“I’d sign him if I was a manager.” Keown suggests a Tottenham target for Arsenal

Martin Keown has suggested that Arsenal signs Tottenham target, Adama Traore.

The Wolves winger is one of the most attractive players in the Premier League and it is hard to stop him when he is on the move.

He has spent the last few seasons at Molineux, but it is only a matter of time before he leaves them.

Spurs want to sign him as Antonio Conte looks for a wing-back to play his favourite system.

However, they could face competition from Arsenal soon after Keown urged the Gunners to add him to Mikel Arteta’s squad.

The former Aston Villa man scored as Wolves beat Southampton 3-1 and Keown said on BBC Final Score via Football365:

“I feel Traore is awesome at times and just for once, we have the satisfaction of seeing it.

“It’s a lovely finish from him. I’d sign him if I was a manager. Arsenal – get in and buy him.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Traore is one of those players that are exciting to watch and can torment defences.

However, he has little to show in terms of stats because he rarely scores or provides an assist for a teammate.

Arsenal needs players who can do both to help with our push for a top-four finish.

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  1. No thanks, guy is so erratic. Reminds me of Walcott in many ways

    Bad at crossing
    Bad 1st touch
    Passes when should shoot
    Shoots when should pass
    Has a worldie every now and then

    1. considering his abysmal goal-scoring record thus far, why would we ever pay a considerable sum so that we could frustratingly watch that first-hand…he’s literally scored 8 or maybe 9 goals for the Wolves in 120+ appearances…3 dressed up as a 9 proposition…that said, I get why others jump on the hype train, in that whenever you watch him he always seems to be on the precipice of greatness

      1. YES, IN ALMOST TWELVE LONG AND WEARISOME YEARS. Much of them injured and when not injured mostly missing during the game . Way, way overhyped, unless like me, you are a realist.

      2. Siamois I understand where you are coming from but can you honestly say Theo was good at:
        Running with the ball?
        Hold up play?
        Reading a game?

        Come on man, keeping players like him was one of the main reasons we never progressed for years….not bad but certainly not good.

      3. Don’t mind people messing up with Theo’s goal scoring record, he started so early for Arsenal at 16yrs and people expected him as a teenager to score double figure or what?

        He was unlucky to an extent having injuries but still this was not as poor as some of this so called fans present him.

        He played as a winger almost throughout his time in Arsenal and was getting goals and assist. As at the time Van persie left for man u, Theo was our only reliable goal scoring forward.

        During his time at Arsenal, go an check history how many winger got so many goals like him in Europe, I personally can’t count 10 ahead of him.

        So many main strikers did not even score 100 goals in their top flight and yet some of the fans mess up our current and ex players at times as if they are sh!t.
        It pains when see these guys not getting some little credit they deserve, football is not really easy as people think, they will understand if they’ve ever kick a ball before.

        Theo should not be compared with Adama Traore

    2. @PJ-SA
      😂😂😂😂 The very same thing I think of every time I see him play…
      You forgot, he can’t dribble …

  2. Talent to burn but grossly overated because he isnt cultured enough and doesn’t produce anything. We have a player (pepe) who is far more effective and has an end result. Why do people not appreciate it, when it slaps you in the face and is under our noses. Traore is and enigma.

    1. I have to agree, both about Traore and Pepe. Traore is an inconsistant show pony and Pepe can do all that he does, but to much better effect. While I don’t think Pepe fits the way we play, he DOES have excellent stats in goals and assists, and I am surprised he doesn’t at least get more appearances as an impact player – if for no other reason than to put him in the shop window for what is most likely a sale in the summer.

  3. This article is an unnecessary distraction because Arsenal’s woes right now are not in the wings. Besides, he isn’t better than any of our wingers.


    Nothing in Keowns opinion makes much sense, given Traores lack of productivenes He looks good when dribbling but hardly ever assists, nor scores.

    No thanks Martin and I think almost all Gooners and, more importantly Arteta, will ignore this slightly odd tip.

    1. Agree Jon – I like Keown but like all pundits he makes plenty of daft statements. No way we need or want a raw 25-year old winger who flatters to deceive like many wingers do. Pepe has much better stats which tells you a lot! This will run in the media but we aren’t interested, I’m sure.

  5. Traore is a top talent. He’s got explosive raw pace, power and talent. Unfortunately for him, he is yet to find the perfect manager and team to put his skills to got use. I, too, would sign him if I
    was manager.

    1. Under Arteta he would improve no doubt (as he needs to with that unrefined talent), and he must be frightening to face, but when we have Saka and Pepe here there’s no way he is on our radar RF.

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