If Arsenal change tactics we can win the League!


We face Liverpool in the EPL opener this weekend. Liverpool are anything but consistent if their pre-season is to be used to gauge what we will be faced with. They are capable of obliterating the best in the planet if their 4-0 victory verses mighty Barcelona can be taken to account, but again they can be eclipsed by the not so highly ranked side as Mainz gave them the same hiding the very next day.

In my opinion, we need to prepare for Liverpool 1, the one that blew out Barca because playing a game the day that follows the one you played well may have some challenges on a squad, so Mainz for me found a Barca-lagged Liverpool.

Having said that, we do not seem to be preparing so well with for the upcoming season with only Granit Xhaka and Rob Holding as the notable first XI involvement entries into the side. This despite the fact that we lost Mertesacker, Wilshere and Gabriel to injury. Two of these three are in the centre back position – and Laurent Koscienly is not available for the first match at least – means Arsenal have to find a way to operate with none of its senior centre backs against a team of Liverpool stature that on their day will blow out any side and they just showed that appetite with Barca very recently…scary. Even if a new defender is recruited today, they may not have time to adjust and prepare for this match over the weekend.

I suggest that if Arsenal are about to change systems and give Sanchez a striker role and play with three defenders we may cope and even be in contention to win the league.

Just look at my first XI for Liverpool.
——————-Walcott, Sanchez————–

Everyone knows that Walcott and Sanchez have an almost telepathic understanding about quick transition in attack. In this arrangement Sanchez will have the free role. A glimpse of Sanchez in the role during the pre-season shows he will punish premier leagues sides if played in there. After the Liverpool game Alexis will have Giroud as his partner so we will have a talented attacking side and with Akpom and Walcott on the bench we have two more ready-made attackers to fill in. What with the likes of Sanogo too waiting to get their chance! Carzola and Ox will cut inside. Cazorla played in this left wing before so he knows what is needed. He scored goals from here too. Iwobi will be what Iwobi has been – effective, unfazed and giving his all. Xhaka and Coquelin have an understanding already and Monreal and Bellerin will stay back and only appear on the flank on very minimal super opportunity occasions. Holding has shown he can be trusted to shut out the very best. He can marshal the defense.

Now the season’s First XI under the system
——————-Giroud, Sanchez————–

No panic Gooners…After all the result is we have a side that is largely unchanged from last season and if Wenger wants to survive, he may need to start changing systems which would signify he has learned some lessons about rigid patterning.

We can actually Win the league!!



  1. Wenger won’t change the system so much as to play with 3 at the back plus Cazorla doesn’t have the legs anymore to play on the wing

    1. I think the players we have right now are extremely talented. What they lack is the discipline and the hunger to win, thats all. Defensively, we hardly concede goals where our defense is completely outmaneuvered, instead its always been because someone somehow switched off and forgot the basics of defending.
      In our attack, we need 3 or 4 clear-cut chances to score one goal. Thats unacceptable. Even the most senior and “world class” players like Ozil and Sanchez would miss chances. At set pieces, so often you see the CB’s winning headers and dismally failing to direct them to goal.
      So if like you say, we need a change of personnel, that means the whole team has to go which I think you’ll all agree that its not the solution. Rather, Wenger must find a way of instilling the right attitude and discipline to his players or he must go.

  2. “Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and
    another takes its place, and this too will be swept away”.

    – Marcus Aurelius

      1. ah gandhi.

        his quotes are legendary….

        ‘say hello to my little friend’
        ‘king kong aint got s*** on me’
        ‘i wish i was little bit taller, i wish i was a baller’

    1. Key to happiness?

      Want what you have, don’t want what you don’t have.

      -Ramana (Wenger should start using this one.)

  3. Let’s continue deluding and deceiving ourselves…..to think we are good enough to win this League just as we are

    Tactics is not all…..How bout trying out the right tactics with the right players

    1. Tell that to Ferguson whose Man U team fell apart the second he left because half the players were average.

  4. 7 top quality players
    4 very good players.
    16 average often injury
    prone players many of whom
    qualify to be called deadwood
    = A Top 4 side called Arsenal

  5. if every arsenal player plays without making mistakes we will automatically win thats hw good the individuals are.


  6. Your first XI for Liverpool is so wrong I don’t even know where to start. Let’s start at the base. 3 defenders in where the only CB is a 20 yrs old with a habit of switching off occasionally, just like Chambers. Must be the age so fair play to them. However, Bielik is more calm and it does try to repair whatever he does wrong. This kid is so calm, I would put him tomorrow in a game against Barcelona. But that’s just me.
    Let’s move up the field and let’s suppose the covering DMs are OK although Elneny has some more brains than Coquelin. Then you put Iwobi playing Ozil role and throw Santi on the left when you know he doesn’t have the legs for it anymore. Then in front, you put two fast wingers acting as strikers and the only result would be they step each other feet. Atrocious. But hey, it is the internet where everyone has an idea. Luckily there’s no democracy in a football club.

  7. “We can actually win the league!!”

    Oh Lord my delusion detector is off the charts.

    On to more serious business, apparently the agent of Mustafi confirmed that he’s off to Arsenal and the deal will go through in the next 24 hours. £20 mils + add ons.

    Any truth to this?

  8. rumours of lewndowski. of griezmann.
    i can confirm these are true

    both are available an looking for love

  9. Tactics works well when you understand your opponent tactic by neutralizing it and then have a clout and enough canning to win the encounter MR wenger don’t look at his opponents tactics he sets his game plan and stick to it even if he is down and out but seems to always do better after the interval I am looking forward for the new season as we have a good bunch of players in a very demanding league with the likes of Mourinho Klopp Conte Guardiola Ranieri it is going to be very interesting right to the wire with the defending champions leicester and how Conte and Guardiola adapt to the Premier League We the Arsenal start with Liverpool and then go to leicester it is time to role up the sleeves and get into the fight Com on you Gooners

    1. Don’t get ahead for yourself. This deal is far from done. No price has been agreed for the player and that is usually the stumbling block for Arsenal.

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