If Arsenal buy Morata then I’m getting drunk…. all next season!

Arsene has lost the plot…. The terrible transfer window

I’m calling it now Ladies and Gents; Arsenal fans are in for a terrible transfer window again. Let me clarify I don’t mean that we are not going to sign anyone – clearly we will. I mean Granit Xhaka wow, amazing piece of business, I can’t fault it. But the problem, like many of the other transfer windows that have gone by, is he is not necessarily needed . And it seems, again, we are going into a transfer window picking up players who, for one; we don’t need, and secondly; probably will not show their full potential until 6 years from now. Well I’m bloody done waiting for the next ‘Thierry Henry’.

I think I pretty much made myself clear on the Alvaro Morata situation; he is overrated, I misquoted figures estimating that transfer to be around £25 million well I was wrong its £50 million. I don’t know why people are getting excited over that potential transfer because it is not addressing a pressing issue which is the alarming lack of goals the team has, and at 50 million you got to be out of your goddamn mind to think that makes sense.

The dude produced 12 Goals in 47 appearances last year for Juventus; very impressive (please sense the sheer sarcasm), if you sign anyone for 35 million plus in this league, that person better hit the ground running. Better yet have to have had a reputable scoring record in a top European league; which I neither think he has the capability of doing, nor has an impressive record to boast about. The majority of us pissed ourselves when we found out about the Martial deal to United, me included, but the reality is they only signed him for an initial fee of £35 million, which can rise to £63 Million if within the first 5 years of his deal wins the Balon d’Or , United win the league and he wins player of the season. Now are you honestly going to sit there and tell me Morata is better than Martial? Well if the answer is yes… go to sleep you’re drunk.

Arsene reminds me of a University student; in the sense that he never prepares for the Premier league season in a similar way that most students never revise for the exam, yet goes into the exam expecting to pass. Arsene never addresses the concerns of the team, we need goals and I know a lot of other people say that the goals can come from elsewhere or some are genuinely hoping that poor excuse for a French model/Dimitar Berbatov in disguise, will someday produce goals, but what I don’t understand is why leave it to chance? We know what the problem is but yet go after the next ‘Petit’ or ‘Henry’ or ‘Bergkamp’. But then why promise Arsenal fans the league knowing well and truly they would be incapable of performing within their first few seasons.

Next year’s Premier league, will be the most competitive ever, not only because of the calibre of managers but because all of the sides aiming for the title boast strikers with impressive scoring records. Maybe not last year but in recent seasons in the BPL, yes that 25 goal a season man that includes Leicester, Tottenham, Man United, Liverpool and City; and just in case you don’t think a centre forward’s goals are important. Aguero is pretty much the only reason United didn’t finish in the top four; remember they finished 18 goals worse off than City. (Yes I know we have Sanchez, but as last year proved he is not a striker, and shouldn’t really be expected to be the main goal scorer especially when he is not leading the line)

Quite simply if we go after players like Morata who are not needed, I’m stockpiling crates of Tesco brand whisky and Stella Artois, I will not be watching this season sober. I am in no way encouraging alcoholism, but if we are going to be heading down the same path of mutually assured failure come January – as in out of the last 16 Champions League, out of the Carling cup, on our last legs in the Premier league title race leaving the only competition we can win as the FA cup – with a misfiring French model with performance issues – not remembering the season ahead might not be a bad idea, considering if you wanted to relive it you’d only have to watch DVD’s of our last 4 seasons, so I doubt I’d be missing much!

Eddie D

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  1. My biggest concern with this Morata transfer are 2.
    1. He may fail to deliver as he’s not proven goal scorer.

    2. if he delivers then I see him leaving Arsenal for his beloved Madrid as its his one and only choice, he’s only considering other options because he’s not good enough for them.
    He’s not my 1st choice but,
    By saying that, I will still welcome him to Arsenal because ‘a half bread is better than none’

  2. It’s all hype silly admin..LOL relax! Morata is not an Arsene type player at all. He doesn’t have enough skill or awareness. An expensive player from high pedigree club is exactly what Wenger doesn’t buy unless it is a very very skillful one (Ozil/Alexis). Wenger would not pay that much for someone with just speed and the odd dribble.

