If Arsenal keep Aubameyang then Lacazette must stay too?

Aubameyang contract edging ever closer! by Shenel Osman

So, as rumours circulate that our star striker seems to be edging ever closer to signing that long-awaited contract extension it is becoming clearer that we may have to get rid of some of our current players in order to fund his deal and also bring in other new players.

Rumours suggest that Lacazette could be on his way out in order to free up some funds and get different players in using the fee we would gain from selling him.

It is a great shame if we do end up losing Aubameyang’s strike partner and friend, both on and off the pitch because although he does have some inconsistent games, who doesn’t, I feel Lacazette and Aubameyang work well together and even if Lacazette does not score every game or as much as Aubameyang does he does work well off of the ball at times where he is either holding the ball up or even getting assists for those around him.

There is no denying that Aubameyang and Lacazette do work well together and have a good working and personal relationship. It is clear that having both player options in our team is a major plus, but if one of those was to leave, I feel the team would not have the same dynamic.

The relationship and positivity both players share with one another also can be seen reflected in the team as a whole, so losing one of these players (if not both) may also break down the positivity within the team. Would we really want that to happen given how long it has taken to get to this positive outlook?

I don’t feel that Lacazette should be sacrificed to create funds for other players coming in or players signing contract extensions. I think Lacazette adds more to the team then certain other players do, and should not be the one in the firing line to be sent away.



  1. I think Laca still has an important role to play, but the financial constraints of trying to rebuild the squad may leave us no choice.

    Fantastic team player, important part of the dressing room and a top bloke. I hope we can find a way to keep hold of him.

  2. We need to raise funds somehow, and Laca has only one year left on his contract. He’s edging towards 30, and just had a poor season, so it’s a fair risk to offer him a 3/4 year deal, and hope he rediscovers his form at that age.

    I get Laca’s role of occupying the CB’s, whilst Auba sneaks in from the left wing, but also hate seeing Auba deep in our own half defending. As much as I love his teamwork, a striker of his ability needs to only be at the other end of the pitch.

    1. Laca may be Aubam.’s mate but he has disappointed. Plays most of his football inside the opps. penalty area AND misses chances. His play around the pitch is not good enough and his head goes down fast !

  3. I wouldn’t mind keep Laca… but ONLY if we can afford it.

    Alex is a great asset for the team, player of the season 2 seasons ago, and even if he hasn’t scored anywhere near as much last season, his work rate has been excellent, which is a key component of Arteta’s way of playing.

    Now I mentioned “if we can afford it” because, so far, we haven’t sold ANY player and the club MUST raise up funds to finance the new Auba deal, be able to trigger Thomas Partey release clause AND his 200k a week requested salary (although hopefully they’d manage to an extent to repeat the successful Willian negotiation style and have a solid chunk of that being performances bonuses so they’d pay for themselves thanks to trophies prize money and top 4 finish).

    IF I had to decide who’s more important for Arsenal for the coming seasons between adding a DM like Partey and keeping a centre forward like Laca, it’d unfortunately be the DM with 100% certainty.

    Auba would score even more if he played from the centre, we already have talented youngsters like Saka to replace him on the left wing (+ now Willian) and Martinelli or Nketiah can be our 2nd and 3rd choices up front, which could be what they need to hugely progress.

    With 2 years left on his contract, now could be a decent time to cash in on Laca unfortunately…

    1. zTom, I agree with your rationale. After resigning Aubameyang, Thomas Partey is critical.
      If Lacazette is sold, it will be interesting to see if Aubameyang’s numbers are affected. Yes, he should have an upgraded midfield and defense behind him, but so called “Lacathreat” is seen as a goal threat by defenders and draws defenders away from other forwards, as well as being able to play with back to goal, hold up play etc.

  4. No central striker in the league scored more goals than Auba last season. This year Vardy, a central striker scored 1 goal more.

    Central strikers in Liverpool and Man City have not scored more from a central striker position than Auba have from the left wing.

    These teams have had better seasons, have scored more team goals than Arsenal. And their central strikers have not scored more than Auba. This suggest to me that Auba will not score more as a central striker. At least not significantly more. There are several reasons but the main one is that the central striker have to deal with 2 central defenders that are typically better at defending than your average fullback. You also have to deal with CM and DM crowding the central area.

    So why fix something that is not broken?

    1. Yes, The Deluded One, didn’t fix something that is not broken.

      Auba was never broken at number 9. Before he came here, only play 9 and he always score goals, many goals. He came here and played 9 and still scores. In German he scores more than 30 goals in a season and more than once. Arteta move him to the wing and he still score goals, and solute what?
      What we need to do now is analysis Auba as a winger. Firstly he doesn’t want to play wing. He is too tall and doesn’t have the skill to be a good winger. A winger much has more skill and help a lot in midfield play, controlling the ball, Auba is not doing a good job regards this, he lost the ball to many times when he is too deep. He has ball skill, but he can’t run with the ball at the defense the way good wingers do like Mane, Sterling and Pepe. He can run well, but without the ball, like a good striker do.
      So you main guy score the majority of your goals much run him in the ground on the wing, that is not very clever. You see that he miss a lot of good chance at the end of the, the reason is because he was doing too many running, and then he is not fresh enough.
      A current better balance attack would be Auba in the middle, Pepe on the right and Saka on the left and we could have beaten Spur, Aston Villa, Brighton and Leicester and end the season 4th
      Auba will always score goals doesn’t matter if he is in the middle or at the wing, but for the better of the team and the balance of our attack, Auba is better off in the middle.
      I will not be surprise if he negotiate only playing at 9 as part of his new deal.

