If Arsenal fans want Wenger out it MUST be made clear tonight

After Arsenal were beaten heavily away to Bayern Munich in Germany a few weeks ago our manager looked a beaten man but the very next day he was looking more positive and was even saying that the tie was not over despite the 5-1 scoreline from the first leg, but I do not think there are many Arsenal fans who agree with Arsene Wenger on that idea.

So perhaps the home game against the German champions tonight is the perfect time for those Gooners who want Wenger to be replaced to make their wishes clear. It does not help the players to perform but with this game being effectively a dead rubber it does not really matter.

The Frenchman has yet to make his mind up,. or announce his decision at any rate, but he has suggested that he would go is it was the best thing for the club and if we really want him out, so any Arsenal fan who does think that way needs to make it clear to the Frenchman that his time is up.

If not then Wenger may well feel that it is a small and vocal minority calling for him to leave or be sacked and so a lack of clarity could see us stuck with him for at least one more season and if we have not made our feelings clear then we could hardly complain too much could we?

While there is still a chance of winning the FA cup and getting a top four Premier League place I do not think it would be a great idea to show too much anger in those games, so anyone going tonight who wants Wenger out needs to show it, don’t you think?



  1. arsenalkid1970 says:

    He needs to play a 442 tonight TW and A S up top move HB up as a winger and play GP as RB but get the back 4 to hold and not push up to much think I would play OX & Rambo in the middle. But it must be a 442 not this 4321

    1. MDOwn says:

      So in a game where we wont have much possession you want to take a man out of midfield….?

      4231 for me with perez, sanchez and wellbeck occupying the front and wide 3.

      1. arsenalkid1970 says:

        Yeah and it would work

    2. gotanidea says:

      442 can work as long as Sanchez plays upfront with Giroud. Bellerin as a winger is a good idea. Too bad we will not see it under Wenger’s management.

  2. Disturbance says:

    If we don’t want the manager, that should be said every game, otherwise it means we flip our opinion from one game to the next. Regardless, the inactivity from the board is shocking… If Arsene is going to sign a contract or not should be enforced by the board. What are waiting for. If end of May he says no I won’t sign, then we’ll go on a managereal hunt? Please… Nobody at this FC is doing their job and this is why Arsene has to do everything when in exchange he gets complete power. It’s a magic circle that benefits everyone but the fans and the players…

    1. Budd says:

      Excellent point. Not sure everyone here gets it but is refreshing to see there are cerebral fans around here. Arsenal fans. Comes a bit as a shock but hey, at least there is hope.

    2. arsenalkid1970 says:

      When he leaves he should do a book but I think one is done and the truth will come out. New back room staff needed second biggest share holder should be aloud to have a say and spend his money but in there words he’s not our kind of person.

  3. Sam, need a striker says:

    Come on early … Shout and loudly “Wenger out”

  4. Tas says:

    You herd AW say he built Arsenal, protest is like water of a ducks back it wont effect him, no parent will let his child go and he believes his the Daddy Duck of Arsenal and he sent Sanchez to naughty corner Saturday against Liverpool and all is well again in his mind

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Haha ? and would you believe that Wenger is still debating whether to keep Sanchez in the naughty corner for tonight’s game too, well for at the first half anyway lol?

      1. Tas says:


      2. Tas says:

        Spot the difference between Mourinho and Wanger= one pins Ozil against the wall and calls him a coward and the other gives him three weeks paid holiday with Miss Turkey, one manager sends his top player to train with the youth team because of not preforming and the other naughty corner for 45mnt one is mad and the other deluded πŸ™‚

        its time for a change Ronald Koeman the only half descent manager left in our reach

        1. Vlad says:

          That made me laugh. The “coward” thing came from Ozil’s book. You know what also came from that same book? – “… we stare at each other like two boxers”. He’s just promoting the book, is all. I’ve followed Ozil since 2010, and have seen a ton of Real Madrid’s games with him. And I would never believe it but I saw it with my own eyes – Ozil could do whatever he wanted there. Yes, Mourinho gave a green pass and he didn’t care whether Ozil played defense or not. That’s also why we bought him, is it not? Mourinho also called Ozil “the best number 10 in the world”, and asked for a signed shirt for his son after one of our games against Chelsea. So yeah, both Mourinho AND Wenger gave/giving Ozil a preferential treatment.

        2. Vlad says:

          And please, NEVER EVER compare Mourinho with Wenger. Regardless of what you think about their managerial abilities, one is a complete d-bag, and the other one is a true gentleman. One will never admit when he’s wrong, and constantly throws his players under the bus; and the other apologizes, and does everything to protect his guys.

          1. Jokema says:

            Mourinho is awiner and wenger is a looser

          2. bran99 says:

            Yes they are incomparable, one wins trophies and his presence makes the other fold like a watch box, the other wins no trophies and he thinks he’s clever than the other one.. one is unbeaten against the other in EPL. One hates to lose (golden mentality), the other is a specialist in it

            So many differences

    2. Budd says:

      Yet another lie which gets propagated to simply twist your mind. Wenger never said he build Arsenal, he said he built the club it is today. A huge difference and the truth, nevertheless.
      I will keep calling these every time to show how much you know about your club. I know you don’t care about club’s history but there are people who actually do. For them I will expose all your lies so that they don’t live with the idea that this club has no history.

