If Arsenal don’t need a new midfielder, should Arteta go all out for a top striker?

Mikel Arteta recently hinted that Thomas Partey would stay at the Emirates. A declaration that is good news to many Gooners. Many of them were wondering why the club was open to losing one of the finest central midfielders in the World.

Mikel Arteta must have weighed his options and seen that his team will be more assertive with the Ghana International, as on a good day, he is unplayable at Central midfield.

Anyway, with Partey staying and after the arrival of Declan Rice and Kai Havertz, isn’t the Arsenal midfield at its strongest to dominate others next season? It leads me to ask, “Why can’t Arteta use the funds he was to use to buy one of Romeo Lavia or Gabri Veiga to sign a reliable backup for Bukayo Saka if not a top striker?’

The feeling is that Arteta is confident about his attack, and we can understand why. Leandro Trossard, Havertz, Gabriel Jesus, and Gabriel Martinelli can play everywhere in the frontline; Nketiah can effectively deputise Jesus in the striker role; and Saka can do his magic on the right wing and be deputised by Reiss Nelson. But even so, Arsenal could do with another attacker with an eye for goal, a player who can increase their stats in front of goal. With Partey staying, why can’t Arteta crown his summer transfer window with a headline-grabbing deal? Perhaps Mbappe or Dusan Vlahovic?

Darren N

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    1. Exactly. if we can get rid of Trusty, Holding, Tavares, Lokonga, Cédric, Pépé, Nketiah, and get our yearly quota of one youngster from Brazil, then we can decide if we want to retain Balogun or sell him to get a different profile of striker

  1. Based on our inability to break Man United’s defense in our last pre-season game, I think we need someone like Vlahovic to keep the ball in the final-third

    As for Mbappe, I don’t think he’d reject the obscene offer from Al-Hilal. I bet another Saudi Arabian club will make an offer for Kane, Vlahovic or Osimhen soon

      1. Yet Ruben Neves, Milinkovic-Savic and other high-profile players chose to go to Saudi Arabia

      1. I only believe the news from Romano and Ornstein, which stated that PSG were approaching him

    1. This Vlahovic ,how many goals did he score last season at Juventus?

      Is it not the same player that rejected us last time out .

      Watched some juve games where he was not even looked at

      Not better than the guys we have upfront .

      1. The new CF doesn’t have to be clinical, but he should be able to handle the opposition’s CBs, as Haaland did to stop the opponents and let his teammates score

      2. your right..this vlahovic guy rejected us for the likes of juve..thats his loss his problem..so let him stay ad suffer not winning anything while we progress as a top club..we should loom at gabri veiga, kudus and all out move for mbappe.

    2. Gai, It would be pathetic if a player in his glowing prime like Mbappe will go to Saudi Arabia. He will lose his global relevance, football is in Europe.
      I still wonder why Arteta needed Havertz badly, from what have seen so far in pre-season ESR and others will compete with him boldly. Arteta should have gone for a CF. I like what I saw Jackson do for Chelsea in their pre-season matches 4 assist and goal. We need a towering CF in our rank not using Havertz because of his hight he is not a 9 like Watkins, Wilson or Tony.
      If Arteta doesn’t get the best out of expensive Havertz, he should be ready huge media and fans criticism. I hope he performs though.

  2. Can’t believe people want a mercenary that throws tantrums at our club! Money has gone to your heads!

    1. Can’t agree more. We’ve had enough bad apples stinking out our dressing room. No matter how good he is, a happy squad is a good squad.

  3. Ffs! He’s played less than 2 hours for us. “Fans” like you were saying the same about Bergkamp and Henry back in the day,.

    1. At this point it just sounds like a broken record 😔 . Lets wait for the season to get under way and judge him .

  4. Arsenal in my opinion has atleast one more signing before the transfer window slam shut, they have to nail it no more gamble.

    We need Vlohovic or Cancelo Ramos, someone who can get us 20- 30 goals every year, I think the goal spread across the team is fantastic, but imagine Odegaard, Saka , Havertz or Martinelli getting injured or losing form, think a club having somone like Vlohovic or Ramos is amazing for the team.
    Would we not want a near prime Henry, if we had the choice? ofcourse we would, every time.

    Carmelo Ramos could be the catalyst for something very exciting in the upcoming campaign.

