If AFTV can criticize Arsenal, It’s only fair that we can criticize AFTV

AFTV Can’t Have It Both Ways by Dan Smith

It was only a matter of time before Arsenal were going to stand up to AFTV. There are only so many years that you’re going to allow someone to stand outside your shop window shouting how rubbish you are.

I respect anyone who chases a dream and makes something beautiful out of it. One day a man had a vision about recording fans after games and it’s led to his own successful business, good for him. Yet as successful as they have been, they are a little corner shop compared to the institution which is Arsenal FC .

I always find it funny how worked up the channel get whenever it gets criticism, which the bigger you get is natural. Don’t get me wrong, the fact they are being mentioned in the tabloids is only good news for them, any press is good press, it’s only going to raise views this week. Yet they seem very protective of their image and don’t like to be questioned.
The contradiction being that their whole ethos is that they are allowed to ridicule the team, because they claim that’s their right as fans who have a freedom of speech.

Yet if they are allowed to openly talk about what’s wrong with Arsenal, then why can’t Arsenal say what they think is wrong with AFTV?

Like many of them expressed the view that Arsene Wenger was no good anymore, clearly there are players who have noticed a growing culture on social media which has made the Emirates toxic.

No one is saying they condone threats of violence or wishing cancer on babies, but they are influencing the next generation of fans that; if you pay for a ticket, you can say or do what you want.

Now if you want, you can mock the likes of Xakha for that. You could say it makes our players sensitive or weak, but they have a right to express how they feel as much as these supporters. Are they wrong?

I’m not going to say names, but if you watch the YouTube channel you know who’s become well known off the back off it. Apart from one guy who is well known for being ultra-positive, the rest, if you´re honest, get the most attention based on how negative, critical, angry and at times how abusive they are.

I noticed a trend in the last year where the host on AFTV now belittles those who don’t have the opinion of his more popular guests. Compare that to other fan channels. Other clubs have the equivalent, but do you notice how they manage to put across a point without having to swear, or make one person a scapegoat. Hence, they haven’t had the individual success of their Arsenal counterparts. Seriously they are probably famous enough to just make the cut for Celebrity Big Brother, if it ever comes back.

Aubameyang equally has a choice, he’s done nothing wrong, being polite to people telling him how good he is. The question I would ask is; what would Tony Adams do if there was a conflict of interest? He would put the dressing room first.

What about Viera? Imagine if he knew a Pires or Henry were being verbally abused and made it clear it was distressing them, to the point the club were offering counselling. Would he go and put his arm round those people? Reward them with shirts while his best mates are suffering?

The line that AFTV have put out is what’s wrong with fans and players having that relationship? In reality, watch the majority of their product and tell me where they are trying to build any relationships?

The fan in question, so dismayed that he’s been mentioned (he’s loving it really), that his last comment on Xhaka was to tell him to……off. That’s verbal abuse, however way you want to spin it. He wouldn’t say it to the persons face, he says it to get the biggest reaction on the day. Do you think when he gets to meet these players, he’s as critical?

These are guys who wanted to be known as holding up banners to get out the greatest manager in our history, then sprinted to have their photo with him when they had the chance. Did they tell Mr Wenger what they been saying about him? Of course not!

You can’t have Auba trying on one hand to be a leader, help improve his teammates confidence, telling him to ignore those online, then give the same person attention. There needs to be some distance/ professionalism and sorry but he’s being paid lots of money to do what’s best for Arsenal. If his employers believe what’s best is simply ignoring the channel, as it’s proving provocative to some, then that’s their right.

Could you imagine a Roy Keane having a photo with fans who were swearing at Beckham?

Or Carragher handing out shirts to those who were setting Gerrard’s shirt on fire.

Or Jon Terry interacting with fans who abused Lampard?

Leaders don’t run the dressing room that way, not when they are equally to blame for defeats.
It is no different in most workplaces. Some of you will work in a team environment where you, as a team, give service to a customer. Let say you work in a coffee shop and your mate on the till has just been sworn at, told he’s not good at his job because he gave the wrong change. You then go out to lunch with that customer. How does your mate feel?

Or you’re a sous-chef who sees the Chef is stressed about getting the food wrong, do you go out and have your photo with the customer who’s just told him he can’t cook? Is that the best for the team, which is who you’re a part of, therefore, your team?

