If Arsenal HAD to sell the OX where has the money gone?

It has been some time since I was at school, Arsenal fans, but I was pretty good at maths and I am sure my memory has not failed me to the point where I cannot do a simple sum like adding and subtracting, but maybe it has because the numbers concerning the amount of money available to Arsene Wenger to fund the transfer deals he wanted this summer just does not add up.

So we have been told for years that the club has been run so well that we have a sizable chunk of change sat in the bank, even though the boss never actually used much of it to sign players. And if Arsenal have been performing well on the commercial side of things this cash pot would surely grow all the time.

That is why most Arsenal fans expected big things in the transfer market this summer. In fact we expected it because we were promised it and after the decision to renew the contract of our long serving manager against the wishes of many fans it felt as though the club had no choice but to spend big money on signings.

As we know that did not happen and Arsenal actually made a profit but Wenger is now telling us in a report by The Mirror that he had no choice but to sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and that begs the question of where the £100 or £200 million that we were supposed to have for transfers has gone?

The Frenchman said, “We had to sell somebody, and overall, I believe that we are today in a strong financial situation, as always, and we have a good enough squad to compete.”

We had to sell? Really? Maybe Arsenal need to check under the sofa cushions because there seems to be a couple of hundred million missing….



  1. Sue says:

    Is Kroenke eyeing up another ranch???

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      No a $1 billion dollar stadium and complex for his rams…

      1. Frank says:

        Well think of it this way. If Wenger gets paid £8 million a year as the manager. Surely the owner would expect to make more a year than an employee. How much is that c@#t taking out of the club every year.

  2. JustJoy says:

    They have been collecting all sort of money long time ago…

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    So OP,

    What you have been listening too all those years are lies,

    We were (don’t think we are now) the 7th, yes the 7th richest club in our whole great wide world. We were told we could compete, we had such and such, blah blah blah..

    But the facts remain, the wealth that’s AFC generates is not put back To create success on the pitch and win football matches. Kroenke (with the help of his cronies including arsene Wonga ) has a very definite business model that he has spoke about often. He has been very clear that he is not in the business of success on he field at a price. What he does do is take money for services and what is more he has overseen since our leaving Highbury a 20% reduction in Arsenals total expenditure in relation to player acquisitions.

    He is is the Money Making business and in protecting his income. He has no love of football and no love for Arsenal Foortball Club.

    Google Stan and you will see articles about how average his sports enterprises are. That is where we are now; and it can get worse because unlike in the US major leagues where there is no relegation, we are looking at a situation where we could possibly be dragged (if not his year, the next) into a scrap for survival.

    Here’s the guardians take on Satan Kroenke;


    Let’s get this scum bucket out and he take Wonga with him.

    Kroenke tried to make money off a tv channel if his where his rich friends shoot and kill endangered species ffs! Do you need to know anymore about this cretin!?

    “You will always be a puppet on someone else’s line if you don’t care enough about the big picture to let your tiny voice be heard. When it is combined with the tiny voices of others that is the real power.”
    Kenneth Eade, An Involuntary Spy (Involuntary Spy #1)

    FOLLOW the protest and get involved:

    DONATE [money will pay for Banners, hand-outs, planes, projections etc]:


    PLEASE Print and use on matchday and/or share on social media and help generate a groundswell of pressure against Kroenke and Wenger. If you don’t do it, who will?
    The rot MUST stop here!

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    No More Excuses [C’est Fini – It’s all over]

    Shooting Blanks

    Call to Usmanov

    Kroenke Fund Collection

    C’est Fini! [It’s All Over] – Simple Type

    Puppet & Puppeteer


  4. Roy says:

    It is all crap wait till season tickets all sold then offer 30,35,40,45 million then 5 minutes before the shop closes offer 92 million knowing the deal can’t be completed I and a million gunners supporters could do a better job, Sanchez in January if 20 million is offered keep him especially if we are looking good in FA Cup

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    The Ibrahims do not think the squad is weak

    unless there are a major injury or due to players not ready at the start of the season

    We have strengthen the attach with Lacazette

    That will fill the 15 goals gap that we are lacking past season for the missing firings…that will give us potential extra 5 to 6 game win…

    We have also strengthen our defence with Kolasanic

    There are so many opposition fans and media trying to bring the team down….

