If Arsenal are out of the FA Cup it’s a disaster, if Spurs are out, the Cup is meaningless

So when Arsenal got beaten by Manchester United in the FA Cup on Friday night, it was like the sky had fallen on our heads! Emery is now the worst manager on the planet and our players are absolute rubbish, even though we were the dominant side for most of the 90 minutes and were only punished on the break. All Gooners are bemoaning the fact that our only thing we have to aim for now is a Top Four place and the Europa League…

But yesterday, Tottenham got knocked out of the FA Cup by Palace, following on from their League Cup semifinal defeat to Chelsea in midweek, and according to their manager, the cups are really not a target for the Spuds. Pochettino said: “We are going to create a debate that to win a trophy is going to help the club,”

“I don’t agree with that. That only builds your ego. In reality the most important thing is being consistently in the top four and playing in the Champions League. That is going to help the club to achieve the last step.”

It is easy to say that after losing your last chance of a cup final this season, and he says that it is the Top Four and Europe that are the only important things. “The club is doing fantastically well,” he continued. “It’s so successful. In the last four or five years we’ve been fighting in different ways to achieve what the club needs, to be in the level of Chelsea, United, City, Arsenal or Liverpool. People wish we could win some trophies. But, being realistic, we are a team not built to win titles still.”

“It’s true, this season has been tough,”

“But to be a contender is always difficult for us. Now the realistic targets are trying to be in the top four, to try and be close to Manchester City and Liverpool and reduce the gap. Another is to try to beat Dortmund and be in the next round.”

So if the Cups are not so important, I wonder why he played his best team against Chelsea in the League Cup? I am sure he would have loved to get one chance of winning a cup at Wembley. The fans certainly would considering they haven’t been there for such a long time. But it’ okay for them to have only a Top Four place and a European trophy to aim at, but for Arsenal it is a disgrace?

I’ll just leave you with this message I got the other day from a Chelsea mate of mine. He said: “Gonzalo Higuain had been in England for literally six hours… And he managed to get himself in more Cup Finals than Spurs have managed in the last ten years!

Let that sink in…….


  1. Salley says:

    We’re the #Arsenal…#COYG

  2. ForeverGooner says:

    We finished 6th place last season.
    We may finish 6th place this season.
    We are a mid table team!!
    We haven’t won the PL in over 14 years
    We have NO right to belittle a Cup be it the FA Cup or League Cup.

    1. Gooner. says:

      Didn’t we win the same cup 3 times in last 5 years? Interesting that you don’t count that in our achievements, but failures. Guess that is his point.

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Well we won the cup under Wenger so its not considered as success by most WOB intellectuals.Whatever Wenger did or achieved will be deemed as a failure.Whatever Emery fails to do is due to Wenger. Forever the blame will be on Wenger even after n number of years.United have moved on from Moyes to LVG to Jose to Ole.We are looking to excuses as a easy way out and bash our legendary manager. ForeverGooner is right in his opinion we are a mid table team, accept that and be content with 6th place cause the owner wont change, fans love Emery and Emery wont change cause he tasted success with his methods

        1. Kenny says:

          Snapshot! Very ?, Arsene is always the scapegoat. How ungrateful some Arsenal fans are.

        2. jon fox says:

          Have you ever asked yourself WHY Wenger is blamed so much by so many and why so many thousands of season tickets, though already paid for, stayed empty? Have you? Honestly now? Perhaps all those Gooners were irrational fools do you think? Or are we “intellectuals” as you admitted (and thanks for the compliment, unintended though it was). Not so much a compliment actually- more statement of fact, as we “intellectuals” saw the awful Wenger truth and acted to force him out. Last time I looked there are twenty teams in the Prem and 6th – and 5th as we are now- is NOT midtable. Simple arithmetic actually; at least to an intellectual! Dullards find it harder though!

          1. Gunner22 says:

            Sir, enjoy the 6th place this year, cause slowly and steadily we are drifting to be a mid table team.Honestly tell me save laca and torrera would any top 6 clubs take any of our players? These guys are fit for mid table teams. Points wise we are top 6 but approach and attitude of those in control of the club is of a mid table team and thats the worry and concern for me.
            Every team has one or two bad games, we have them way too often with no strategy or game plan.Blame whoever you wish to but things are worsening for AFC. Arsene’s mistake was not quitting after winning the FA cup and he realised that 2 seasons later.