  3. Mr wenger wants giroud to remain the first choice striker that’s why he would want to sign Morata who i can’t see displacing Giroud anytime soon.

  4. I’ve slated Giroud but even I will recognize that Cazorla injury is what really cost us, that I feel was a big area to sort out for next season and it has been resolved (hopefully).

    I do feel the CF is another area which is in dire need of attention and I do hope we will buy a CF, if we get Morata I will feel a bit ummm… nervous. Wenger has found some gems and some flops in his time with us, this could be one of those that turns into a gem with us.

    Yes he could be a flop, the result will be us complaining about wasting so much money on him etc…

    Some players have excelled at Arsenal while not being able to reproduce the same magic elsewhere, maybe Wenger would be the right type of coach for Morata and he could become the CF we need?

    I personally feel that there would be less of a gamble getting Lukaku but if Wenger thinks he see’s something special in Morata then I would be willing to see how it goes.

  5. what about Aduriz. He will be the striker for Spain. He is 35 years old and will cost peanuts.

  6. you this Arsene of a man, what is really wrong with you making an attempt to bid for the likes of Aguero, Aubemeyang, L’wandoski etc for once in your life? Back then, were the prices of these aforementioned top strikers not less than £50 before you opted for the world best strikers Lord Benthner, Edwardo da Silva, Adebayo, Giroud, Welbeck? Now you wanna go for Morata for £50? Gosh! Well, if it happens, you’d just purchased another Lord B******ner. Lord Morata Hahhahahaha!

    1. Lay of Dudu, he was a class CF who had his leg snapped 7 months after joining us.
      It was tragic, just as he started to settle and scoring he was taken out of action for a year and he came back a shadow of the footballer he was before.

      Blame Taylor for that horror tackle;

      109 appearances and 73 goals, the guy knew how to score and the only question was if he could handle the EPL… Taylor made sure he couldn’t :'(

  7. He only started 16 Serie A games & finished with 7 goals & 7 assists in a tight Serie A. He’s a big game player- scored in the Champions League final against Barcelona in 2014/15 & both legs of the semis against Real, & the recent Italian Cup final this season with his first touch. He’s also 23, he’s not going to be the finished article, but if Wenger parts with that much money- then he damn sure sees some serious potential- as in best in the world potential.

    1. Most of his finishes are close to the goal, there is no unique ability he has that will be good for us.

  8. I think Admin can do us a favour by not published alcohol inspired articles as it seems Eddie D was already drunk when he wrote the article. Arsenal has not bought Morata and no one at Arsenal ever indicated the club’s intention to buy Morata. These are just rumours as seasons in the past which never materialized into anything. It is therefore highly unlikely that a sober person will come up with a highly negative article based on an unsubstantiated rumour.

    The writer goes on to make some points that leave one with no doubt about the writer’s state of mind when he penned this article. Throughout the season fans here were deriding Arsene for not buying a defensive midfielder in the 2015 transfer window. One such player is bought early on and the writer claims he is not needed!!!!!!! Are you not the same person who said Flamini must not be seen near the Arsenal line up? Is Arteta not leaving in the summer? If we really needed a DM last summer when Arteta and Flamini were in the squad, didn’t we need such player more so now that Arteta is gone and Flamini may also leave?

    Arsenal desperately needs goals. Not necessarily, I would say. Despite having best scorers in the season (Kane-25, Vardy-24), Tottenham scored 4 more goals and Leicester 3 more goals than Arsenal. If Arsenal had equaled Tottenham’s goal tally it would have earned at most 8 additional points, not enough to win the title, yet it would have scored more goals than Leicester. Man City topped goals scored chats in the past two season but did not win the league in those seasons. While it is undeniable that a striker who can consistently score goal is vital, it is not true that the absence of such a striker cost us the league. When you score at least two goals you have done enough to win the game. Go check in how many games we scored two or more goals but went on to drop points. When you score first a goal could be enough to give you maximum points. Go check the number of points we dropped after scoring first.

    Is next year going to be very competitive? No one knows. When LVG came we were told the same thing but we saw how only Chelsea ran away with the title in the first half of the season. That was hardly competitive. Is Pep better than Pellegrini? Is Mou at Man United better than LVG? Time will tell. It is thus presumptuous for anyone to make claims for which no definite evidence exist.

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