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    Sorry we are the 6th, and not the 7th most richest club in the world but apparently we still have no money!!!


  7. arsenal4life says:

    To buy we must sell.
    Ox 40 m+ Gibbs 7m
    paid for Lacazette 50 mill.
    Free Kolosinac replaced Gibbs.
    Free Chambers replaced Gabriel.
    Free injury prone Wilshere replaces the injured Cazorla 🙂
    Free Akpom replaces on loan Perez.
    Free Debuchy replaces himself.
    But I am wondering how we will replace the aging overseas “core”
    Cech 35 Mertesacker 32 Koz 31 Monreal 31 Debuchy 32 Cazorla 32 Giroud 31.
    Wellbeck Wilshere Jenkinson are also expensive liabilities.
    Making things worse is that all these players are running their
    contracts into the ground sucking up valuable transfer funds.
    9-10 quality replacements could cost 300m – 400m in today’s market.
    Still much to do before Arsene scuttles off.

    1. bran99 says:

      So the promised war chest mentioned before the window was opened, was prematurely to be generated from selling players?? Does this make any sense? Wenger was busy bidding for Mbappe, from what money? Was that bidding all a lie? There wasnt that amount of cash, was there??

      1. Ivan says:

        You are so right and this is why we all thinking people have had enough.
        Each and every year for years we get told that there is big money for the next transfer window yet most of the time, Ozil and Sanchez years apart, we shop in the bargain level.
        Then we have the spin which Wenger was peddling yesterday. It drives me mad.
        Evil Stan and Gadzidis are only in it to increase their personal wealth and Wenger is so desperate to cling on to his job that he covers for them.

        1. JJPawn says:

          There is money for the right quality player, not just a replacement.
          There is also the issue of junior players moving up.

          Wenger also can get players from other teams who are on the last year of their contracts. (Contrary to the attacks on Wenger, many teams have players nearing the last year of their contract. Next summer is going to be interesting.)

          That is why Wenger is paying higher salaries for the best players, and trying to sell English/British core, while pretending he does not want to. Proceeds from sale of a goalie, and other minor sales remain with the club along with what seems to be a regular transfer budget.

  8. sam-afc says:

    The money has gone into the great ones bank account. he got a pay raise after all didn’t he…

  9. Jean MOUELI says:

    Good morning, everyone! I am exhausted. Can we stop being negative? Let’s support Arsenal Football Club. Let’s stop being envious because we do have excellent players. We are so obsessed with Wenger and the Board that anything that relates to Arsenal isn’t satisfactory. Losing two games out of three maybe damaging, but it’s not the end of the world. Gooner for life!

    1. Mobella says:

      l have said it here on several occasions that we have lost sight of what matter most and that is arsenal. Wenger can’t live forever and certainly can’t be our coach forever. We are using our hatred for him, though i don’t hate him, to damage what we most cherish. Our negativity our getting to the players and the players we like to recruit we think twice before they come. it is not what is happening now I’m worry about but what will after this season and and next when Wenger leaves. like him or loathe him he is the reason the players we desperately want to keep are here in the first place. Transfer window is closed and now is the time to support the club and the team if not Wenger.

      1. bran99 says:

        But we live in the present, and the present hurts. Whatever side you turn everyone is making fun of you, even grannies know nowadays that Arsenal fans are to be laughed at. Should we wait for Wenger to die for us to be regarded not a laughing stock anymore?

        1. JJPawn says:

          They are making fun of us because we are running around like idiots before the season has really got going, and because we lost to Liverpool, which was not going to be win for us anyway.