            1. Midkemma says:

              “Honestly tell me save laca and torrera would any top 6 clubs take any of our players?”


    2. Phil says:

      Who is belittling the Cups?Emeryvpit our a strong side against Man Utd on Friday evening so he cannot be accused of not taking the competition seriously.And being realistic,it is only the two English Cups we could “possibly” as we are not strong enough to win the Europa League and a million miles away from even competing for the Premiere League Title.
      It was clearly the aim before the season began to attempt to get back into the Champions League for next season.A cup win would be nice but a Top4 position offers us more going forward in terms of revenue and attracting better players.
      And the supporters can never be accused of not wanting the cup runs to continue.Sold out at the Emirates and away at Blackpool plus good solid attendances in all home Europa And Carabao Cup games this season.
      We know our limitations and expectation levels for this season are not set too high.But it’s wrong to suggest the Cups are not taken seriously

      1. ozziegunner says:


    3. d says:

      So literally one single 6th place finish (and, no, saying “we might finish in 6th this season” doesn’t cut it) and it turns you into a mid table team? Lol… I swear, you guys are the most embarrassing group of “supporters” of any team I’ve ever come across.

    4. Tissiam says:

      If you read the article properly it,s not us who belittle the cups but poch and like gooner reminded you we won 3 in the last few years!!

  3. ken1945 says:

    Our club has never belittled the fa cup, that’s why we are the current record winners of the trophy.
    Some of our fans might not see it that way of course, but that’s up to them.
    Losing to utd was a sickener, coming after the result against Chelsea, that’s the bitter pill to swallow.
    Any loss against them is bad enough and with the cup there’s no chance to redeem the situation.

    With the transfer window soon to be closed, the need to finalize deals is becoming desperate.
    Once again, we will be accused of panic buying and why this situation goes on year after year after year is unbelievable

    With the spuds having their own injury problems, the seven points seem a lot closer
    If we can get new signings in and have a good run in the europa cup, the two remaining targets are there to achieve.

    Any trophy brings its rewards, both in publicity, marketing and financially even the community shield!!

    So let our club remain as staunch fa cup supporters, it holds fantastic memories.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??Ken that’s why I was so disappointed to lose to Nottingham Forest last season; not because Arsene Wenger rested players, but the bench was lightweight when things went poorly.
        Its easy for Ponchitino to play down the importance of winning the cups, when you haven’t won anything. Yet Spurs fans still fully support Ponchitino despite losing to Chelsea and Crystal Palace and Arsenal fans can’t wait to put the boot into Unai Emery in his first season for losing to Manchester United.
        You expect a double standard and lack of a fair go from the media, but Arsenal fans are something else.

        1. ken1945 says:

          ozziegunner, this is interesting.

          Let’s take the Forest game first… the side we had to put out was dictated by injuries, but we were awful.

          The side we had to put out against Utd was dictated by injuries, but we were awful.

          No UE / AW comparison or biased views I hope you’ll agree and the benches were governed and dictated by the circumstances so described.

          So, let’s look at the reaction from the Arsenal fans to both results… the Forest game was seen as a game that showed no signs of coaching, players only interested in their grossly overpaid salaries, dross, weedy, full of AW’s failures and not fit to wear the shirt.

          Fast forward to the utd game as described in the first paragraph… what’s changed?

          Let’s just recap on what’s been said by our fans:
          Well, we are being told that four of the five new signings were excellent and addressed areas that AW continued to ignore, thus making the squad stronger in the departments that needed such players.
          It was also claimed by the fans and players that UE had completely changed the philosophy of the club by studying the opponents, tactical awareness, one on one coaching and a culture of giving 100% by running up and down the pitch and playing out from the back to ensure we keep the ball.
          All things that ensured the case against AW was proved and anyone who tried to discuss this were deluded, snowflakes, not realists and oh my god!!! AKB’s!!!