      1. Tas says:

        I thought he said it in his last press conference but I will check later again

        1. Tas says:

          Just checked and yes he did say “hI thinks he built this club”

          1. Tas says:

            BUDD I expect a public apology from you

            1. bran99 says:

              Hehehe he is busy, give him time.. he hates losing

            2. Budd says:

              Apologies? For what? We already went through this. You take one phrase out of context and make a narrative of it. Here’s the WHOLE QUOTE:

              I built the club with hard work, without any external resources. I think if you compare the club with the moment I arrived and the club where it is today, we have moved forward and without any money from anybody.

              If anything, you owe an apology for propagating fake news.

                1. Budd says:

                  Watch Ian Wright on BT tonight. He said exactly the same thing. I know it hurts to be proven wrong for the millionth time but seriously, I understand your limitations and really don’t take this against you. This is all you can.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    1000’s of fans have already sold their tickets for tonight’s game and I doubt that the buyers are going to the match just to chant ‘Wenger Out” ?

    1. Budd says:

      How stupid is this? The people buying the tickeys will surely be there, not protesting in any way.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I’m getting that groundhog delusional feeling that we will race into a 3nil lead tonight and yes, of course we will fork it up! Like we always do but it’s the fighting spirit of the team that will win over the fans … Again ?
    It’s that time of the year, when the weathers temperature starts raising slowly and melts away at our frozen stiff performances and just like clockwork our results will start improving,just in time to claim the famous Wenger trophy and the celebrational St trottinghams Day.
    Come on guys, you’ve seen this movie soooo many times yet you’re still curious to how it ends lol ??

    1. Disturbance says:

      You’d have to be as deluded as Arsene to believe we’ll score 3 tonight.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        I’m just purely going by our history in the 2nd leg of the last 16.
        Go and have a look at the records ??

  7. Jansen says:

    This is a deeply sad article to me. At its core might be the reality that the only thing to separate Wenger from the club is a resounding public message by the fans. We all know Wenger is a bit vain and doesn’t like to be questioned or challenged. This is why massive protests would perhaps be the only thing that would drive him out. But that in and of itself is sad.

    To think that this man, who is a classy individual, who has done a lot for this club in the past, needs to be driven out like a failure. It does not become his legacy or his personal class.

    Now most on here know I have been saying for many years that it is time for him to go and with each passing season, and now with each passing game, this becomes more and more clear to all. But this doesn’t mean the man should not be protected against himself from being chased out of town.

    The board, the owner, someone should suggest to him to announce his retirement from the club now. If he does that I sincerely hope the fans can make the remainder of the season a fitting ode to a man who gave a large part of his life and his heart to this club, irrespective of success or not.

    The fact that Wenger is trying to hold on despite reality and the fact that the owner and the board don’t have the dignity or wisdom to orchestrate a fitting end to this man’s reign at Arsenal is deeply saddening to me. This situation is not going to get any better for owner or manager or fans. A win against Bayern is not going to change anything (and it won’t happen), a fourth-place finish is not going to change anything, and an FA cup is not going to change anything. When time is up it is up. Wenger has been out of ideas for several years now. We are not going to learn anything new over the next few weeks.

    Give this man an honorable end by announcing his retirement now. Don’t force this situation to become more ugly than it already is.

    1. Raoh says:

      Totally agree and great insight. We all love and appreciate what he did but even the best out there at one point can’t do it anymore the way they used to and it could be for various reasons. Some that we already know some that we don’t and maybe never will. Whatever the reason, in this case…for the own good of the club and his legacy he needs to go.

      And if he can’t make that decision on his own it is the board responsability to make sure it happens. We are at a turning point since we moved to the emirates and with so many players out of contract in the next 2 years this a chance for whoever comes in to define a proper team this summer for the next couple of years with a proper excuse if some are sold or let go!

  8. Raoh says:

    In my opinion tonight’s protest won’t be enough for that to happen. The club has been there before and you can add banners to that. So far they have shown that they don’t really care and always find to deflect attention (late push when there’s nothing to play for, FA cup win, buying one player to make us feel good).
    We would need other games where we would showcase our frustrations and that we had enough from than until the end of the season to make ourselves clear. One away game and one home game. Something like only coming in the 2nd half. Imagine a full away section empty or a home game with only away fans in the 1st 45 minutes surely the problem would become more pressing. Not only that but things aren’t clear on a few things:

    1) If he goes do the board actually have a plan and a short list in place? Because I like to finish in the top 4 as it makes our club financially stronger every year but also give us a shot at 4 competitions every year (MEANINGLESS I know). The only instance I would accept not being in it would be this season and the next if it means we have a guy like Allegri, Sampaoli or Simeone taking over as I know they will make this club better going forward.

    2) How true are the things with Sanchez? If Wenger is undermining a bonafida winner and pushing him out the door than something isn’t right moreso if he isn’t able to manage egos anymore. On the other hand if Sanchez or his agent is driving that narrative because of contract issues/he wants out.

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