Idle hands: Arsenal fans keen to taunt rivals with huge banner

Lockdown has many minds doing some strange things, with masses turning to an application called TikTok to do dance challenges, and make themselves look either stylish or foolish, but some idle minds have used their time creatively.

An Arsenal fan took to Twitter to admit to his boredom, before claiming that he was considering a ‘GoFundMe’ page in order to raise funds for a huge banner of Sol Campbell to be created ahead of our next fixture with Tottenham Hotspur.

The idea has been taken well amongst fans, with one even claiming we should invest into having it flows over the stadium attached to a plane instead.

I am yet to come across the crowdfunding link for the idea to be put into action, but it would no doubt cause a huge stir at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Sol Campbell famously became one of our ‘Invincibles’ of 2004, having left his club on a free transfer, and their fans have never forgiven the former England international defender.

He had supposedly told fans that he was set to sign a new contract at White Hart Lane, only to be unveiled by Arsene Wenger on a free transfer, and he remains a sore point for their fans to this day.

The last player to move between our two clubs was William Gallas, who had failed to negotiate a new deal with our club, only to leave for our rivals, but despite this, Campbell’s move still trumps it tenfold.

Would you chip in for a banner to be flown over their new stadium? Do you have any outlandish ideas that have sprung to mind over the suspended break?


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