          For twenty odd games this seemed to be the case and everyone was in great spirits and talk of a top four and cup success was being plastered everywhere.
          “Arsene who” was the cry as our great unbeaten run gained momentum…”we’ve got our Arsenal back” was the other triumphant slogan bantered about as back slapping became the order of the day.

          Then came the shuddering halt in this magnificent turn around in the club’s fortunes.
          Horrendous injuries, the Ozil situation, the Ramsey debacle, the Gazidis situation, Sven leaving the club, the results starting to go against us and the amazing fact that kronkie had a transfer budget became to much to bear.

          So what happened?
          Simple as s**t, let’s blame AW again. Double Standards??
          Just follow the thread on this site and you will see the double standards you refer to quite easily.

          Let’s get back to the utd defeat now.
          That defence who, remember, had gained so much more from the new regime, were torn to shreds by a very average utd team and that was before the injuries took place.
          We were still being caught out by being gung ho on the flanks.
          Not only that, the sideways and backward passes made, probably equalled the crowd attendance.
          Just as in the Forest game we were outplayed, outthought and deserved to be beaten.

          Look back and you will see how scathing I was regarding that performance, despite the injuries.

          So does that not justify querying exactly what has changed?
          Am I under sentence of death for asking exactly what UEs decisions are about?
          Does that make me a AW follower and a UE hater?
          Have you ever seen a post from me asking for UE to be sacked?

          Of course I haven’t and no amount of capital letters and BS from Jon Fox will make it so.

          But I digress from the more important issue.

          I have only seen a couple of posts asking for UE to go and, like you, I think they are pathetic.
          I will go on asking/querying/ supporting Unai Emery in the way I believe is fair and double standards never enter my head.
          The very earliest we can judge his performances is at the end of the season, but ask questions? Of course we can!!

          The original topic of cup wins and their relevance proves that others do have double standards when analysing the record of success.

          My one single head on disagreement with UE is the one with Ozil, but that has nothing to do with our current discussion.

          1. jon fox says:

            A well constructed post of self justification Ken. I will give you that. Sorry that my EMPHASIS in written words upsets you so much too. You might try public speaking sometime and then you will learn the importance of speech phrasing , including emphasis! BTW, I also have questions for Emery and have never suggested that we are not entitled to ask questions. In fact, I challenge you to find any post of mine that says questions are out of order. You won’t find one. But some posts, though not yours, are far more critical than they are entitled to be and do not recognise the huge handicaps that Emery has had to work under. (Those who are actively calling for his head are out of touch with reality. And though you seem not to like my “reality” which you allude to, it is the basis on which all vital life decisions should always be made, unless you want to get the wrong solutions. I don’t. Think no further than the Brexit Parliamentary farce for proof!) Mostly the appalling and UNPRECEDENTED defence injuries and the ongoing Kroenke problem that Wenger also had(before you remind me again). His 22 game unbeaten run , lucky though it was at many times and esp with a defence mostly of dross players was quickly forgotten by some on here and was a near miracle. Imagine what he can do when he gets his OWN choice players in and they stay fit. So many choose to forget that! I do not. Lastly, I do believe there are some on here who still long for Wengers return and will not give Emery a fair crack of the whip because he is not called Wenger. I exclude YOU from that remark. In steadfast friendship, despite opinion differences,( on mere football matters!!). Jon.

            1. ken1945 says:

              Here you go again, presuming that I feel the need to justify myself.
              Why do you think I need to do that?

              Sorry to burst your bubble regarding public speaking, as I have addressed GPs, pharmacists, nurses, sales forces etc, but have never felt the need to mention it, funnily enough.
              Strangely though, I have used bullet points and/or lecterns, using my personal knowledge to inform and involve the audience.
              Really cannot understand why, if you are speaking publicly, the need for capital letters arise.

              On to the reply and I noted how you named midkemma and myself in your post about AW’s return.
              Now, with this reply you are you are saying something different regarding me at least.
              As I have a mind of my own (perfectly aware that some will say an insane one) I decided not to get into a futile debate that would re-open old arguments.
              I read, with no real surprise, the views as would be expected, along with two new and excellent posters.