So, Arsenal don’t like the work of AFTV who don’t like hearing that they are rubbish? AFTV wished all players liked their channel so we be this one big family?

If the players don’t like it, did they need to go public with this? Does anyone else see the irony?

Dan Smith


  1. Just like this blog AFTV have a right to say what they want. Honest critique is so important. But….as an old time supporter I think AFTV has become predictable and even boring and doesn’t represent grassroots supporters like most of us. I find it amusing sometimes but the only bit that really interests me is the worldwide videos so I can see how fans around the world feel. From those it seems that Emery is on thin ice that is going to crack very shortly. Emery has lost the dressing room and the worldwide supporters. To carry on with Emery is dragging the club into the mire. Here is where Chelsea, who stand no nonsense, are so far ahead of us. There is a paralysis at Arsenal and I think players like Aubameyang are sensing this. Sad that he is finding fellowship with Troopz who doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Anyway Venkateshambles, and Sanllehi as they have been in the past are slow to act. Maybe give Edu the task of telling Emery it’s time to leave. ‘If things don’t change they stay as they are’, is highlighting Arsenal’s inability to be courageous and make change happen now.

  2. I have been following AFTV so some time. Its only recently that they have started this whole Xhaka thing and Aubameyang has been follwing AFTV even before that. Am sure he will have a way to with thks whole thing. But let just not be too quick cut off his head.

  3. I totally agree with all you say in this article. I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1977 and i have seen bad days as well as good days in my time. I personally think that this site AFTV is kiling the support of the club and has a lot to do with our change of fortunes over the years its been running. Take the way they have ripped into Wenger like you say our most successful manager ever. That was just disgusting and proves to me and many others that they do not care about Arsenal football club and all its high principles. The fans of AFC nowadays are not what i call supporters but like i say fans. Yes they buy their season ticket but if they didnt many others would gladly buy them. Maybe they would even be more of supporters than this bunch of clowns. They cannot see the damage they have done to the club ad the team, they are that ignorant and self obsessed that they wouldnt really care even if they did see it. Football is a sport where you go to support your team not go to expect to win every game. Wenger spoilt them fans and made them think winning is everything as they hadnt ever experienced losing the bad days of the club. Wenger had given them success after success and made them into the fans they are !! Truly glory hunters that throw their toys out of the pram all the time especially when the chips are down or we havent won. This for me is not supporting a club. If i was a board member i would revoke the memberships asap and explain that the reason i revoke them was because of their behaviour towards the club and players and the traditions of the club…..

  4. This is getting really embarrasing and tiring.

    “I noticed a trend in the last year where the host on AFTV now belittles those who don’t have the opinion of his more popular guests”. This is just not true, well its your opinion tho. Robbie does like to play devils advocate but to say he belittles the opinions of some his guests???

    “The line that AFTV have put out is what’s wrong with fans and players having that relationship? In reality, watch the majority of their product and tell me where they are trying to build any relationships” Again, ignorance! Kevin Campbell, a former player of Arsenal comes to mind? And before you say former, Robbie has mentioned several times that he has tried to get the current arsenal players on his show but its difficult! Ian Wright? What about opposing football players like Gary Nevile? So having these players on does not count as trying to form a relationship with players be it past or presemt? Ludicrious.

    Regarding Auba, why is it that when our previous captain made comments reagrding how the rest of the team where scared and also about how our strikers did not take their chances ( in a match he himself caused us points via a stupid penalty) not a zilc from you. And how sure are you that Auba does not interact with all fans and not the just the one you specified to suit your narrative! Yes Auba could have handled the situation better but by God i would have him ( a captain that interacts with the fans than the other…who the less said the better)

    Man the ignorance from somw certain arsenal fans is mind boggling. Have you been to other fan channels??? I have and a good example is united stand and chelsea fan channels. Try gtting on there after a lost match then come back with your hypocrital talk about how only AFTV curses our players. It aint right but stop twisiting things to suit your narrative!

    Ask yourself, if Arsenal where doing the right thing would the fans be this negative??? Instead of rectifying this issue by being better and making better decisions they have gone down the road of fan castigation. But yh AFTV are the main issue here..