          We need to get behind the team today and on game day, and after that. Even if they lose.

  10. tom says:

    alot of the fans, along with alot of media expect AFC to not be ‘competing’ but to be setting the bar…
    Its this disconnection with the truth that is partly why people are at AFC’s back.

    Granted the only solution AFC should have for EPL failures is to lower their season tickets. We can still not be the most expensive, especially if we are not in the Champions League.

    I allured to the fact our profit is used elsewhere; I already stressed the FACT AFC are a part of the owners portfolio and we are a cash cow for his other ventures. I understand this, I don’t get why others don’t and rather think ‘Wenger doesn’t know how to spend…’

    Arsenal fans need to start behaving more intelligent and start looking at the structure our employees are working in (players and management included) and let up on the Wenger bashing, its unintelligent, its boring, its half the truth!

    Come have a serious conversation with me admin, fans when you are ready.

    1. Mobella says:

      It is time we asked ourselves the question. Do arsenal deserve to win EPL and Cl the way the club being run. Nobody should tell me we should be competing if we can’t win it because that is what the 20 clubs in the league are doing. Otherwise the cup will just be handed over to the club that spends most money during transfer. Nice insight Tom.

    2. JJPawn says:

      “I allured to the fact our profit is used elsewhere;”

      Good for you. Now get me the facts you are alluding to.

      I do know some other facts: Chelsea owe a billion to an oil baron; City have owner from an oil rich country; United are the biggest club in the world it seems.

      Liverpool tried, and tried again and again until they have something going.

      Spurs have had some excellent home grown talent (that may not be able to hold on if Maurinho and others have say).

      So… attack the Arsenal owners as much as we want, but support the players and Wenger alone.

      1. Ivan says:

        JJPawn, I know from your previous posts that you deeply care about the club so can I ask if you are happy with the position we have seen for more than 10 years where we are now just a team who can only compete in the domestic cup competitions?
        If not what is your proposition to see change?

        1. JJPawn says:

          Love this club. Correct Ivan! Thanks for noticing.

          Change the owners, yes. I despise them.

          Find new investors. I am willing to buy a share of the club along with millions of fans. Then invest 300M or so to allow Wenger can get a team together without problems. (Or the other fan-owners hate Wenger, get another coach to rebuild, maybe the sour one, at Athletico?)

          We know that buying our team cannot happen. The current owner will not let go. Then Wenger is the best Boss by far to work with restraints. I want him to get to his new vision of a small team with high salaries, fewer transfers in, but more free-transfers like Kolasanic.

          Next summer there are supposed to be dozens of players whose contracts are running out. I am certain that Wenger will get at least one top player from that group. Maybe more. Several 200K/wk salaries.

          Style of play: we need to play possession to beat most clubs, but we need better players with a football brain to beat Liverpool the way Bayern beat Dortmund. (Each of the current Bayern players are making less on average now than Arsenal players, I think. Ditto with Spurs players, who want to get paid. We can poach from weaker clubs, but hold on to our best with high wages, and even poach some bench warmers from Real, Barca, etc. as we have in the past.)

          I support what Wenger is trying to do in a tough space. However, if he sees that by next year his theory about contracts running out is not a new trend, he should resign demanding the owners provide the funds OR sell the team to a richer owners. In fact, Wenger is now asking for foreign investors to come in thus (dumping financial fair play).

          Wenger knows this game and where it is headed more than all of us in my view. He loves the club more than all of us. He is also ethical. (It is told that he could had Mbappe (or Lemar?) if he bribed the family… true or not, I do not know.) Being ethical in a dog-eat-dog world is amazing, and it has cost us a couple of titles, I am sure.

          1. Ivan says:

            I agree with alot of what you say although you won’t be surprised about where we will have to agree to differ. As I see it Wenger cannot motivate the players he has to even try and his team selection and tactis are bizzare to say the least. Based on money spent we should at least be able to compete with the ;likes of Liverpool and Spuds.

