If Arsenal invest in a new striker, of course Jesus will lose his starting spot

Will the purchase of a new striker affect Jesus’ career at Arsenal?

As published by JustArsenal recently, our former midfielder Emmanuel Petit has posited that signing a new striker will benefit Gabriel Jesus but that is far from the truth, and here is why.

The 1998 World Cup winner admitted in his words that the Brazilian “lacks the coolness in front of goal” and that makes him unfit to be our first-choice striker for what we want to achieve now and in the future.

He is notorious for missing gilt-edged chances, underperforming his expected goals in the last three seasons in the Premier League, scoring eight goals from an expected 9.8 two seasons ago, 11 from 14  last term, and has scored 4 from 5.4 XG this campaign, per Fbref.com

There is no doubt that Jesus is a good player but he doesn’t have what it takes to become a world-class striker at the moment which explains our search for a new central forward.

It might be argued that due to our recent free goalscoring form,  we do not need a central forward and that we can still make do with the inadequacy of the former Manchester City forward, but that argument has been thrown in the bin by Mikel Arteta.

Asked in his pre-match conference ahead of the Gunners’ Premier League clash with Brentford on whether his side’s recent goal-scoring form has changed his thought about getting a new striker, the boss told the club’s official website

“No, the plans that we have for the summer are very clear and were done almost at the start of the season, understanding what we can have, the contract situations that we have with some players, and how we want to improve and maintain the level of the team. This certainly has not changed anything.”

More so, Jesus’ worrying injury record would do him more damage in the presence of a new number 9. He has missed 15 games due to injury this season and was unfit for 17 matches for club and country in the last campaign.

A player’s best asset is his availability and with Jesus lacking that, his place in the team will look more vulnerable when we bring Ferguson or any player that could rival him.

While the 26-year-old can also play as a right winger, we all know that position is that of Bukayo Saka at the moment and it is highly unlikely the former displaces the latter.

Therefore, in contrast to what Petit said, bringing in a new central forward like Ferguson or any other player who can put the ball in the back of the net consistently could spell doom for Jesus’ career at the club.

I confidently predict that he will get his game time reduced and ultimately lose his place in the team which will culminate in his departure from Arsenal.

Abdulkareem Abdulhamid

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  1. No reason why our strikers should get jumpy by the prospect of an addition ‘quality goal threat’ in our side. We would be able to make a sustained assault for all major honors – domestic cups and European. Arsenal have morphed back again into a formidable side i’m excited to say. By comparison I can recall man utd used cole, york, sherringham and solskjaer and all interchanged to mount a formidable football winning campaign – there’s room enough for arsenal to build a something comparable or dare I say it build something better. So far we’re going good but adding more to our strikers can only be a step in the right direction – Gabriel Jesus must know this does not mean he needs to be shown the door, he simply needs to stay put.

  2. I much agree with Abdulkareems final line, in particular, AND WITH HIS ARTICLE AS A WHOLE.
    I pride myself on seeing events unfolding before some others do and a month or so ago I twice posted that I see either this, or possibly NEXT season, being Jesus’s final one at Arsenal .

    Unless MA sees sense and plays Zinchenko ONLY as a midfielder in future, I think the same will be HIS case too.
    Both have proven to be injury prone and TBH, if both left this summer, I will be quite content.

    That was not my view a year ago, but timing and changing events alters opinions. At least it does so for wiser fans.

    1. I think Arteta is coming to terms with what Pep already knew at City.

      1. Jesus is not a starting striker
      2. He is best on the RW.

      I think it is best for Arsenal to make Jesus a backup striker and rotate with Saka on the wing.

      I see him getting unsettled and eventually sold and replaced with a cheaper backup option.

      Simply not reliable and too injury prone, and does not score enough to be considered a striker.

      Club before player, so he will be off and contract not extended.

      I also think Zinchenko will be leaving in the future and not extended. I would sell this Summer with Kiwior proving himself and Timber the predictable 1st choice at LB.

      1. Durand I suggest that MOST prescient Gooners will agree with us both. Neither Jesus nor Zinny will remain here long, as we both know!
        Both were decent buys at the time and both remain talented,but events have moved along fast and as I always say, events and timing alters longer term plans.

  3. Whoever we buy he’s still going to be more than good enough to start games. His injury record is the only worry. His and zinchenkos signings raised the level of the football club and deserve more respect than some of these comments are giving them. Huge members of the squad

    1. Mikel most likely encouraged both players to have belief in what was initially a ‘project’ and both the players have been instrumental in seeing the club to the lofty heights we reached last season. I don’t see the gaffer losing faith and showing them out. Arsenal backroom staff will get Jesus back to all round fitness – it could well be the coming game against fc Porto that sees either of these making contributions to a win. Suppose GJ scores or assists us into the next stage of the european competition or in our up and coming important games. I for one wouldn’t count either of these players out when it comes to big competition mentality. Added to this MA’s rapport with GJ goes back to his time at Manchester City – im saying these are not at an ‘age’ where you say let’s sell ’em on, its really simple get them both fit and ‘we go both of the again’ – footballers are humans albeit high performing athletes BUT they ‘re certainly not automatons.

      1. get them both fit and ‘we go with both of them as option again’ – footballers are humans….etc…

  4. I think and hope Jesus has all ready lost his “starting” spot, for now at least. He will have to earn it back. The BIGGEST mistake at the end of last season was putting Jesus in for a non productive spell at the end of the season, which resulted in Trossard sat on the bench and Jesus firing blanks.

  5. Arsenal might will purchase a new striker but I don’t think we need one, due largely to Kai Havertz’s impressive displays in that position.

    Unless we are trying to get Vlahovic or a player of similar caliber I think it’s pointless because that player has got to do more than Havertz.

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