his fellow countryman Gonzalo Higuain who seems to have been priced out of a move to the Gunners with the ridiculously high valuation by his Serie A club Napoli.

But there could be more bad news around the corner for Arsenal, because just like with our pursuit of Higuain, the Italian champions Juventus are also interested and The Sun have reported that his wife and agent Wanda Nara has suggested that the forward could be close to joining the Turin club.

Nothing is dome and dusted yet but if things do progress then Arsene Wenger could find that the talks planned for next week are about a week too late as we see yet another summer transfer target slip out of our reach. This would be very annoying but to be perfectly honest I do see Icardi as an inferior option to Higuain.

He did score 16 goals for Inter Milan last season and at 23-years old time is on his side but he still has just one full international cap to his name while the Napoli star is in the form of his life after breaking the long standing Serie A scoring record by hitting 36.

If we are not going to sign Higuain, however, would Icardi have been a good option?


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  1. I hope anyone here in Britain who voted leave is proud of themselves. Before Brexit €94m was about £65m. Now its 79m
    Reckon Nigel Farage supports Napoli?

          1. Err £12m+ voted UKIP on the last election, that’s only 4m less than the amount of people that wanted to remain. 12m let that sink in, that’s more people than the snp, lib dem, green party and plydd cymru put together.

            As for being proud of voting Leave, well thank you I am oh so proud. The Japanese have already invested heavily in the UK by buying ARM. boeing are moving to UK, Avon is moving to the UK, Jaguar are too, the FTSE has rallied to higher than it was before the referendum.

            Sure sterling, is back to where it was last year against the euro and the dollar, but it is also doing very well against some other currencies. but once article 50 is triggered the uncertainty will lift.

            Sure the purchase of players and import of goods wil cost more, but also the sale of players and export are bringing in more revenue.

            1. 12m + racists in great Britain. Nice. Sorry if that caused you any offence atid but that quote and those first few comments from David and I came from an interview with farage and a BBC article when he admitted that ukip are the Millwall of politics. Which is a fair point, as in my opinion (I’m too young to vote) ukip are incredibly racist as is every single person who voted for them. Don’t think I’m the only one with this opinion. Arsenal are like labour with Wenger dividing fans like corbyn

            2. This is not really the place for politics but it is amazing how both sides spin this. Avon committed in March 2016 – nothing to do with Brexit. Boeing committed well before Brexit and is building a manufacturing plant in Scotland who want to remain in EU. And nearly every tech entrepreneur who has quoted on the ARM acquisition describe it as a mistake and a “tragedy” with the weak pound making the takeover even more attractive. Japan buying out a truly innovative world beating British tech company could only be described a triumph or a positive by a Brexiter. It is far from that. “Jaguar are too…..”!? What exactly are this Indian owned company doing? FTSE only rallying because of hedge funds playing games, government QE, stockmarket racketeering, companies (esp banks) issuing debt and buying back stock. Only the short-game being played. And the reason everything is OK on the surface is precisely because A50 has not been invoked – the markets are less sure it is even going to happen in the way it was sold.

    1. Arsenal Talks Late
      Icardi ” ..Late
      Morata “…Late
      Higuain ” …Late
      Auba ” ..Late
      Lacazette ” …Late
      Asano talks …Early done deal

      The world is so wrong when Arsenal is involved!

  2. I am not been picky anymore just sign someone already, Icardi or Lacazette.

    I don’t want us going into the season with only OG, Theo, Asano, Akpom and Sanogo in the EPL season that promises to be epic.

    Is that too much to ask for.

    1. Wenger has soooooooo much faith in sanogo and the likes…… Otherwise, i dn’t see why they’d still be here or going out on Loan with us still being the parent club

  3. I like Higuain but £80m? What are they smoking in Italy nowadays? I mean Pogba @£100m? Maybe we should just go for Mahrez and Draxler, that way we can play Alexis/Draxler/Giroud as a number 9 depending on the situation. Forget about a world class defender, I don’t see that happening.

  4. End of Transfer window:
    We could not find a stiker in this transfer window, so we have been working hard with Theo and Sanogo who will play as the main striker this season. -Wenger

    Theo sidelined with injury:
    It was a shame, Theo is a quality player for us, it is unfortunate what have happened to him. However, we have good depth at Arsenal, therefore we have promoted Sanogo and Akpom to lead this club to glory.

    January Transfer window:
    We are not in the market for a striker, we still have Sanogo and Akpom who are superstars in 3-4 years time. However, if Raul decides to return to football, we will sign him. at the right price. Walcott will be back in 5 weeks, so we are looking foward to that too.

  5. The higher ups in our club are making us look like a joke..Wenger is making us look like a joke!! why will he not put his hands in the teh club bank and spend on players we need.

    We all know the price of Aubameyang (£65 million), Lacazette (£45 million) two strickers who scored more than 20 goals for thier clubs last season. But we refuse to spend, instead we show faith in the likes of Walcott who in my view is a waste of the #14. Even Campbell who in my view is much better is on the bench more than Walcott…..

    There are players out there to buy but we are tight and this will be the end of us….it wont surprise me if we fall from “Grace” like Liverpool (nothing against them)

  6. The title of this blog sums up Arsenals current transfer policy… Everything seems to be too late with Arsenal when it comes to spending the current going rate for WC players, but very very very easy when scouting and buying young-lings. I am pissed-off that other teams even clubs like Spurs see the players that they want and immediately pounce on them like a tramp on chips, but when it comes to Arsenal we make appointments weeks and months into the future… I ask myself, what can I do as a fan of my beloved Arsenal, and what can we (Arsenal fans all over the world) do as supporters to show our outrage and indignation of the status-quo at Arsenal when it comes to transfers. One option is to boycott a few key games (all for one and one for all) to at least get the stubborn tight fisted Mr Wenger and Co. to recognise and acknowledge that without us fans buying all things Arsenal, they will all be out of business. Without our support Arsenal would eventually dissipate into the ether…

  7. We are always late as that is what the board want us to be. They don’t want to sign these players….they just want to give the impression that they want to sign them and then it’s too late.

    They think we are stupid and we havent worked that out. You have worked it out right?

    Our business this window is done.

  8. Those arsenal fans looking for Higuain,try and see things from Napoli’s perspective, why sell your most priced asset? When you don’t have any replacement? If you were Higuain,why would you come to arsenal? A club without ambition? Arsenal have a very tainted image that it will take wenger leaving this club and some years for it to clear. From great players to the likes of chamak,now Asano,sanogo,etc sometimes I wonder how things got to this point and to top it off,some fans are so happy with finishing 2nd-4th and celebrating finishing above spurs like there’s a special trophy for it. Such a virus that is spreading among the fans,forgetting what lifting a major trophy is. Such a shame.

  9. He would/could be a decent alternative. Italy, you just need to look at the top gl scoring charts each season to realise it’s difficulty. He has just slightly under one goal in two I think it is. If he can make an impact where we flip the results on just three to four games overall, that can be massive in a title fight.

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