If Alexis plays like this half-fit…….?

The build-up to Arsenal’s weekend game against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park was around the impending return of Alexis Sanchez to the Gunners’ starting line-up. The Chilean was given extra time to get himself fit after his exertions in Copa America, but he was very quickly thrown into the action.

When Arsene Wenger was asked early this week about the return of Sanchez, he described the Chile superstar as ‘a hyperactive guy’. Traditionally this is not a term that is used in a positive context. But, with all due regards to Wenger, he meant it to speak more endearingly about the electrifying forward.

And the match suited Sanchez to the ‘T’. The whole match was engrossing with end-to-end action and the tempo was up every moment of the game. If you end up thinking that these adjectives describe Sanchez, you would not be blamed.
Sanchez was a revelation for the club last season with 25 goals and 12 assists in 52 club matches. He looked out of sorts towards the end of the season but that was more because of the fatigue as Wenger would eventually point out.

The break looks certainly invigorating for the forward who looked his electrifying self in the game. Mesut Ozil was the designated ‘best player’ for the game but his link-up with Sanchez should have been the candidate hands-down.
Sanchez started the game rampaging down the left wing but he was practically there in the centre, the right and in fact, everywhere on the pitch. The pace of the game also suited Sanchez because he reveled in the fast pace that Alan Pardew’s men brought to the fore.

The second goal which proved to be the winning one for Arsenal was credited as an own goal but Sanchez had a hand (or rather head) in that. The cross from Hector Bellerin spotted Sanchez at the back post and Sanchez towered above all the tall Palace defenders.

Eventually, Sanchez was hauled off the pitch by Wenger with 15 minutes left in the game. Wenger needs to ease him into first-team action and also the fact that he wanted to protect his lead. Wenger will only hope that this is the first of many things from Sanchez for the season. The supporters will only pray that it all ends up in a title.

The fact is that if Alexis plays like this when he’s only half-prepared, what will he be like at full throttle!


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      1. Alexis is a wonderful player, he just needs to see his team mates who are in good position. He needs to pass more often.

    1. wrong calculations!………….. Sanchez + oziL + Needed signings = trophy for the taking ……………..u should work hard in ur mathematics buddy!

  1. Alexis lifts the tempo of the team, enabling us to play at a level where we can attack teams with pace and creativity.

    1. Yeh i saw a few comments the other day saying they are disappointed with the Sanchez performance.
      He is approaching match sharpness, he looked so dangerous vs Palace, Id take the Sanchez i saw vs Palace in my first eleven anyway.
      Hopefully against liverpool he hits the ground running, I’d also really like us to start Ox or Theo on the right so we have pace on the wings to utilize the space we will get in an open match

    2. Only to be pushed back by Wengers tactics. Klopps high paced football would fit perfect for a lineup like this

      A squad with this pace should not be allowed to play possession football. Wengers ideal style of football does not belong in premier league, neither does his reluctance to join the big spenders’ club. A team like Valencia or Sevilla in a league like La Liga would fit him good. Premier league is too physical and has too much cash flow for his taste.

  2. Sanchez is a world class player,even when he’s half-fit he performs giving 100% that’s the good thing about South American footballers

    1. Actually South American players have not performed over an extended period in the EPL historically. I could name dozens of players that have failed……………..Veron, Crespo, Di Maria, Lamela, Anderson, Forlan. The list is endless if you actually look at all of the players [link attached]. You could argue that Tevez & Suarez were a success but most would say that they were mecenary fcks, even their own fans.


      1. indeed they have failed, the majority.
        But some examples are relagted to age.
        Veron, Crespo arrived in their late 20s. Forlan was a weird case and I honestly blame redonse..whata player and what a Pitty.

  3. Sometimes I say wow! When he chases that ball even though its nearly impossible to get it. He never gives up. He lifts d spirit of whole team. These kind of ppl r very rare not just in football.

    1. Sanchez is simply a world class player, he is the best in bpl. I rate him higher than aguero or hazard. He is by far the better player.

  4. people were saying we shouldnt rush him into the squad until hes match fit….
    alexis aint having none of that!
    this is wenger telling alexis your not playing …
    *grabs dogs chew toy , taps it on dogs nose then runs from dog while squeezing it to make squeaky noise.

    alexis plays football with one leg or blindfolded, infectious enthusiasm.