              Jon Fox appeared and, to my astonishment, so did my name.

              First of all,. I was amazed that you actually wasted your time on a subject that was never going to happen and then, secondly, repeat the same things you have said before as if it was the news everyone who agreed with you needed to hear and those that didn’t wanted to hear.

              Again, I haven’t said anyone, let alone you, cannot ask questions. In fact that is what Durand, midkemma and myself were doing when you burst onto the scene, warning us of the perils ahead because we were not giving UE a chance.

              Where do you get the authority to declare that “some posts are far more criticall than they are entitled to be”?
              I didn’t realise that you had taken over the role of censorship, especially as your posts on AW can hardly be described as odes to a past love.

              But I grin and bear them, without getting high and mighty and declaring the authors as dullards, whilst describing myself as intellectually superior.

              One thing I still have left in perfect running order is my memory and the incredible run that UE put together, despite the injuries and players having to adapt, is still appreciated by me at least.
              I also clearly remember the abuse aimed at AW during that time by so called fans of your persuasion.
              Now, it seems, the pats on the backs having got our Arsenal back have stopped and it’s back to rubbishing the self same players and AW for buying them.

              Total hypocrisy and complete double standards.

              Because we are asking why, you clone anyone who does so as snowflakes, dullards and whatever else you feel fit to throw our way.

              I had to apologize to Quantum Dream on a previous post because I overstepped my guidelines regarding personal abuse.
              Your take on realism doesn’t seem to give you any guidelines at all regarding abuse of AW and those who’s opinions differ from you.
              Mores the pity for someone with your experience and age.

              Still on other subjects we seem to have a background that allows a platform for discussion and friendship as you rightly say.

              1. ozziegunner says:

                Ken1945, one point I would like to make about your post above is that in the FA Cup against Manchester United the score was 0-0 when Socrates was injured. Arsenal were not being “over run” at that stage.
                Also Ken, I have previously stated that in my 57 years of following the Arsenal, I cannot remember a season so disrupted by injury, particularly long term injuries to players. I asked the views of other long term supporters such as yourself for their opinions. jon fox is the only person to respond so far and he supported my assertion.

                1. ken1945 says:

                  ozziegunner, I can’t honestly say if we have or haven’t without going back to look, but if you look at the squad for the Forest loss and the 8-2 drubbing, you will understand that we were in a injury crisis at that time also.

                  My take on the game is obviously different to you, I felt utd outplayed us in tactics from the very beginning, but heyho it’s history now.

                  I hope you see that I have no ulterior motive regarding the questions I ask about UEs tactlcs etc.
                  AW has gone, it’s the club I support and the two things I cannot abide are double standards and hypocrisy from certain fans regarding both UE and UE.
                  So, do you see this in my original reply to you?

                  By the way, I fully support his decision not to buy any defensive players this window.
                  Come the start of next season we will have eight recognised defenders, not counting Lichsteiner by my reckoning.
                  Bringing back Chambers will add to that, still wouldn’t mind Cahill on loan though.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Admin, how do you know that Tottenham fans did not bemoan their loss? Do you follow JustSpuds.com?

    I believe some fans of the other top clubs will behave the same. Otherwise Man United/ Chelsea/ Man City would not change their managers too often, Liverpool fans would not be famous of their hooliganism and Mbappe would not get a death threat from AS Monaco fans

    I care more for the major competitions like the EPL and Europa League, but there are always some fans that unrealistically want to win everything. Let’s support the team but bash them if they slack off again

    1. Phil says:

      Knowing a good few Spuds fans as I do I can tell you that most are fed up with Poch and his methods.They continue to under achieve yet stupidly believe they should be winning trophies.It doesn’t work like that as we well know.
      They have a better squad of players than we do.Its hard to admit but it’s true.But as a team they continue to fail when it comes to winning trophies and the blame for that rests solely on the Manager.They as a club have far less money than we do and it will continue to be this way until they pay off the stadium debt.We are talking 10 years at least.And they will very soon be losing players like Alderverield and Erickson on frees just as we lost Ramsey.Lets see them struggle to replace them with no money.And no CL next season and Kane won’t be around too much longer either.