    Personally i feel AFTV has always been what its about, by the fans for the fans, can we say the same about our Arsenal?
    AFTV has its faults but trust me the bigger issue is being sidelined with distractions…

    1. And not surprisingly, my comments on this issue in the previous article can not be found. May i ask why Admartin?😁

      1. For starters, this article is not mine, I did not write it. Secondly, I have only just started work and know nothing about any missing responses etc. Third I agree with the vast amount of this article. Thirdly, I think your response is outrageous, wrong and unfair. There. That is my two pennies worth.

        1. In fact, your response is riddled with inaccuracies. If you are going to attack Dan and the article at least get some facts correct, as an example you say “Regarding Auba, why is it that when our previous captain made comments reagrding how the rest of the team where scared and also about how our strikers did not take their chances ( in a match he himself caused us points via a stupid penalty) not a zilc from you” Well, how about this article then, from me, https://www.justarsenal.com/is-xhaka-trying-to-put-blame-on-the-forwards-for-tottenham-draw/222573 So not zilc as you put it. At least get your facts right before you make an unsubstantiated attack on one of our guest writers.

          1. My previous comment has been re instated. Thank you for listening and i apologize if it seemded i made any accusations. Juat felt weird seeing my comment deletd

            1. It was not reinstated, it needed approval that is why it never showed. The reason it needed approval was because it was the very first comment under that name. I know you have 58 comments under this name but when you posted that article you used a different email address and so it was registered as your first comment. No conspiracy just the spam software doing its job. Hope that clears that up.

          2. Thank you for showing that i too was a little ignorant with the zilc remark.Clearly you wrote on this as shown and apologies. And apologies if you saw it as an attack on Dan. Previously i wrote that you do try in keeping here interesting, just do not (respectfully agree with some of your opinions regarding AFTV)

          3. Thank you for clearing that up. Must say tho we may not agree in opinions, i respect anyone who gives clear responses without diving into insults. ( hence why i said AFTV aint perfext).

            Also i think there might be an issue. Apart from today, i think i have commented just 4 or 5 times on here (think it was when i had a little discussion with Mr ken and Mr Jon Fox) and not 58times. Is it possible that there is a case of mistaken identity? Thanks for your previous explanations and potential ones to come through

            1. Your comment number is now at 60, it says it here under your name. I can investigate if you think that is wrong.

        2. For continuation, i think likewise of your assessment in general AFTV is unfair, crude and desperately shows ignorance. Also weird that a comment in which i asked you personally some few questions got deleted only moments before or after you made your post today. With all due respect i find it very fishy that you decided to close your arguement in moneytary terms like i did in my previous comment, but guess what, my comment aint there…..strange indeed.

    2. Thank you for this.. Aftv do the same thing this site does. They just have more recognition doing it. It’s kind of hypocritical calling them out when your platform is just as bad for criticizing the players, coach and board alike. If everyone on this site were being interviewed after the recent arsenal games, I bet we’d just sound as them or worse. This isn’t anyone’s fault as the fans only reflect what the players do on the pitch. If arsenal have a string of dominant displays with amazing scorelines we would reflect positively. Arsenal fc shouldn’t divert attention from the useless display they put out. They should rather worry about fixing it. Like I said before, the fans only reflect what the team puts out.

      1. No, you are clearly wrong. Show me where any of us on JustArsenaal have told our players to F OFF, where we have told our managers to F OFF. If you cannot tell the difference between vile abuse and constructive criticism then I suggest you do not understand basic manners.

          1. Indeed and he got punished. See how it works? Behave inappropriately and there is a backlash. Why should AAFTV be immune from that?

    3. De-ra
      If you want mate I can give you an example
      Lads called Belgium who last year said he just didn’t think Emery was the guy to take us to that next level
      Robbie laughed at him and kept saying how many games unbeaten we are
      There is Tye who chooses to be positive and is laughed at in the player ratings
      Other fan sites have called AFTV out for this and choose not to be this way
      United Stand, West Ham Fan TV , Chelsea Fan TV do not have the swearing or abuse we have
      Watch True Geordie, talks about events of the week, has debates about football

      I don’t have any agenda. I literally see what’s making the news then give my opinion on it
      I didn’t make this the news this week
      As for Gary Neville , when he was on there it was cringe , not one person said what they say normally
      Just like when they met Xakha and Mr Wenger, they were nice to his face

