If Arsenal can stop Vardy, we will stop Leicester

Jamie Vardy’s favourite opponents- Arsenal! by Shenel

What is it about Arsenal that makes Jamie Vardy love playing against us?

Is it the fact that we tried to buy him and by doing, so he decided to stay loyal to Leicester so he feels he has a point to prove to the club that he was right to stay and snub us?

Or is it a mental thing where Arsenal know he is such a big threat and he is always successful against us, hence why he always seems to score against us and get points for his team!

Either way something needs to change and we need to stop Vardy in order to stop Leicester, and how lovely would it be if we got a rather satisfying and comfortable win against a team that have more often than not always got a result against us?

No matter what happens it will be a tough game regardless if Leicester have absentees or not, and as we have seen being home or away in recent months doesn’t seem to make a difference given that there are no fans in the stadiums right now..

What we can be sure of though is that we are more than capable of getting a result, and I hope for the mental side of things for our players, we come out of tomorrow’s game with a big win that can wipe the smile off of Vardys face.

If we fail to do so though, back to the drawing board we go, where only the Europa League could be our saviour this season! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Jamie Vardy exploits everything bad about Arsenals defence. For years now we are static and ball watch, rigid in our defending, dont track or follow runners into space and that is Vardys forte.

  2. Vardy could be key but Villa won at Leeds without Grealish. Any one of 28 players could swing the game in a good way or indeed a bad way. Leicester has to start favourite as they are 3rd well ahead of Gooners in 11th place. But Arsenal has a world class strike force on paper and if they fire can destroy any one.
    Leicester though are driven by the fact that they capitulated in the closing stages of last seasons league
    Three days ago an over confident Foxes outfit were kicked out of the EL at home by unheralded Slavia Prague.
    Leicester will be under no illusions as to the magnitude of this game and I expect a feisty and dramatic spectacle.
    Leicester to prevail …just

  3. Major equation to resolve when Vardy steps on pitch for any team indeed.

    But he is not alone, they win without him too.

    They mainly are a team and players who fights as one man for the all team. So much solidarity and energy, putting it all in, theit socks off..

    We have a squad to fight for title but not well driven; like a ferrari in 10th place.

    Must have the right pilot, Arteta may be a great one but he never raced and finishes behind Emery for that.

    Win FA cup is not finish 5th missing by a point as EL final. He raced and won that rally so many times, has experience…

    Have experience allows to drive and race better…For now we are bellow 10 th place most of the race so far.

    We have powerful engine in Partey, auba saka laca tierny, team fulof talent and many top players.

    Why is our ferrari is so far behind with bunch of average cars infront of us or near us?

    Can’t blame on car’s engine or quality, it is a ferrari.

    Now if pilot decides to put used up old used tires as Luiz & Willian, keep adding Ceballos; it is rainy, ferrari will slip and not move forward no matter engine is; if pilot never raced too.

    We spend all race bellow ten spot, end there…

    Look what Chelsea done! They changed pilot, they back on CL fight and biggest threat to City if they start slipping again which we cant predict.

    Tuchel thought he would end at Arsenal, waz more excited about that,

    Spurs are eying on negalsman at Liepzig, if Mou messes up.

    I really dont get how everyone still on Arteta, we are attached to our captain and he has potential but not ready to race such a car; or we would not be bellow tenth all season long’

    let’s get real mates, cant possibly not love this club for wanting way more as we and players deserve.

    I am always very sadden and embarrassed when see Sir Alex at every games, the way he is treated by fans and club…

    Mr Wenger is a legend as Sir Alex, he is the flag and soul of Arsenal as Alex is.

    2 legends who dedicated all for one club…Wenger refused to take Bayern year they won CL, after firieng Kovac, they approached him.

    Gnarby who pointed how great this would have been.

    Point, Arsenal’s Prof should be treated as Sir Alex, kept around; he would be the best and natural bosz of this club as Rumeinigue in Bayern!

    He would be so much important in management and teach advise arteta as he done as a player.

    I hooe to see this happen asap and our club to be looked as we used to in EPL and worlwide; a top brand and that axademy he all built as stadium so called fans chased him out of.

    He should be seated in stadium and would if offered and called, said he is ready ti help. but doubt it can happen, he meant not with Kroenke; or he be there.

    Anyway, we cant predict but only hope for best, winning game today be great.

    Unfortunatly we do not feel that way anymore, si used to not win, but draw or lose..

  4. All we need is to match and excedd their intensity with and off the ball, be solid at defence and be clinical at attack then we will win for sure
    go gooners

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