If Arsenal get Lemar, who will have to leave to make room?

Will we get Lemar and will he be enough? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello again fine Arsenal people! So whats up on the transfer market? We are in for Lemar, but it seems like Monaco are unwilling to sell and I can kind of see where they are coming from. With Bakayoko going to Chelsea and Silva to City, Monaco are hardly willing to cash in on too many other players.

It’s reported that we are willing to give 100k a week to Lemar and offer like 45 million in return for him which is something I like. It’s behaving like a big club should. If you want somebody, you do whatever you can to get him. Will the french champions sell though?

Whether we land him or not, it’s uncertain what happens to the Ox, Walcott and Alexis. On one hand it’s fifty-fifty whether all 3 aforementioned players will remain at Arsenal and the other question is the formation. If we keep the 3-4-2-1 formation than you wonder where will Lemar fit? As a wing back is the most obvious choice, but we did buy Kolasinac and we have Bellerin on the other side.

If we revert to 4-5-1 then the wing is the obvious choice, but that raises the question of whether Alexis or the Ox will leave in order of Lemar to take his place. Ideally I think we should keep both Alexis and the Ox, get Lemar and sell Walcott. That being said, the future is uncertain for quite a few players and until they put pen to paper I’m just speculating.

What I’ve liked so far this window is that we’ve sold no real squad members and hopefully we’ll continue doing the incoming business first, before we let players leave. That being said, I don’t think an eventual signing of Lemar will be enough to close business as I feel another CM will be needed.

I will finish with the mention of Everton who are having a really good transfer window and it’s Moshiri the business partner of Usmanov pouring the money there so there might be another big player in the race for the top 4. We look better this transfer window than last one. Hopefully we’ll be prepared and get off to a flying start to the season as well!



  1. We need a replacement of cazorla. Veratti would be a very good signing for us. We need one CM and one goalkeeper. Hopefully Sanchez will stay.So far our transfer window has been good. Fingers crossed. COYG!!!!!

    1. Goretzka! Cheap, young, available, experienced.

      Clocked 2.6 tackles and 2.2 interceptions per game in the Bundesliga last season, scoring 8 goals in total and 4 assists. And he’s a CM!

      He’s tall but quick and is the kind of midfielder who starts the attack but doesn’t ignore his defensive duties.

      1. Goretzka and Golovin with Lemar, our transfers will be done. Would not mind if Ramsey goes for good sum once these players arrive, even Ox situation is looking bad. Guessing that we will lose 2 of Ramsey/Ox/Alexis is not out of the blue, so we need able and young replacements

      1. Hahahha

        I’m adding neymar to that list
        Why not?

    2. There should have been another very good reaspn to do Lemar business quickly… namely that would stop Monaco selling other players to our rivals!
      I understand the art of negotiation but surely if Wenger wants Lemar thrn Gazidis should fly to Monaco and sit till the deal is done !

  2. The formation is the biggest thing for me, it seems almost certain we are going to start the season with 3 at the back.
    That leaves us with only 3 forward positions to be filled by Lacazette, Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck, Ox, Iwobi and Giroud. The fact we are going so hard for Lemar presumably means Wenger is preparing for 1 or 2 departures from the names mentioned above??

    1. Ox is 100% not playing in those front 3 positions.
      So its
      Ozil Lacazette Sanchez
      Theo Giroud Iwobi
      And Welbeck as an extra option, realistically either Theo or Danny are going to have a long spell injured.
      Anyway I still don’t believe we should be in for Lemar or Mahrez unless we sold Sanchez which.. no thanks.

  3. I’m also struggling to see the formation…

    Be mad not to keep back 3 after the success with it last season.

    Having the extra man at back perhaps allows more freedom of movement and creativity up front despite (or because of) one less person.

    So a forward line of
    Sanchez – Giroud – Lazarette, or
    Sanchez – Lazarette – Walcott or similar
    Looks very attractive

    But can Xaka and co in midfield keep control- what do you think?

  4. As per the youtube videos of Lemar, he seems a potential candidate to replace Cazorla in the midfield.

    Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasniac
    Xhaka, Ramsey
    Ox, Ozil, Sanchez

  5. On a side note Barcelona have just signed Nelson Semedo, 23, Portuguese RB from Benfica. Looks like Bellerin is definitely staying now.

  6. You all obviously asking for a cm when we all know wenger will rather use ox as a central midfielder this season. Obviously the formation i can see now is
    Mustafi koscielny monreal/holding
    Bellerin/ox ramsey/ox xhaka kolascinac
    Ozil sanchez
    Or( creating room for lemar) cause is not gonna spend huge money on player to sit on bench
    Mustafi koscielny monreal/holding
    Ox/bellerin xhaka/ramsey/ox kolascinac
    Lemar ozil sanchez
    Bellerin mustafi koscielny monreal/kolascinac
    Ramsey/ox xhaka
    Lemar ozil sanchez
    What do u think?