      We all love Arsenal but guess what….
      You watch a game , you can win or lose
      that’s part of sport , there’s no define right
      If not winning makes you have to swear or abuse someone then walk away as that’s not healthy
      Unless of course they do it as an act to get views ?
      if it’s an act it’s not ‘for the fans’

      1. Hi Dan, well said. When I watched Troopz being all nice and playing the victim without using expletives or flipping the bird, not to forget his 100s of “understand” & “blad”, I was wondering how come he is a mouse now. (Blad in Russian is abuse, of that’s the word I think he is using. I may be wrong).
        I have watched them for the first time only recently and after two games I couldn’t take it. It was boring, repetitive, no insights, no proper review…just a load of noise. Only one guy had a hand drawn chart and he too doesn’t review well.
        My limited point is, they need to cut out the abuse and gestures, and be responsible on camera. If I remember right they were stopped from using ARSENAL and had to call themselves AFTV because they were riding on the club’s name.
        I don’t mind them being called out, the same way as I called out an obnoxious troll in here, after which I’ve been under the coach and placed on moderation, even when I didn’t abuse.

        Wenger gave us a club that we were proud of, admired and loved but even he too was a victim of toxicity pioneered by a few, and to think that we have reached this abyss in a matter of 18months is scary

  5. Yet more snobbery towards AFTV. If you actually bothered to listen to what Robbie, and some of his guests are saying, is that they’re fed up with the hypocrisy of the mainstream media. The media just lambasted AFTV for their criticism of Arsenal, yet they themselves criticise the club just as much, and on bigger platforms. I follow politics a lot, and we’re seeing the exact same thing the Brexit vote. The establishment claiming to be pro democracy, but only if they win.

    The reason why we see a lot of negativity from fans across AFTV is because…news flash…that’s how the majority of us are feeling! Even an ex-pro like Campbell isn’t happy, and is brilliantly voicing his opinions, without sitting on the fence, which makes for great viewing. Should Campbell be silenced? Our club has been an absolute joke for well over a decade now, and expect fans to be happy about that? Or if they’re not happy, they should just shut up! So the fans that keep the club alive, pump their hard earned money into it, and lots of time into following Arsenal, and they’re not allowed to express their feelings?

    This is really poor from you Dan Smith.

    1. Did you miss the headline. So you are fine with AFTV dishing it out and unleashing vile abuse on our players but dont like it being dished back. That is so poor from you ThirdManJW. But I tell you what, send me in an article defending AFTV and I will publish it. Then you can respond to comments attacking your article. Send to admin@justarsenal.com

      1. What vile abuse are you talking about? I have seen a lot of passionate interviews, and even then, I have never seen anything said that could be described as vile. Maybe some overly aggressive swearing, but then again, it’s in the heat of the moment, just after a game. Please give me examples of this vile abuse, so we can discuss it?

        And of course AFTV are going to react to criticism, because it’s completely unjust. As I already said, the mainstream media dish it out more than AFTV have ever done, and on far larger platforms. Just because the media may articulate their words better, doesn’t mean it’s any less damaging. Print is dying, and fans do not trust them anymore, whilst the fans voices are becoming louder, and that’s the real issue for the mainstream media. It’s the exact same thing with the mainstream news channels. They constantly lie, spread their propaganda, and create their own narratives, and the public are finally becoming wise to it.

        And another extremely important point, the journalists that are not Arsenal fans, will not being seeing all of our games, and not be so knowledgeable as to what the fans really feel. Yet they have the right to criticise, but not the Arsenal fans what watch EVERY game, from start to finish?

        1. Thirdman, i owe you a beer and please accept my 👍.

          May i add also that, why do we not consider Ian Wright, Kevin Campbell and Emmanuel Petit as spreading negativity or alocate blame to them??? They are all past players with numerous fans and platforms (like AFTV) in which they are listened to (here included as we take quotes from them). If we are going to go down that route then its going to include just more than AFTV

          1. That’s a good point about our ex-players criticising as well. I’m in Australia these days, so I guess a pint of Fosters? Haha!

        2. Seriously? You have not seen vile abuse. How am I supposed to respond to that when Youtube is absolutely littered with it. Unjust criticism? Yeah, you are right because the mainstream media tell Emery and the players to F OFF right outside the ground. Give me a break. Seriously, you are better than this. If you are fine with what they say and their huge influence then fine, that is your choice, I personally think a little more highly of Arsenal football club to condone that sort of behaviour towards our own players.

