If Alexis CAN fire Arsenal to EPL title would he STAY?

After all the speculation and concern from Arsenal fans about whether or not we would be saying goodbye to our star performer Alexis Sanchez during the current transfer window, it is looking ever more likely that he will not be going anywhere for the time being, although there are still a few weeks of the window left.

Arsene Wenger has declared over and over again that he will not sell and this week he said that the striker will accept this decision and get on with doing what he does best, playing football at a high level. The actions of the Chilean are backing the bosses words up as well, with a kiss of the Arsenal badge in that open training session and the Daily Mail reporting that he looks fully committed as he throws himself wholeheartedly into training.

Wenger has also suggested that the Gunners will focus fully on the Premier League and not be too fussed about the Europa League and he seems to think that Alexis will be driven to make this title challenge a more successful one, even if it is his final year at the club, Metro reports.

The Frenchman said, ‘Of course. Why not?

‘My conviction – and if you look well – it’s always in your interests, even if you have a short contract, to do well. And the kind of character he is.

‘He is a winner. When he goes on the football pitch, he wants to win. He is a guy who loves football. He has advantages and disadvantages on both sides going into a situation like that.

‘When you have made 75 points (last season), your target is to get 10 points more. And with 10 points more, you are in there (the title race).’

In recent years you would have expected Arsenal to sell instead of risking a player leave on a free transfer but this time Wenger seems to be more bothered about getting the best from Alexis to push the Gunners close to the EPL title or at the very least back into the Champions League.

If it works, though, could it mean the double bonus of the long awaited trophy and Alexis Sanchez deciding to stay after all?



  1. GunnerJack says:

    The wave from Alexis to the fans after yesterday’s game has got a few fans in a bit of a panic, thinking it was a wave goodbye. My thought is that he was trying to reassure Arsenal fans with that wave, sort of ‘Hi there, don’t worry, I’m staying!’

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Yup, Sanchez waving Goodbye along with wanting nothing to do with the CS trophy when it passed to him, certainly didn’t look good. The funny thing was an hour later he posted a photo of himself in an Arsenal training shirt, holding that trophy, with the words “another championship” ?? If that wasn’t an order from the club then I don’t know what is!
      ?? I still get the feeling that Sanchez could well be sold during the last day or so in this window.

      1. Dory says:

        Completely disagree. First of all, his wave looked nothing like a goodbye wave. That type of wave is usually accompanied by throwing kisses to the crowd and using both hands. Often a person waving goodbye will have a look of resignation ok his face too. I saw nothing of the sort with Alexis. As for the trophy, everyone who didn’t play didn’t raise the trophy. Alexis is like thousands of other players; they don’t take the trophy when they played no part in winning it. It’s a superstition. Ask anyone in the NHL or MLB etc. you just don’t do it. Also, I saw NOTHING that indicates the team ordered Sanchez to post a picture. That’s just a laughable statement. A team cannot force a player to post or not post something on his personal page.

        I bet that Sanchez and AFC had the following conversation (or similar).

        AFC: Hey Alexis we want to honor your contract for this year. We want you to help us get back to the CL and contend for the PL title.
        Alexis: But, I prefer to be sold now and am not going to sign a new contract. Preferably with a PL team.
        AFC: Alexis, we cannot do that to our fans. And we do not want to strengthen our opponents. Maybe sale overseas but not to PL.
        Alexis: then I will go for free at the end of the year.
        AFC: How about this: Stay this year and honor your contract. Help us win the PL and get back to CL. If we fail, you can go anywhere you want. If we win, you can sign here as PL champs and we can fight to win CL the next year. This way, either way you win. If we don’t achieve our goals, you leave and your value increases. If we win, you can sign with PL champs (save face) and play in CL and help us win that. Whatever we would have made in selling you we will certainly make up in CL money, added games, and merchandise. So we all win if you play out your contract
        Alexis: Sounds like a good plan. I’m in.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          The one thing that is 90% confirm is he will not sign a new deal

          If hes forced to stay he will honour his contract and leave for free at the end of the season

          The same with Ozil and Ox

          1. Dalinho says:

            Ox better sign a contract after every thing arsenal has done for him! Now he’s finding his feet 6 years after signing it’s time to give back to the club! Arsenal always loose their players just wen they hit there peak so hopefully this time wenger makes them stay and we reap the benefits for all the work we have put into them! This is the first time arsenal will keep players that hit there peak in a decade coz usually they leave just before! That’s why wenger has to sign a couple more players to try win the league so these contract rebels want to sign

          2. Finding Dory says:

            You don’t know that. It’s nowhere even close to 90% confirmed. If Arsenal win the PL this year, there is an excellent chance that Alexis, Ozil, and Ox all sign new contracts for big money. Arsenal will have additional money so their contracts and wages can be much higher as well.
            Plus, and this is a big one, suppose one of those guys get injured or drop form etc. in that case, there won’t be a ton of teams lining up to sign them for big money at all. For example, if Alexis get injured and misses the end of the season and Arsenal win the PL, where is he going to go. He would know that his best chance is to say in that case.

