‘I’d want £80M’ – Pundit claims that whatever Arsenal offer isn’t enough

Simon Jordan has claimed that however much Arsenal expect to sign Raphinha for wouldn’t be enough for Leeds United.

The Brazilian has been the club’s standout performer this season, scoring a number of key goals in helping his side to narrowly avoid relegation back to the Championship.

Whilst he is reported to have agreed personal terms with Barcelona, the fact that they escaped the campaign with their PL life means that a clause wasn’t triggered meaning that he could leave for a lowly fee, and they are now claimed to be in want of in excess of £50 Million.

Jordan insists that no matter how much Arsenal offered, he would negotiate for more, claiming that £50 Million wouldn’t be enough.

It seems like our chances of a deal depends on other players in the deal, with him seemingly having wanted to join Barca this summer, but I struggle to see why we would spend over £50 Million on him while we still need to bring in a top striker. I don’t really see the Spanish giants shelling out that sort of money either, regardless of the talent that he possesses due to their financial struggles, and Leeds could well have to lower their expectations or force their forward to stay beyond the summer.

Could Raphinha kick up a fuss and push Leeds into reconsidering their stance? How much do you think he is worth?


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  1. Man who makes money from saying controversial things in news outlet known for airing controversial views, says something controversial.

    And is a d!ckhed.

    1. Shedzy.
      He may well be a dickhead in your view, but I’m looking at the man who owns Crystal Palace.
      But I do know one dickhead that leaves idiotic comments on JA…

    1. Well go get him then we will happily have Raph at Elland Road next year. Don’t often agree with SJ but he’s right on this one. Pay up or speak next year.

    2. Perfectly agree. Also with champions League experience.
      Doesn’t really make sense chasing a man with these numbers while there are better out there

  2. 55 million should do.i don’t think the amount spent on him will have any effect on other positions,we’ve got about 160 million plus left in the transfer kitty.

    1. If you had watched as many games with Raphina in the Leeds side as you have watched Gnabry you would have a different opinion for sure. Raphina is a class above

  3. No better than Pepe ,complete waste of money on a position we already have 2 better players .
    So we will have 9 attacking players if we get in out targets and don’t sell vying for 3-4 spots
    Have to worry for the likes of ESR and Martinelli.

    1. Very fair point.The absence of a quality DM on the horizon disappoints me as this position needs filling if we are to compete with the likes of City and Liverpool.It’s a question of priorities, and whilst Veiria looks very talented, we have glaring weaknesses elsewhere.As the late Bob Paisley once said “a team is only as good as it’s weakest link.”

    2. Exactly what I was thinking before I saw your post. This is a guy that was second grade compare to Pepe in Ligue1 and before last season. But we will happily dump Pepe and get him or ridiculous and over price money.

  4. Even though leeds want £80M ars should pay it coz we need that guy to help saka pls… Pay his release clause lets move.

  5. We don’t actually “need” any more signings.
    GK Ramsdale Turner Leno
    RB Tomiyasu Soares Niles
    LB Tierney Tavares
    CB White Gabriel Saliba Holding Trusty
    DM Partey Xhaka Elneny
    Mid. Odegaard Vieira ESR Lokonga Azeez Patino
    Forwd . Nketiah Martinelli Marquinos Saka Pepe Nelson Balogun Biereth.
    The only concerns are those regarding ongoing injuries to Tierney, Partey and Tomiyasu. Maybe that’s why the utility Martinez is being cosidered.
    Otherwise our incoming transfer business should be over now. Sorting the loan players will be easy as they are all virtually worthless like Bellerin Mari and Runarsson. Even Torreira aint woth much. So might as well get training started asap.

    1. We do need more signings, fairfan. We need quality depth and to move some lesser quality players out. If we are going to challenge for CL we need more quality and we definitely need a TOP striker and defensive DM!

  6. If he goes to Chelsea or Spurs, you guys will be kicking yourselves. Personally I want him to stay @ LUFC but am realistic enough to know that’s not gonna happen.

  7. I don’t see why Arteta is not going all out for Gakpo and Savic or Fabian Ruiz. Would improve the team immediately especially Savic. Gnabry is a better option to Raphinha. If you want to spend 80m buy Victor Ohisman

  8. Are you sure he is no better than pepe? oh,you mean you’d rather stick to pepe who is having a hard time adapting to the prem than a proven one?hahaha,i see you have a problem.

    1. Why don’t you use the reply button ,would make it so much easier to see what garbage you’ve written on my comments

  9. Raphinha is quite special but I wouldn’t want any player at the club who would just settle for Arsenal because Barca didn’t happen. If he feels that strong about going to Spain I would avoid anyway.

    If we could get Gnabry I would be just as happy, If not more so! The guy had Arsenal in his blood already 🙂

  10. we won’t be making any bid at all, this one is like the Bissouma saga we ain’t interested in him at all. I only expect us to make only 2 more signings; Jesus and that Ajax defender if Manutd don’t beat us to his signature.

  11. Jordan is a complete & utter prat.Hates Arsenal.And tries to f** k us over whenever he can.This time by trying to get Leeds to ask for silly money.Think he’s still pissed we didn’t spend silly money on Zaha to line his pockets.

  12. Simon Jordan is a serious Arsenal hater. l would like Raphinha to join Arsenal, but,not for more than 60m euros. As for Jesus, Arsenal should not sign him, because he’s not good enough, that’s why Manchester city bought Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland to replace him. Arsenal must seriously consider buying Serge Gnabry instead, who is much better and still cheaper. Gnabry is world class and ruthlessness anywhere across the front line and can be the game changer to take Arsenal to the next level. Unlike Jesus, Gnabry is an impact player. Also, a Tottenham nemesis.

  13. Arsenal need to be wise here. We cannot afford both Gabriel, Raphinha, and Tielemans. Despite what media outlets are saying. We should know better that is unrealistic.

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