          1. I was talking purely about AFTV, for which I have never seen any. Of course there’s abuse across other platforms of the internet, but how on earth are AFTV responsible for the entire internet? Furthermore Admin, you’re contradicting yourself, as you are criticising those who disagree with this article. This site, has had many articles slating our club, our managers, our players. So by your admission, you’re fuelling the flames of hate, just like AFTV are apparently doing so.

            The mainstream media spread the rumour of Raul dinning with Mourinho. Is that not a naughty way of putting more pressure on Emery, just as us the fans are doing with our criticisms of him? The media are now saying Emery only has two months to save his job. Your pressure from them. See, it’s not just the fans Admin!

            1. I suggest you watch some videos then. If you had done so you would see the huge difference from how we criticise on here and how they do it on AFTV. I at no stage claimed that AFTV is responsible for the entire internet, just their own channel. No contradiction because it is how you criticise. I was one of a very very few sites that exposed the Raul dining with Mourinho lie. In fact, I can think of just one single site out of the thousands reporting that story that also exposed that lie. Finally, you can of course cherry-pick some articles of mine, I accept that, I have no doubts at all that some of my words can be thrown back at me, I suspect I have written in excess of 100k words on this site and I am not infallible. But find me just one example, just one, where I have abused the players or manager in a derogatory term. Anyone can criticise Arsenal but when they start abusing them I will stand up for my club and players, even against other Arsenal fans. No need to be personal and abusive but that is the whole mantra of AFTV. Not us.

          2. Well I guess this boils down to, what is your definition of vile abuse then? This of course is very subjective, especially in today’s PC snowflake culture. Some may think certain words/phrases are offensive, others may take no offence whatsoever. If you can come with some examples from AFTV, then it would be interesting to see where we stand on this issue.

            I would use an example myself, but I honestly cannot think of one. I am not a big fan of anyone aggressively swearing, and shouting, when trying to get their point across. But I accept this, as emotions will always be running high straight after a game, and fans need to vent…especially Arsenal fans. That’s probably the best example I can think of, and that is not within a million miles of vile abuse. For me, vile abuse would be the horrible messages Xhaka’s family has been receiving.

            1. I literally wrote an article about it with videos just a day or so ago and anyway, you admitted you have never seen their videos, so how the hell can you comment on something that you have not even seen? If it is snowflake not wanting your players abused then I am guilty of that. But regardless, I see no point discussing this further with you if you have not even bothered to watch a single video of their before expressing an opinion defending them. Give me strength.

          3. What are you on about Admin? I am making comments based on the content I have seen from AFTV. I have never claimed to have seen every video AFTV have ever made, but have seen a huge a amount of their content, so I am in a very good position to discuss their content. Why do think I have never seen any of their stuff? Because I never said that.

            I have now asked you two or three times to give me specific examples, yet you refuse to. Do have any proof of vile abuse or not then? I must have missed this article you wrote with videos the other day, so point me in the direction of that then.

            1. You wrote this at the start of your comment “I was talking purely about AFTV, for which I have never seen any.” Now you say you do watch their videos, please make your mind up. You say I did not answer your questions and yet I did, This site has a search button, use it. Youtube has a search button use it. If you are not prepared to do your own research and change your mind about what you have seen and what you have not seen and refuse to do simple searches why should I do your donkey work for you? It defies belief that you have not seen any videos of the abuse. I chose my words very carefully there and for emphasis, I will repeat, It defies belief.

          4. You have misinterpreted what I said. When i said, AFTV, for which I have never seen any, the “never seen any” is in relation to never seeing any vile abuse on AFTV.

            I have asked you a minimum of three times for proof, for which you refuse/cannot give. Why? I tried looking for this article you said about with the videos, but I cannot find unsurprisingly, as I don’t know what I’m searching for. What was the name of the article?

      2. Good one, Martin.

        TMJW, I saw one episode of Campbell and he was very polite in his criticism, because he values the club.