    1. He sure is, infectious and enthusiasm coming out of his ears. He’s one of those players that you could almost have one of him in every position and it would be an awesome team. Maybe Clone.


  5. Palace fans were clapping looking at ozil flick!!
    U r a great player when ur opposition applauds u! COYG….!!

    1. Ozil and Sanchez are two of the best in bpl. Ozil is better than fabregas and Alexis is far better than hazard. We just need to add two more WC players to be ready for a title challenge

      1. Just had to share this with fellow gooners.
        Two acts of sheer brilliance by Ozil in last game which may have gone unnoticed by Ozil haters. These are Reminders:
        1. In the box Ramsey falls down, ball with Ozil – with excellent skill he WAITS for Rambo to get back on his feet and then release a delightful timed soft pass to Ramsey for a clear shot at goal. Ramsey fluffs it sends it wide.
        2. At right wing he squares up the left back who is called SQUARE or SUARE with a magical take and outside of his left foot. He is fouled and no yellow card given.
        There were other skills as well but these two made up my mind for what a WC player we have. We should be Thankful for Ozil and Sanchez!

  6. Alexis became my favourite Arsenal player when his transfer was confirmed on Arsenal.com lol

    Love Alexis
    1. Hard Worker- Always gives his all
    2. WC quality
    3. Good defending as well as attack
    4. Great example to other players. Always wants to play. Works on fitness on holiday.
    5. Never an embarrassment or controversial off the pitch.

    Just a perfect player.

  7. I hope stays with us for long time, wins us trophies and gets a statue like Henry and Bergkamp

    1. Sanchez won’t stay here long if we don’t manage to win the bpl and challenge for UCL . we need two more quality players to do so. Wenger is risking so much with not being active in the market.

      1. Seriously we need two more players to become title contenders. If we don’t challenge for the bpl we risk losing our big players like Sanchez and ozil. These players want to win trophies, I know we have won the fa cup and community crap but we need to challenge for the real deal.I hope Wenger signs at least one WC player before the window shuts or he should just leave

      2. I think Sanchez, like many players, just wants the club to improve enough to COMPETE for the title. The rest is up to fate and the players.

  8. That header though. He literally flung himself at the Cause 😮 Hope he can double last season’s scoring stats 😛

  9. Couldn’t really disagree. everyone got my thumbs up. Just saying Bournemouth giving their all with Liverpool. Got to say they have a wonderful badge

  10. Alexis is a very good player he is very consistent unlike some other world class player in the team i know who is always and off and i will not be shocked if he is off next week.Its a shame really.But thank you Alexis for everything you have done for arsenal.I love you like another player i love.

    1. There are times when Sanchez moves are so quick that observers are just shocked for a moment in admiration and awe.

  11. Alexis is so good he makes everyone else in the team look bad. Has done since he came.

    Oh to have 11 sanchezesque players on the field (passion, will to win/be first, technical, hardworker, always looking to improve).

    As someone else mentioned we should be looking to add more of this type of player to the team to ‘try’ to ensure success. For players like Sanchez that is not measured in £s or any other currency (adulation being one) it is on performance and the drive to be the best. If the club/team his with doesn’t do the same then when Real/Barca again/Bayern etc come knocking after another superb season in the PL he may just be tempted to join a kindred spirit.

    1. But some players have the quality and confidence to join another club in order to LEAD them to a trophy. Sanchez fits the bill.

  12. ozil in his first season recorded 9goals and 14assists and English media called him a flop,but cazorla scored 7(including 5penalties) and recorded 13 assists,and they were like her had an awesome season…(no doubt cazorla is a fantastic playa)…and wat of coutinho?last season:4goals 4assist-appeared in the team of the year,,,, ozil with 5goals and 9assists despite missing 3mnths was still labelled a flop..I don’t understand the way they see the game.

  13. Hes nit half fit, I’d say 80%, his training whilst on the beech will have minimised his drop in fitness levels. Ot what’s going on with benzema? Rafa saying he’s in his plans for the season. #9 for a #9 I hear, aguero?

  14. When sanchez plays…there is actually a purpose and direction in our attack. He knows what’s needed. the westham match an example. When he came in, ozil looked up more and chances opened up. Brilliant player.

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