  7. The issue is home-grown as well which Theo and Ox count for. So if we sell them on we have to count one of our youth players for squad registration.. Personally, I’d sell Gabriel, Perez and Ospina. Promote Martinez and bring back Chambers. Buy Lemar and a CM (assuming Sanchez and Ozil stay)

      1. Not only in the centre. This only works if you are playing against 9 man. Or if Barcelona played Eibar..

  8. Sell theo wastecott cant stand the lil wasteman no skill no technical ability terrible shooting bad touch and now his pace is dropping… oh and he’s on 140k a week no brainer to me who should be sold

  9. On a side note was massively impressed with reiss nelson’s performance yesterday he looks to have a bright future

  10. Walcott is a problem because he is only good as a RW
    His quality doesn’t fit 3-4-3
    I think we may need to revert back to 4-2-3-1 if we get Lemar


    3-3-3-1 ?


  11. Option 1:

    Walcott out, Lemar in.


    OR – option 2:

    ………………..John O’Shea…………………….

    The only problem with option 2 is we may struggle to attract John O’shea, he’s big time.

    1. Funny thing is O’Shea is probably the 2nd most important player after Vidal in that team.

  12. What about a 3-4-3 with lemar as a wingback.
    Against weaker teams, it wil be ideal.


    1. Nice line-up, I’d prefer that 3 back line all day, except it will be Gabriel for mustafi, that’s grit, steel, aggression and intelligence at our back line, but imagine monreal as a CB when we have Gabriel, holding, I don’t understand wenger
      Mustafi goes into tackles headlessly
      The front line and midfield is also super human, just dat Ozil is a pussy against aggressive and big teams, I’ll prefer ox or Wilshere or mahrez….but wot do I know, wenger knows best
      Now some arsenal fans are already picturing mertesacker, nketiah , bramall, Nelson, monreal, e.t.c against the messis, ronaldos, suarez, bonuccis, of dis world……………. shaking my head

  13. Walcott needs to go! This is not even up for debate. His time at arsenal should come to an end with immediate effect. He brings nothing to the team.

  14. I could be wrong but did anyone notice that in attack, we seemed like we were playing with two strikers (3-4-1-2) and in defense we seemed almost like a full bus at the back(4-2-3-1) when we played against Sydney. Maybe there are formation changes or different formations for different games etc that Wenger is planning. It did however seem like we had a bit of directness in our attack, even before Lacazette and team came in. Might explain the Lemar push. Just thinking out loud

    1. why would we need Mahrez if we get Lemar..? Already overloaded with forwards !
      Ozil more or less committed and with Wenger confirming 3 at the back means Lacazette up front plus one other next to Ozil.. that will either be Sanchez or Lemar if Sanchez leaves.. if Sanchez stays then look to Lemar to sit next to Xhaka instead of Ramsey

  15. The following would make Arsenal legitimate EPL and CL contenders:

    Sanchez signs extension
    Lemar —$55M
    Van Dyjk—$55M
    Matic–$0 with Ox swap

    Approx. $110 spent.

    0x—$0 swap for Matic

    Approx. $100M recouped.

    The ability for Arsenal to add these three WC players while offloading predominantly fringe or past it players for practically nothing would be incredible business for the club and announce to the futbol world that the Gunners are Back!!

  16. I love that business deal….we got let some lads go….walcot and the rest of small guys….no need to have someone who doesnt add anything to the team….i would love to see a mahrez swap with walcot…lemar in…a probably one cm….we good to go

  17. I would want us to get a real proper strong and Dynamic DM….in the Mould of Fabinho, who can play as a defender and also as a defensive Midfielder. Then we convert Kolasinac to a Centre back and Lemar Plays from the wing and also dripping back to protect the area. Xhaka on the other hand will provide shield and cover for Kolasinac from the midfield to when Lemar drifs forward. Fabihno will be a sitting Dm who will immediately move to Middle if xhaka moves to the left . so my line up would be.
    Coquelin can come in for Fabihno/carvalho…Ramsey for Xhaka and Monreal for Lemar. or Meteserkar/Holding for Lemar then Kolasinac moves forward. Mind you Lemar can play ozil’s position very well too should Ozil get injures

  18. Anyone realised the all too familiar silence on transit front is returning again?

    Are we going to stop at one? And declare our transfer deals all but over?

    The sign is worrying.

      1. what’s worrying ? 1 week withoiut a transfer when we already know theyre trying to sign Mvaooe Lemar and / or Mahrez ??

        Pre seaspn tour is on so I doubt any signings to be finalised until theyre back….

        There are also other teams trying to but players that we have to compete with !

  19. As things stands, Monaco not likely to sell for anything less than £50m upfront with add on.

    Why not get Mahrez for the reported £27m Leicester wants? Good deal if you ask me.

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