    2. Can’t be that poor if it’s got people debating , including yourself lol
      And have you noticed we can have a debate without having to swear at each other
      So it can be done

    3. I am partly with you Third Man, esp when you say that our club has been a joke for adecade now and we fans are entitled to complain. But to be accurate abuse is completely different from merely criticism and we all know the lines are blurred at times of high emotion. When passions are high it is easy to cross that important line of distinction from criticism into abuse. What Xhaka received online was criminal abuse and the law should have acted to arrest those responsible. Troopz is a highly strung, emotional and dedicated fan but hardly Mastermind material and it is not worth wastingvtime on him and other reactionaries. I do however applaud his dedicationas a supportwer and his love for Arsenal cannot be denied, LIKEWISE DT! Robbie Lyle is however a far brighter nad considered man and has set up a hugely beneficial operation which, for right or wrong, has at least given largely disenfranchised real Gooners a proper platform on which to vent their views. One should not expect any football fan site to be a vicars tea party and TBH, what is far more important than any of this is the complete shambles the owner and manager are currently making of running our beloved club. Sigh!

      1. I agree with you jon, but we’re talking about vile abuse from AFTV. I have already acknowledged the horrible abuse Xhaka got on online, but that’s not to do with AFTV.

        1. TMJW, I AM NO APOLOGIST FOR AFTV, though I recognise that the regulars on there rarely miss attending any game, so have a right to criticise. But as I say, abuse is something completely separate and wrong. Fair, even forceful criticism, is fair and must be allowed.It is at our society’s peril if we do not. Intelligent folk can easily recognise the distinct line that separates one from the other. However, SOME ARE NOT INTELLIGENT, AS WE ALL KNOW AND THEN………!

  6. AFTV and the people who run and rant on it are morons. They are the perfect definition of clickbait media. I’m hoping this is the last time that any mention of this obnoxious channel is seen on here as they shouldn’t be given the oxygen to breathe. Extinction Rebellion should take action against them for being the biggest emitters of hot air intoxicating the atmosphere. Before someone comes on here defending AFTV’s right to free speech, you may have guessed I just don’t like them ! Declan 😳

  7. Just seen a great quote online:
    “Troopz is a 3rd world council estate mong and a good case for castration”.

      1. Admartin on that we ceratinly agree on. The internet is full of that sort. Personally i do not make use of social media like facebook, instagram, twitter or what not, but for users, do not allow yourselve be bullied by people who do not just know their self worth but yours also. Hence i see not paying attention them attention the best solution. Maybe that’s why i was so dissappionted with Xhaka’s reaction, i expect better from my captain and also expect better responses from Auba, but to tell Auba who he talks or associates with? Big No.

  8. The funny thing is that the vast majority on AFTV were very upbeat about the club at the start of the season. The fact that AFTV amongst 90% of the fanbase are unhappy now may have something to do with the fact we’re presiding over our worst start for 37 YEARS.

    I’d prefer to be a supporter than a blind robotic cheerleader. But each to their own

    1. Take this thumbs up Ben👍. AFTV has its issues but my oh my is this a massive distraction or what? The club should be more worried about the direction we are heading rather than the work that AFTV puts out

      1. They are concerned about Auba being friends with a person that unleashes vile abuse at his team mates and boss. The very same players he has to share a dressing room with. Any club would be concerned about that. Put it this way, if AFTV attacked Auba and told him F OFF and so on and that is mild by the way, watch some videos, and Xhaka was friends with the person hurling that at Auba I am sure you would not be so blase about it.

        1. Alex Iwobi got slaughtered by a fair section of fans last season. In the stands and on AFTV. Was anyone crying about Auba’s relationship with AFTV then? Or how about Mustafi?

          Why wasn’t AFTV to blame when we went 22 games unbeaten? Or them recent FA Cup wins?

          I’m not here to say AFTV is without flaw but to offer that up as a reason as to why we’re below SHEFF U in November is hilariously pathetic.
          As if silencing AFTV along with fans that demand more from the highest priced club tickets in football will automatically transform our fortunes on the pitch.


          1. It is about dressing room cohesion. But you make some good points, why now and not last year? Hindsight is brilliant, isn’t it? The difference now is that the club have made an issue of it and that is when one has to make a choice, is Auba’s friendship appropriate with a man that is so vile towards his team mates? I think it is a no brainer, dressing room harmony must come first and the fact the club have concerns about this shows it is an issue behind the scenes. Auba is captain and must act like one and his childish instagram response to this shows me he is not fit to be captain. He puts his own interests before that of his team mates. I cannot understand why there are some that do not see an issue with this. Also, AFTV are blasting it all over their channel as we speak, so they keeping it alive as well.

