If Arsenal get Lacazette and keep Alexis, will that unite the fans behind Wenger?

Well it would seem to be pretty much odds on that Arsenal will tie up the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon in the next few days, and next week should also give us the final answer on where Alexis Sanchez will be playing next season. It is certainly about time us Arsenal fans were given some good news after the last six months of uncertainty over the futures of Alexis, Ozil and Wenger.

The BBC and Sky have both confirmed that we are getting close to signing the Lyon hitman, and Wenger himself has told us that Alexis will stay even if he doesn’t sign an extension, but for some reason, us cynical Arsenal fans are finding it hard to accept these reports as the truth. Could that be anything to do with the famous “I will not sell Van Persie” saga I wonder?

Well, Ivan Gazidis in his long Q&A the other day called for Arsenal fans to unite behind Wenger for a change. He said: “I want the atmosphere to be united,”

“It has been a struggle because we haven’t had that.

“There has been disagreement. There has been a lack of unity and dissatisfaction. The board knows that.

“I beg you, please come together and give our manager and this team support.”

So I ask you all; If Wenger secures the signature of Lacazette, and persuades Alexis to extend his contract, will that be enough to get the fans behind the manager for the new season?

I certainly dread to think what the response will be if the Lacazette deal falls through and Sanchez joins Man City…….



  1. You get my vote !

    I’m all up for AFC doing well on all fronts and hope we can keep Alexis for at least another year and that he gives us his all, anything beyond that year can only be a bonus. The signings of Lacazette and any others that we can get to improve our fortunes plus, the input and endeavours of our current players in a united front, will surely put Arsenal back on the map of English football.

    COYG !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Last season was a bit hellish at times. Losing valuable points is bad enough but the circus that went on afterwards had it’s own kind of dread. Seeing rival fans and media admitting how they love AFTV after Arsenal lose was a hard pill to swallow. We do need to get right behind the team but the problem is, passion wise our fans inside the ground don’t seem to hold a candle compared to when we lose. As well the thing is, that what’s good for different websites and channels is not necessarily what’s good for Arsenal. They have conflicted interests.

  3. Alexis staying and Lacazette not enough, Ramsey/Ox/Ozil are next importance, along with at least 1 more top signing, 3 for the future kids(our academy is sub-par when it comes to producing promotable quality players into main team), clearing deadwood is important too. AW has done a bad job and we have to clear 3 year’s mess in one year, too much work pending I know

  4. It’s a big IF lol

    But it’s a big step in the right direction. I would also get a winger like Mahrez, Rodriguez or Reus if we really want to be ambitious

    But if we got Lacazette and kept Alexis I would be very happy

  5. I wonder what’s up with the situation of Jenkinson, Debuchy and Gibbs. Will they stay?

  6. The Mirror are reporting that we still want Mbappe. That we’re willing to go as far as 125m. And supposedly still interested in Lemar. Wow, now that would be something. Alexis would get sold in that scenario but we’d be back to having very promising French internationals, a bit more than promising.

  7. If we get lacazete and mbappe as well then alexis can go if he wants to. We need to sell walcott IMO. We ‘ve had enogh of him

    1. Agree along with the magician Ozil. A cheaper but more efficient Mahrez will work for me. Oh and sell of Jenks, Debuchy, Gibbs

  8. In my own Opinion If We get Lacazette and Sanchez wants to leave then i think we should Swap him with Augero. Why is said this is because Lacazette was bought to play with Sanchez and Ozil, so if Sanchez decides to leave then Swapping with Aguero would be a Massive attack for Us.
    We can Change or formation to with both Augero and Lacazette Playing as double CF, then Ozil Playing behind them…..in this formation Ozil needs a ball playing midfielder to make him roam well someone in the mould of Carzola, maybe Seri.
    I hear Mbappe deleted Monaco from his social Medial account, and we are prepared to cash in on him for £125 million, He could come and play in Sanchez’s position in that playing with ozil behind Lacazette.

  9. Again swaps do not happen because there is nothing in it for player agents!

  10. Unless it is from a reliable source i refuse to believe the story because we have never been involved with such numbers.