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil, Imagine if our manager came out as Poch did and pooh -poohed winning the Cup. All hell would break loose and rightly. Football fans are all the same sort where trophies and winning is concerned. I do NOT go on Spuds sites – the same way that I also don’t study dog sh.t – but those roasted/ mashed Spuds fans are currently creating merry hell I am sure. MEANWHILE, YET ANOTHER TROPHYLESS SPUDS SEASON, UNDER THEIR “SUPERPOOCH.”

        1. Phil says:

          Jon-Apologies but still in Dubai so time difference and watching near naked young ladies is playing havoc with my timelines at the moment.Its HEAVAN.
          You are so right mate.Poch made an utter fool of himself with that comment.And this from a Manager who has NEVER even won a trophy in his career.
          I feel Emery is feeling the pressure but that goes with the job so he just has to get on with it and battle through.But I credit him for not shirking responsibility and continuing with his own agenda,even if I don’t agree with Ozil not being in the side.He is at a big Club.Far bigger than Seville and still bigger than PSG,no matter how much money they may have.
          He is not getting too much abuse from the fanbase and there is no doubt the injuries we have suffered to three key players has affected his own game plans.
          All fans should accept this was always going to be a transitional season for Arsenal.If he finishes above 6th place he will have improved on last season.Next season he will (hopefully) have brought in more players better suited to his system.Thats when we will expect improvement in results and performances.
          I will sign off by complimenting you on your “Dog Sh.t” comment.Pure class as always

  5. billy bunter says:

    Pochettino has prioritized winning absolutely nothing and finishing top four. Wenger won the F.A. cup numerous times as well as finishing top four. Ambition? Pochettino.. specialist in failure

  6. McLovin says:

    Being in CL means a lot more money. Bottlettino is right about that. However saying winning trophies is not important, he’s just covering his ass for the failures. Spurs have same kind of mentality we had when we moved to Emirates, we used to choke hard playing for silverware.

    Is it true we don’t have youngsters in the u18 team who are not good enough to start matches in the Premier League? Medley is not good enough? This seems to be the norm in Premier League. Only so few gets actually start matches. Our last academy graduate is Bellerin? Even AMN don’t really get actually play consistently.

    Chelsea, none.
    City, none.
    Pool, Alexander-Arnold.
    Palace, Wan-Bissaka.
    Leicester, Chilwell.
    United, Rashford the last one?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      McLovin, I think you mean the U23’s where Medley plays; Arsenal have some real talent in this team and they have been successful in every competitions they entered recently, even though playing against players older and more experienced. I follow their games on YouTube. The U18’s also have some great talent.

  7. kristoman says:

    this is if,s and buts and all wishful thinking to make you feel better about the level we’ve sunk to. you said the same thing last year yet they finished second. keep on dreaming okay

    1. Phil says:

      Dreaming of what PAL?And you must be some sort of voyeristic stalker if you can remember what I posted LAST YEAR.
      And why do you even begin to think it was to make me feel better?
      I think your a bit weird PAL

  8. Dan says:

    It makes me laugh how pundits keep going on about how great the spuds manager is but he has been there 5 years and won nothing and long may it continue!!??

  9. Sue says:

    Listening to Danny Murphy at half time & his love affair with Poch & the spuds… Alex Scott put him in his place with ‘What have they won’ that soon shut him up!! ???
    Will they ever win anything???

    1. Phil says:

      Exactly HRH-Its the same with Klopp at Liverpool.Won nothing yet are media darlings because of this.Do you remember the continual criticism we took for not winning anything from 2005 onwards until we won the FA Cup v Hull City in 2014?Thats all that was ever talked about.Yet Poch has NEVER EVER WON A TROPHY.Spurs last won the League Cup 10 years ago.
      They continue to be serial chokers and they will only fall further behind us in the following years.