  5. Yes IMO we should. However, unless we off -load enough players to fund it, it may not happen. Havertz is not the solution, but he is not the problem either. We have to give him some time to do whatever MA wants him to do. We have to have a player in the box which can score the important goals. Yes, all goals are important, but there are times when they are difficult to come by, and you need something desperately from a half-chance. I am not seeing that coming from Jesus, Nketiah or Balogun. With a good striker we would have the necessary cutting edge at the point of our attack, at the moment we resemble a butter knife.

  6. I really feel we should look at Mitrovic or Ivan Toney. Both are proven goal scorers in the PL and are the right age to buy. Would certainly provide additional muscle that we certainly need in the team. There were games last season where we struggled physically. They also score a lot of goals.

  7. Got a chuckle reading “Nketiah can effectively deputise Jesus in the striker role.”

    Really? Since when? 4 years of evidence show he isn’t at the level we need.

    Only criticism I have of transfers is that over 600 million spent and we still don’t have a striker capable of 20-30 goals, that can turn a match around.

    The 3 we have are the same mold and same type skills.

    Arteta loves versatility except in the striker position. None of the 3 can holdup play or pose a aerial threat in the box.

    We need a physical striker for matches where opponents part the bus and low block.

    I disagree with the notion that a top striker negatively impacts our attack or how the wingers play and score.

    Does anyone believe Osihmen or his like harm Saka or Martinelli, or will make them less effective?

    I think a top striker is the last piece. I’d sell 2 of our three strikers to fund the transfer and keep the 3rd as backup.

    1. I’m really feeling the negativity towards certain players this summer – I can understand Eddie to an extent, though it is a bit over the top (he had some good games and kept us going for a while last season), but the negativity towards jesus, zinchenko, Gabriel and Ramsdale has been a bit weird to me. All of them were key to how far we went last season.
      – Jesus was outstanding before his injury, never a great goalscorer but proved he can lead the line. He was bad after he returned, but given the circumstances (injury), I think he’s earned the benefit of the doubt? He’s not suddenly become a bad player incapable of leading the line. See how he starts the season at least.
      – zinchenko, Gabriel and Ramsdale were all fantastic for us last season, but our defence collectively dropped off after the World Cup, and particularly after saliba got injured. Partey’s form was probably worse than any of them, but i think certain preconceptions creep in when things aren’t going quite so well – zinchenko can’t defend, Gabriel is a liability and ramsdale is dodgy against certain types of shots… It only became a problem later in the season when other factors came to the fore (e.g squad depth, or simply lack of rotation). Maybe it’s the other factors that should be considered first. I’m not saying any of them is untouchable and we shouldn’t look to improve, but we should respect that these players were all crucial last season.

      The one that probably gets me the most is that I’ve even seen something resembling the phrase “Ben White still hasn’t justified his transfer fee” a couple of times in articles – he was one of our absolute best players last season, and didn’t really have a bad patch the whole way through. This is a player I was highly dubious of when we signed him, but he’s proven himself a top player, and extremely consistent. Respect should always be earned, and he’s earned it.

    2. Nketiah showed he can do a decent job last season but even then he was ditched in favour of Trossard.

      But who who wants someone doing a decent job?

      We need squad players who can do more than decent job, we need players who will take that opportunity and refuse to give up the place. Nketiah is 24, that ain’t him. If he is not going to push other players for their places then he needs to go.

  8. way too slow and older mitrovic…wouldnt have the versatlity and momentum to equal are wingers and cam’s and toney is banned for somethin right..wud we risk signing him only to get him in janurary.

        1. Siamois, with the 6 month ban, Arsenal doesn’t know until it makes an approach to Brentford.

  9. Can we stop talking about Mbappe! He’s a toxic personality and his salary is frankly ludicrous. He is the epitomy of the ridiculousness of football at the moment. And he won’t choose us because he can go to Real Madrid and play in an easy league that will make him look good and win the ECL every other year.

  10. I believe we might kick ourselves should Saka pick up an injury and we decided against bringing in a left-footed replacement. Only when or if that happens people will realize his importance to our hopes, I know we all see him as one of our best but I disagree that we already have him covered. A long-term injury here would be a devastating blow to our title hopes. And in this season it is a must that we have a rejuvinated Saka towards the final hurdle

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