    1) option 1 – alexis stays and we get lacazette and lemar

    2) option 2 – alexis leaves and we get lacazette, mbappe and lemar

    3) option 3 – alexis leaves and we get lacazette, mahrez and lemar

    1) looks to be the best option for me

    3) looks be the most risky

    Not sure what others think of it

  11. we are Arsenal we will bounce back if we get the right players and keep the efficient Alexis and Magician ozil and replace little Carzola because of injury.

  12. I would like to think that the fans will unite.But whatever 11 kick of the new season one thing is for sure is we must start with a win unlike the last few seasons

  13. We will get behind the team as long as the club back our ambitions with good signings early show that they’ve learnt from our past mistakes and keep our best players simple!..

    If their only consideration is money it means they’ve learnt nothing from last season and the result will be inevitable..

  14. I think the fans will get behind Wenger if alexis, ozil stays and we get lacazette and singing lemar

    1. Even if we sign these players, do you think wenger knows the best way to combine them for each game? , How many times have we cried about wrong formation or wrong sub. Well he got some right, but he got most wrong. He’s just too conservative, we play with fear, watch our games and u see us defending after getting the first goal for fear of not being cut out, we even defend against small teams, when last have we played like our beloved arsenal beating teams 5-0, 6-1, it’s gotten Wenger’s old age in tactics written all over it. There are times I watch some of our games last season and I ask myself ‘is this arsenal’
      Now he has stated monreal to be a first team defender for this season, how is dat possible when we have Gabriel, holding. Wrong belief in weak players, I call ospina, monreal, ozil pussies. Imagine playing ozil cos of one or two special moments in a game where he plays a pass stronger and better players can play, do we play short one d rest of d 90mins, that’s y he always goes missing and u all want him to be kept

  15. I’ll definitely stop moaning and will apologize for all of my previous comments, that hinted that none of the above would happen.
    Also, I’d really love to keep the Ox, I think he’s fulfilling his potential.

  16. I generally slag off wenger on here .and we have been on this rollercoaster ride before with ARSENAL being interested in so many players.this year feels different in the fact that the players being mentioned are KNOWN to most! Cannot believe we are interested in offering £125 mill for Mppape!? Not that hes not worth it but its an expensive gamble.BUT his sell on in a few years will please the yank. But for me getting Lacette and Lemar plus Mahrez.?? Selling at all costs Dubuchey/ Gibbs/Walnutt/Giroud/Akpom/wilshire/Ox ( shame☹️)Ospina/Szneyyyyyy/Eleny/Perez Money and wages saved there will enable us to offer ALEXIS and Ozil wage rises .Anything is possible,we certainly have enough good defenders.BUT cannot see most happening????

  17. For me, no signing or absence of signing in isolation will make me believe Wenger still has what it takes. This does not mean that I am not behind the club and will be rooting hard for getting back into the top 4 and defend that as an achievement for this lot.

    But there is only one way Wenger can prove to us he is still a legend and that is by results on the pitch not by buying and selling of players. Sure I would be happy if Sanchez stays but if he is a shadow of himself because he is deeply unhappy then what good would it do to keep him? But if he stays and scores 20+ and we sign Lacazette and he scores 25+ I would be happy, but how happily depends on if it moves us up the table.

    We need to reserve judgment until after the season starts and untile after we play some games against top 7 teams IMO.

  18. Well its really a matter of probability. Keeping sanchez and signing lacazette without winning the league and the europa league will see the fans come down really hard on Wenger and the board. To win the league, he must keep the squad happy and psyche them up to maintain consistently high performance on a weekly basis. So the top guns must be made to stay while clearing deadwood should be a must too. I.e debuchy,jenkinson,Gibbs, etc. Then sign some very strong players with a good injury free history.

  19. Lets not all get excited about Lacazette until it is officially announced on the website. Remember a couple of years ago Higuan had signed,had a medical and …nothing. Wenger is the most secretive man when it comes to transfers so where do all these exclusives come from……

  20. As long as it is the Arsenal, no deal is done until it’s officially done….even when a medical is rumoured, don’t get ur hopes too high. If u must stay alive as a an Arsenal fan, while keeping your hopes alive, lower your expectations. Lol.

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