      1. Sue says:

        Absolutely King Phil ? Liverpool can do no wrong…Klopp is the greatest human being ever (& that’s not just coming from his dentist) Salah is a God.. ???
        Yes I remember all that & seeing all the same crap on Twitter when we’d clinch a top 4 place – I saw that clip of Han Solo saying to Chewy ‘We’re home’ a million bloody times!!! It does annoy me though as it wasn’t good enough (as 4th place is not a trophy) when we did it, but now Liv & Spuds are doing it, they’re world class & their managers are geniuses!! Double standards!!! And I know this is sad…. but I love it when they both lose!! So these last few days have been euphoric for me (apart from Friday obviously)

        1. Mobella says:

          What annoy me most is seeing our legends and explayers getting involved in this hypocrisy. So often I was filled with rage watch Wright, Merson, Henry etc who are supposed to be arsenal ambassadors throwing shades at the club and giving pool and spurs unworthy praises for achieving what was deemed not good enough for us. That is why I don’t have any sympathy for Henry, whom I revered so much a player, when he was sacked. It is easy to talked a great game and not easy to play it. He got that message at Monaco.

    2. Mobella says:

      Sue, it is not about what they have won only but also how many finals have they played in. That is a measure of success too. It is funny how people reason, when we repeatedly made top4 and qualified for cl it is a failure because that what we could only achieved but now that we couldn’t it’s become a monumental achievement for others that does. I won’t be surprised if when we qualified again it will be seen as nothing.

      1. Dan says:

        There is a good old saying NO ONE REMEMBERS LOOSERS!!

        1. Mobella says:

          ???…not in the sport finals my friend as the history has shown.

      2. Sue says:

        Well I think you can count on one hand the amount of finals the spuds have played in Mobella ?
        Yes I agree… it will be seen as nothing!

        1. ken1945 says:

          HRH and the King,
          Doesn’t it come to something when the fact that spuds getting knocked out of the cup makes us realise just what it means to win it??
          Kind regards
          Your obedient servant
          Mesut Ozil

  10. Tom says:

    Without stating the obvious fact that we have an apparent poorer squad then spurs, yet we have won 3 FA Cups in the time Poch has been at Spurs. United have won 1 and 1 UEFA Cup. So 2 apparent fallen giants who many believe Spurs have overtaken, have in fact kept winning honours core to their values.

    Porch is deflecting the fact that the stadium has made them bare to the bones in finances and once they move into their stadium, the pressure is on. We can all say ‘okay they are waiting for their own – it’s transition phase’

    But once they are in. No excuses, otherwise the players the,selves will be off. They are only staying at the moment because they want to play at the new stadium. Once that nostalgia is done, players will leave if they don’t win.

    Just ask fabregas.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Tom, don’t forget we won two of those three cups while finishing in the top four as well.
      Just missed out on the last one by one point, whilst beating the then champions.
      Spuds live in cloud cuckoo land trying to compare their history to ours, two years of finishing above us since the premier began and they are singing like canaries!!

  11. ger burke says:

    i dont care what our next door neighbours do, or dont do !.none of our business .i think we have enough to be going on with regarding our own club at the moment. i can understand the rivalry , of course, but,some on here are bothering themselves with that junior team . relax, they are not winning anything soon, they dont know how to win.we are the arsenal, other teams , be they `minnows like spurs, or , super clubs like man.city should not concern us here.the only time other clubs should concern us is when we beat them. and someday, we , will beat all clubs again.the wind is blowing towards the emirates at the moment from white hart shame, and , it smells of pure pig doo doos.i am sticking my neck out here and saying that we will finish above the neighbours at the end of this season. that for me would do nicely for the beginning of the reign of senor emery.

    1. Sue says:

      ? pig doo doos!
      I agree some day we will beat all teams again & I don’t think you’re sticking your neck out that much… we might well do it! And then we can celebrate St Totteringham’s Day once more ?

      1. ger burke says:

        pig doo doos sue, yes indeed. i can smell them from here, and i live in the south of ireland , hahahahaha.just came to mind as i was typing. i hope i have not offended any spurs fans on here, that would be so bold of me , lol.

  12. Grandad says:

    Why are we giving air time to Spurs and their Manager?We arguably played our strongest side against Man Utd which demonstrates how seriously we take the FA Cup.Our discussions should centre on why we lost and what Emery should be doing to improve the team surely?