    2. Very well said @ Ben..very well said. Whilst I have my reservations about the use of certain ‘strong languages’ however the frustration most of us arsenal fans feel at the moment could drive a great deal of us up the wall.

  9. If Auba’s own family member, or his wife or girlfriend, or whoever doesn’t like Emery, or anyone else in the Arsenal board, or another Arsenal player and tweets his or her opinion or writes something critically harsh about Arsenal, should Auba be obliged to not live with them anymore or be seen in their company just because he’s an Arsenal player? Well, isn’t this matter a little personal as to who he gets to talk and what? Well as long as Auba doesn’t hurl abuses himself towards a fellow Arsenal player, or the Coach, or whoever, I think he should be in the clear. I don’t know why this issue is dragging on like this.

    1. Nasri wife did that sort of thing and he got dropped from the French national team. There are always consequences if you disrupt the dressing room.

      1. Auba being captain fueled this issue, otherwise he has been with them casually for quite a time. Also, Arsenal is currently the hot topic in the media considering the bad form and all, so even a small issue is bound to be blown out of proportion. Being a Captain is tough job, I agree, and I wasn’t quite okay with Auba being a captain. Luiz was a better candidate. But still, this issue seems minuscule compared to all
        other issues Arsenal as a club is currently facing.

    1. Ben, We older Gooners more easily remember “Terry and June”. Terry Scott was a top comedy actor and long time panto Dame and June Whitfield a hugely loved comedy actress, who had a long lasting stage career. They played a maried couple in their BBC series that ran for ages. I am a mine of useless information, so any would be anoraks please apply to me!

  10. Brilliant post mate – You are spot on.

    Don’t get how anyone supports AFTV. It is so bad rival supporters watch it as entertinment.

    Let that sink in. Rivals fans are happy to watch the impact it has on our own.

    Shocking and people are down with it.

    So is there a coincidence with the rise and popularity of AFTV and the decline and popularity of AFC?

  11. To be fair to AdMar, he’s absolutely spot on about AFTV. They’ve postioned themselves as the official voice of the fans but choose the most unintelligible people to voice their opinions. An often valid point is lost under a torrent of swearing and personal attacks on our own players. Aubameyang should really distance himself from this nonsense before they turn on him.

    1. Or the cynical part of me says that’s maybe why he is so friendly with them 🤷‍♂️ bit hard for him to come under criticism from them when he is the one being nice to them…. and it’s more or less working 🤷‍♂️

      Not many people comment when it’s his and Lacas mistakes that make life difficult for us (although Laca has started taking some flak recently) – like against Leicester, 70 mins of Auba and Laca shutting down the passing lanes to the FBs forced Leicester inside, they started getting lazy with that towards the end and suddenly we are having much more problems at our end 🤷‍♂️

  12. I have a had a few shall we call them “frank exchanges of view” with Admin Martin on here and some of you may well have read them, But I wish to say without fear and favour that I welcome his constant input on this site, over and above the many articles he posts. He is keen to discuss with all and sundry who have something to say which may be at odds – or with those who agree with his views. So more power to his elbow say I. What we have an Martin is an Admin who is dedicated to this site and I say this ,AS HE WELL KNOWS, AS SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD MANY QUIBBLES OVER SOME OF HIS ARTICLES, WHILST FAILING TO SUFFICIENTLY PRAISE HIS MANY GOOD ONES. IT BOILS DOWN TO WE SHOULD ALL BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT WE HAVE IN MARTIN. This praise is of course unsolicited and will probably amaze him but fair is fair; when comparing this site to the way AFTV is run it has to be said that THIS site is a beacon of light by comparison. Like many in life who are fortunate and have sufficient food, clothing , a comfy place of our own in which to live and a free life style, we are often in danger of taking the good things in life for granted and moaning too much about trivial things. And yes, I am speaking here most of all to myself! GRATEFUL TO YOU MARTIN!


  13. Very good one, Jon fox. I concur with your sentiments about Admin Martin.

    Just Arsenal is indeed a beacon of light and hope and you are doing a good job. More grease to your elbows.

  14. Things like AFTV are a brilliant thing when the team are doing well. They can be seen to be a negative influence though when things aren’t going so well. It is what it is but it really can’t be taken seriously.

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