If Arsenal are going to win the League they have to do it the hard way….

Does Arsenal face the toughest last stretch in the title race?

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad have got 9 games of the Premier League season to go and face a few tough tasks in the process and out of us Manchester City and Liverpool, we might have one of the hardest journeys to the end of the season. Comparing the three of us, we have a few top sides, whereas City and Liverpool have somewhat of an easier run.

All three clubs are still in European competitions and City are still in The FA Cup also, but when you compare the level of games we have between the three teams fighting for the title, we definitely have the toughest games upcoming.

Arsenal’s last 9 games are against Luton Town, Brighton, Aston Villa, Wolves, Chelsea, Tottenham, Bournemouth, Manchester United and Everton. With some teams who have caught us out before and some teams that have been playing high level football this season, it’s going to be a tough road to the end for us. Including The Champions League match up against Bayern Munich and if we manage to beat them, whoever we get set to play next, it’s going to be a hard period of must-win football.

Manchester City face off against Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Luton Town, Brighton, Nottingham Forest, Wolves, Fulham and West Ham and considering the level of depth and quality they have to call upon within their squad, that looks like a pretty easy road for them. They are also in The Champions League still and are set to face off against Spanish Giants Real Madrid and have a FA Cup game against Chelsea coming up, but for the level of football they’ve put on the show the past few years, it’s seems like the easiest road of the three of us, at least in the League.

Liverpool face off against Sheffield United, Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Everton, West Ham, Tottenham, Aston Villa and Wolves. And although theirs a few tasks in their for them, 5 out of the 9 of the games are at Anfield, where they have an unbelievable record for not losing. They are in the Europa League and will face off against Atalanta, which could be a tough game for them, but they also have a lot of depth within their squad and will be fighting with everything to make Klopp’s last season in red end on a positive note.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy for anyone and we all have a lot of games congested all together but when I sit back and look at it, Arsenal look to have the hardest run and will need to figure out a way to make sure everyone is fit and ready to go. Unlike the other two, Arteta doesn’t rotate much, which is worrying when you hit this point of the season, because it takes one key injury and the team could crumble and the momentum and confidence we’ve built over the past 4 months could disappear and we again miss out of that top spot.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Maeç


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  1. As if there was an easy way.
    Of the last nine games Arsenal have seven that are winnable and two that will most likely be draws, giving us 88 points, which probably won’t be enough. One of the draws (Spurs & Man U) must be tuned into a win.
    City & Liverpool certainly won’t be doing us any favours.

  2. There was a time that Pep hardly rotates as well and see what he has become as a manager. The good thing for us at this run-in is that we’re having players back instead of before when it’s at this time that injury to key players always derail our season.

  3. Rotation will be key down the stretch, and trying to limit the fatigue of players. Subs will also be important during matches; not overusing Partey or Rice with Jorghino available, Saka or Martinelli with Trossard, Nelson, and Jesus available.

    Defensively Tomiyasu can rotate at RB and CB to help rest White and Saliba. Zinchenko returning can allow Kiwior to rotate at LB and CB to keep Gabriel fresh.

    I’m not saying wholesale changes to the lineup, but maybe a game or 2 down the stretch, and bringing them on as subs.

    I believe how Arteta manages the lineups and substitutions down the stretch will play a key role in whether we challenge for the title in the last couple of games.

  4. Those immature kids (?) who are hating red-and-white are now accusing Arsenal for playing “anti-football”… Where have they been since last August? In some institution for the permanently debile?

  5. Arteta has often been criticised for not rotating. However, an important consideration is the strength of the squad and the fitness of certain players. It is only when you have a full squad of top level talent that you can rotate seamlessly. We are only now getting several top players back into good physical shape. Even then some of these players may not be fully match fit.

  6. I honesty feel that PROVIDED we avoid key players being injured, which is I admit an unlikely matter to carry off, that we can win all our remaing Prem games and the only one where I think it will be esp tight, is away at Spurs.

    Chelsea and United are poor sides. With our supreme defence,IF we can keep them all fit, we will probably only need to score ONE or at most TWO goals, to win each of our games And we are doing that with ease of late.

  7. 1. Tottenham A
    2. Man Utd A
    3. Chelsea H
    4. Brighton A
    5. Aston Villa H
    6. Wolves A
    7. Everton H
    8. Bournemouth H

  8. Well said Jon Fox, as it is, Tottenham is the only one that can give Arsenal a tough time, no matter what the Tottenham coach set up against Arsenal, Arsenal will still win the match. As of Chelsea and Manchester United, they’re not match for Arsenal. The boys really mean business this time and they can’t afford to lose

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