    1. jon fox says:

      You ask a pertinent question and the honest (though unpopular with some) answer is that many of us are jealous of the way Spurs is being run at board and managerial level by comparison with us(in recent past years). We are also jealous of their far better team and even their squad, though it is not esp deep. Jealousy and the change from our decades of dominance over them is a keen edged weapon easily used to salve sobering thoughts. I am as guilty as anyone in this and freely admit it. What is more , I will continue to do it , until there is no more need, when the long term status quo again rules!

      It takes great strength of character to praise something you dislike and which is your sworn rival. Therefore I do NOT praise Spuds; I merely recognise that of late they are superior to us. It must not and will not last long!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Just two seasons of so called dominance showing what?

        A stadium that sees it’s final cost still rising.
        A stadium that will take ten years to pay, according to the king.
        A stadium that they can’t fill the (wembley).
        A stadium costing a fortune to hire (wembley).
        No trophies since 2008 (?) as far as cups go.
        No premier League title since it’s formation.
        No “we are the champions” heard at WHL since 1961, unless you count our glorious chanting as we were crowned.
        A manager who can’t win anything.

        Trouble is, they are in the CLs last sixteen, guaranteeing them £50, 000,000 with a No.9 who’s value goes up every season.
        Man for man, they are better, with a backroom reputation for being run properly.

        Still, eight out of ten ain’t bad and let’s see if UE can bring that CL place back where it belongs!!

        1. Phil says:

          Tell you what Ken-it took us 10 years (ish) to pay off the Stadium debt of £400m.The Spuds Final bill is likely to be £800m.So no CL football would kill their finances.Snd although they will host 4 NFL games at the Toilet Bowl each season that isn’t likely to speed things along.
          Let’s not forget Arsenal had a Chairman who run a Merchant Bank.So our payments,although structured,still meant we had to sell at least one star player each season.I can honestly see those Cavemen imploding if they fail to get CL Football and try to hang on to their best players.
          Ken-AW simply MUST write a book.Can you imagine the supporters stampede to buy that when it comes out?We all know AW kept a lot to himself.Do you feel he would open up and give us the answers we we’re all looking for all those years?

          1. ken1945 says:

            Phil, I really hope he does and I think the contents will be sensational to all Arsenal fans.
            It would help clear up so many of the rumours and accusations that are banded about.
            I have a feeling that he will, for one very important reason.
            His 22 years of service to the club has been tarnished and he will want to rectify that, if he can of course.

            Anyway, get back to the women, I always thought that kind of entertainment was a no no out there!!
            Live and learn something every day!!

  13. rkw says:

    our value in latest listing was double that of spurs and we have a way higher wage bill yet they have a better team right now and in all likelihood will finish above us again … from that perspective pochitinno has done wonders for them in taking them above an old rival … the point is that given the financial position of the club we have underperformed for a decade give or take a year … the stadium was meant to take us to the next level instead we have fallen DOWN the pecking order … there is something wrong somewhere … i would maintain wenger was part of the problem but there is clearly something more fundamental … i was happy to see emery come and give it a go at turning things around .. am willing to wait out the season to see where we end up but i am having my doubts given what appears to me to be his stupid player preferences and the fact that after 8 months no discernible playing style has emerged … i fear our future looks like that of milan

    1. ken1945 says:

      rkw, I know it’s the old chestnut, but kronkie must surely be the reason?
      As I mentioned earlier, spuds get £50, 000,000 for qualifying for the last sixteen of the CL.
      The sum, pro rata, must have been what we received every time we qualified, plus the extra money when we went further.
      Winning the fa cup against Chelsea earnt us £30,000,000 plus the cash for the other two cup wins.
      Top four twenty years running also saw record sums coming in.
      The stadium was paid off ten years ago, so the question and answer game is…. Where has this money gone? Answer is we’ll never know, not since kronkie has obtained full ownership of the club.
      Something not quite right? You bet!!!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        The reasons are clear; the forcing out of David Dein, the loss of Dein’s support and council to Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis replacing Dein as CEO and the ownership of Stan Kroenke with the resultant non investment.
        Kroenke Out!

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