            It’s far from a forgone conclusion that they won’t sign new contracts. Winning a title would change everything and dare I say would make it more likely that they ALL sign new deals.

      2. john hodges says:

        the way arsenal played .we dont need sanchez or ötzil, sell them both .arsenal played as a team without them

  2. GunnerJack says:

    Sorry, completely OT but in the interests of fair play I just wanted to take this chance to say that I’ve sometimes had a go at Elneny for his sideways and backwards passing but yesterday’s performance was absolutely superb. Great stuff yesterday and a good team effort.

  3. ade says:

    Yes Elneny “no dey tire” Nigeria Broken English meaning Elneny don’t get tired great performance

    1. Dashing Rino says:

      Elneny nd xhaka stood out for me most especially Elneny, he was on point that was arguably his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. 9ce1 boyz

      1. Finding Dory says:

        Agreed 100% about Elnenny and Xhaka. Elnenny is so underrated. I feel that if he gets more starts he will be able to showcase his talent. As for Xhaka, toward the end of last season I saw a man who was growing increasingly confident with himself and his team. As a result his level of play kept on getting better. I don’t know if that was because of his partnership with Rambo or what. However, you could see it in his demeanor and intensity. Also, you could see it on his social media and his interviews and how he celebrated with his teammates. It seemed like he was finally able to able more assertive and leader like.

    2. Dashing Rino says:

      Elneny should be given more playing time or better still play ahead of ramsey, lucky him he got a chnce to play at d expense of Ramsey’s injury nd it turned out to his favour.

  4. Dashing Rino says:

    In as much as i love wellbeg’s work rate nd commitment he is very indecisive in the final third, he needs to improve. Bellerin’s form is declining he was awful at the Fa cup nd awful yesterday he cant dribble pass his opponent without loosing the ball nd has a poor cross he equally needs to improve other wise we replace him with Serge Aurier

    1. Dalinho says:

      Dashingrino! So u want to get rid of a player (welbeck) that destroyed Chelsea today and shut down the right side of attack! Remember that player willian? Were was he today? I’ll tell you! He was waiting for the ball bcoz welbeck was so imposing he had to sit back! Everyone has there strengths hence why u build a team! Welbeck wins the ball runs 80 yards lays it off to ozil then ozil threw ball to lacazette goal team goal! As for Bellerin that was his second game that was his second game since the break and he’s improved already do get me wrong oxlade sometimes looks better a than rwb but Bellerin is good and better than Moses who won the league last season! Iv been angry at some of the things at the club but I give credit when it’s due and we performed good today lacazette elneny kolansinac welbeck put in a shift

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Danny will always put in a shift. It’s the quality that’s missing. Sometimes his head doesn’t seem connected to his feet, hence some here calling him Bambi on Ice. So many miss kicks which luckily turn into passes! He was the same at Man U and has had a lot of time to improve but hasn’t. On the other hand a young Iwobi seemed just the same as Danny last season but unlike Danny he HAS improved for getting a year older and seems to get a bit better with every game. Could turn out to be an excellent player as he’s still only 21 and he’s also very modest with a great willingness to learn. Excellent yesterday.

    2. Atid says:

      Yeah great idea, replace him with a player who was refused entry to the UK because of his criminal record. While we are at it why not sign a few players on death Row??

  5. Henryesk says:






    A man can dream right? And yes I left out Ozil I don’t think this system brings the best out of him and I believe Ox is a better right wing back than Bellerin.. Would love us to sign Seri & Lemar or Mahrez before the window closes. But as I said… A man can dream *shrugs*

    1. Finding Dory says:

      Not bad. I agree with 99% of this except Ozil. With the set up you laid out above, I believe Ozil would flourish. Case in point, when he was with RM he was surrounded by good finishers and offensive minded players, and he was able to create many chances for them. Same thing when he first came to Arsenal. He had players surrounding him that were playing very well in good form. He had a ton of assists and almost broke the PL record on assists.
      Lastly, look at Ozil’s performances when he is with Die Mannshaft (Germany).

      Whenever is he surrounded by players playing well in good form or with many top class players, Ozil is a fantastic architect of the game with his passing and creativity.
      He is perfect for the above set up should that ever come to pass in N. London.

  6. skaymini says:

    @henryesk…… i like ur line up…… dats my dream team for arsenal….. u sabi ball

  7. Sandeep says:

    If Wenger not sign anyone now.what should be your line up.

    1. Henryesk says:







  8. Waal2waal says:

    sanchez seen at wembley against chelski we’re able to gel and perform as a unit and be productive even without ozil and him in the side.

    whats going to become clear is that in lacazette we found a deadly no9 willing to put in a shift and bring us trophy success. theres gonna be a new talisman at the emirates to supercede sanchez and his name is lacazette – advice to sanchez at age 28/29yrs old is to get with the program.

  9. we shd sign two more players to compete . otherwise we shl finish our,ov top 4 again

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