          2. JJPawn says:

            “Based on money spent we should at least be able to compete with the ;likes of Liverpool and Spuds.”

            That would mean we are third or fourth at least for sure.

            However, the Spurs are a really strong side, getting stronger. Ditto with Liverpool. The implication is that we have to spend much more and absorb the new players sooner to just be competitive. We needed two more signings for two of the three positions: RW, DM, and back three.

            Yep, we do disagree on motivation. To me that is a side issue, as they guys should fine, if the fans get behind them. If go to another stadium it is real support of fans hungry to bring down Arsenal. Ours just assume it is our right to win!

            I think that we can beat ManCity at home, and bring down Liverpool and Spurs at home. Our bigger issue is making sure not lose games like the one against Bournemouth or Stoke. For that we need load, animated fanatical support….

            Contrary to fan belief, among professionals, Wenger is respected, even admired. That is why a Lamar would want to play for Wenger. The player problem in Arsenal is a desire to win the EPL, and not being able to do so. That is definitely Sanchez’s issue. So, he wants to leave, rather play alongside the British core. (You can imagine the mouthy Theo or Ramsey telling Alexis how to be more motivated, how important tradition is at Arsenal, etc., while the two Brits are unable to perform at the Chilean’s level.)

            Wenger gets blamed for everything, including why my dog barks at the postman.

          3. Ivan says:

            The Liverpool fiasco is not a one off. Wenger used to be respected but that has worn thin. You only have to listen to every TV pundit to hear how they feel he is no longer capable of doing his job. He reminds me of the likes of Clough (minus the drink) and Matt Busby who carried on past their sell by date and set their teams on a downward spiral. Actually as I write this also our own George Graham who also lost the plot and picked some bizzare lineups.
            Wenger is responsible for picking the team, tactics and motivating players and has been failing in every aspect.
            To expect fans to blindly get behind a team that is not well organised and does not try is expecting way too much.
            I am not sure how long you have been watching Arsenal but does this team not remind you of the 1980s team before George Graham arrived? All overpaid players poorly organised with a soft underbelly.
            PS – If your postman backs Wenger too he deserves to be barked at.

  11. GO says:

    When Wenger said Arsenal had to sell, he wasn’t saying its for the money, he was saying the squad size needs to be trimmed. Really selling the OX wasn’t one of Arsenal’s failure during this summer transfer window, I will even think its their biggest success because #40m for him is a fantastic piece of business – but why we didnt take that money straight to Shalke for Goretzka is what beats me – Imagine loosing the Ox to get him?. There are other silly things like not resolving Sanchez’ future and rather, living in denial until the last minute. Like not buying a midfielder of the Goretzka or Cavhalo Mould (Since we didnt, its high time we revert to 4-3-3 and play Calum Chambers in midfield alongside Xhaka, let Ramsey, Ozil and Wishere struggle for the #10 position because no matter what you tell Ramsey to do, he will go into the pitch and play as a 10. He is adamant and thats costing the team. His runs brings in some goals to the team but it costs us more goals than he scores for us.) Ozil is running out his contract and I think Ramsey will be a fantastic replacement but definitely not as part of the pivot. He is the singular reason we are conceding so much goals this season. I will suggest replacing him with Chambers till we get a specialist Defensive Midfielder (Isn’t it THE SAME POSITION that Arsenal fans have been talking about for a decade?) in January. And on the other hand, what more does Nelson need to do to start getting a place on the Arsenal’s bench at least? Mbappe was 17 last season and he scored 24 goals in the league and now sold for #160m – Nelson, and I dare say Willock and Nketiah are quite close to that level if given the chance.

    1. JJPawn says:


      I agree with a lot of what you are saying.

      You cannot do this: ” but why we didnt take that money straight to Shalke for Goretzka is what beats me” as there are other teams interested.

      Wenger has to manage British egos, and that is tough as a foreign manager once hated for making the French team world class.

      But, now Wenger is willing to these over-hyped players for more than they are worth. Then use that money on high salaries for better players like Kolasanic. There are dozens of top players with contracts running down, and next summer Wenger will compete on salary rather than transfer funds, is my guess.

      So… shrinking that team down to size is crucial. I wish we could have put Ramsey on the market for 50-60M this season! Or Theo for 30M. Imagine life for Wenger without entitled players who all think they can play through the middle at a world class level! Imagine life for us without dead weight noise.

  12. Oluwafemi says:

    The necessity of sale was not as a result of balancing the clubs ledger prior to the sale of the Ox. Rather, it was to ensure that we would not then be plunged into a debit balance after the purported purchase of T. Lemar. In looser terms, we had a credit balance prior to the sale of the Ox(en) but not enough to stage a £92m transfer bid, which we eventually made for T. Lemar. We therefore needed to sell to achieve this bid in line with being able to satisfy the fiscal obligations of the bid. We sold and then achieved that necessary credit balance but we did not again purchase with that newfound financial muscle. A for tiori, today, Arsenal has a credit bank balance. The question that therefore begs to be answered is, what are we gonna do with all that money? Does it go back into the Club’s financial books or does it remain in the Club’s transfer market ledger?

    1. JJPawn says:

      I hope we use it for high salaries for some of the best players in the world… it is the only way outside of winning the EPL to keep them focused.

      $ = PLAYER EGO or GREED

      (In the NFL it seem the best running back, turned down the best contract, wanting to be paid like he was a running back and #2 receiver at the same time!)

  13. Vlad says:

    Do you not read the news, guys? Kroenke will not invest a single dollar in the club. We are self sustainable, and are pretty much required to manage our own finances. Some think that Wenger makes too much money for what he does, and I actually think he doesn’t make enough. The guy is a manager, director of football, scout, trainer, dietician, but most of all he’s a FINANCIAL GENIUS (no sarcasm intended). He has a degree in economics, and he knows how to operate on a tight budget. That’s all that’s needed by the owner and the board whose sole interest is not winning trophies but pocketing as much cash as they can. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s our reality. We can whine about it all we can, but nothing will change until Kroenke steps down. Whether Wenger leaves or not will not make any difference whatsoever, and I can’t believe guys like Konstantin and the likes don’t see it.

    1. Stanivarsene must go says:

      One thing Wenger is not – is a financial genius. Allowing 3 of your top talents reach their last year of contract and leave for free is financially criminal.

      If Ozil and Alexis leave for free the cost will be over 100Million. That is financial suicide.

      Instead of giving them large contracts 12-18 months ago, which would have maybe cost us 5-10M extra a year now we are loosing 100M in transfer revenue and obviously we need to replace them.

      Arsene is penny wise pund foolish.

      1. JJPawn says:

        According to you we should have sold them all. Yes?

    2. JJPawn says:

      Vlad, you impaled the noisy Wenger haters so well.

  14. JJPawn says:

    “he had no choice but to sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain”

    Simply means that he wanted to sell the Ox, as he is not world class.
    You do understand how business is done, right?

    The boss did a brilliant bit of selling. He is willing to break the bank for a superstar, that is where the money has gone, along with paying down expenses.

    What Wenger does not have are unending cash flows that are at United, City and Chelsea. So compete with them, he is going the route of wages. He is going the route of a smaller team and higher wages for the right players.

    I am hoping the boss will also hype others like Theo and Ramsey and get rid of them too, and I hope the fans will play up the quality of these two and help the club. So, if you all moan about the loss of Theo and Ramsey it would help the club.

  15. Ayodeji says:

    A girlfriend that knows nothing about football asked me “why do keep supporting a ‘losers’ club”. I was speechless. How is that for a reputation?

    1. JJPawn says:

      A reputation that is due to fans who make the incorrect noise, rather than support their manager and play to dominate at home, and be more successful as a team.

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