    2. Absolutely spot on.

      In addition lets look at Liverpool where Firmino plays the same role as Laca. Firmino is always the first on the team sheet, he plays 9, he doesn’t score as many goals as scored by the wingers, Mne and Sala and yet he still remains the core of the team. Klopp is one of the best coaches/managers around and he is happy with him. Laca always scores more goals than Firmino. So I don’t know what is that we complain of Laca. He needs to stay

  5. Has two years left, if not sold then we should renew his contract, whenever, you enter last year of contract with a player, you risk high contract demands or running of time to be released for free, which Arsenal cannot afford. He is 29.

    He is a good player, but not bigger than the club.

  6. May God bless you for your post. I mean, other top clubs desire to have 2 or 3 top scorers (not U-23 I meant) but Arsenal fans and the media would suggest Lacazette’s sale?! Very pathetic. Injury affected his games plus Arteta’s preference yo start Nketiah even long after Alex’s recuperation. Arsenal will rue it if he’s sold. Please check out the quality of his goals! BOOM!!!

  7. Get rid of him, the earlier the better for money’s sake. This chap went over a year goal drought in away games. You cannot challenge for honors with such stats. Grab the money and run to the bank. Rennes also seems interested in Luis, grab that money and hide somewhere. Socrates is wanted in Italy, good riddance. Grab the money and run as fast as you can. Mkhi and Elneny almost sorted out with loan deals, good going. Only one menace remains, oh, but he does sell jerseys, so why not open another counter at the Emirates? But make sure we have a proper recliner!!

    1. Totally agree with you Sokratis Mikhi ,Elneny,Laca, but add to that list Ozil, Torriera Kolasinac and possibly Chambers. Wow that is 8 players in total. Ok Ozil isnt going to go anywhere he just wants to see out his contract for the money 350k regardless to playing or not. but the rest would defo bring in some money.Around 100 million for the lot to reinvest or to cover the costs of Gabriel,Willain and Partety….and just want to say its all about SMITH-ROWE this season the guy is going to get his chance and he will grab it with both hands and not look back !! 🙂

  8. Not often I dosagree with you but I am afraid I see no benefit to keeping Laca. We have two young brilliant players to replace him in Nketia and Martinelli. Cashing in on Laca to help pay for younger more urgent players is obvious. We all know that a world class CB to pair with Saliba and Luiz plus Holding and Marni will give us the defence we have lacked for about 8 years. If we also bring in a world class DMF and keep Cebalos we have a squad that is second to none. Sadly Ozil who was world class has engineered his luxury life by refusing to take a pay cut and turn his AFC career into a political fight rather than what he was bought for and that ids playing for The Arsenal. Out of decency he should leave for his preffered country Turkey to allow young stars like Smith Rowe to fill the gap.

    1. I agree Ozil should leave for pastures green and allow Smith-Rowe his chance to show what he is about. Yes Ceballos would be good to get back for one more season whilst Smith-Rowe finds his feet but if he doesn’t then i am not bothered. As i think Smith-Rowe has enough about him to prove he is good enough to replace them both as our play maker !! I am sure Arteta will use Smith-Rowe this season without doubt !! with Gabriel, Wilian,Saliba and Partey coming in i am more than happy !! 🙂

      1. The problem with Özil is that the contract Gazidis/Minslintat/Sanllehi offered him means that there is no club on the planet where the grass will be greener… 🙄
        He’s going nowhere.

  9. Laca is an average sticker, 3 yrs at the club with an average stats every year, he can go. We have enough wingers now, Auba can play through the middle. Pepe, Saka, Wilian, as well as Marinelli can play on the wing. Auba through the middle back up by Nketiah as well as Marinelli, and that will be a very well balanced attack. We can use Laca money to invest in other position. I will is sell Laca & Ozil and buy a no 10 like Jack Grealish and we will have a world class attack

    1. why buy grealish ? we have our own play maker already at the club and a bloody good one at that .. SMITH-ROWE that guy is about to be unleashed by Arteta this season and personally i think he will grab his chance with both hands and not look back. Mark my words grealish is not needed we have SMITH-ROWE !!

      1. I agree with you regards Smith Rowe, but he is not a first starter at the moment, Jack is a already a great player and would be a upgrade on Ozil. For me Smith would be the back-up for 10 and a future great player for us.

    2. well said but none of those younger lads is a ball holding striker. There are some games you regret selling laca

      1. With younger player do you what to hold the ball central striker or wingers. Liverpool is not playing with such a player and the won the league. Is Laca a better hold up the ball player than Auba, no.
        Let’s look at Laca as a striker, he too slow, too shorty, take too long when he has the ball, his overall skill level is also not so great and his striking ability is average. Why do you think his score stats is so low, is because of all these facts. No, I don’t think we will miss Laca, I think without him we will go from an average team to a better team.

        1. And City as well, they also are not playing with a striker that hold up the ball. The hole trick of all the modern teams is to control the ball right from the goalkeeper up until the front, even the striker is skillful, like in Liverpool and City case

          1. Hi Henry
            Liverpool front 3 score far more goals than our front 3, so they are already better than us, but we can better that, if our we re-arrange our front 3, than will be playing Auba in the middle and player that are more suites to play at the wing, next year we can close the gap on Liverpool, and that will be without Laca

    3. I think Laca is “an average sticker”; however he is a very good #9 with his good hold up play, dropping deep to collect the ball, playing back to goal and drawing defenders away from Aubameyang, Pepe et al.
      We will miss him when he’s gone, but if sold it needs to be serious money.

      1. Hi Ozziegunner
        Sorry, striker. But you have me confuse, average striker, good 9, but it is the same position, but that you any case. So this hold up play, dropping deep to collect the ball, playing back to goal and drawing defenders away from Auba, Pepe et al, makes him a good 9. I am sorry but I disagree with you, if every player across the EPL, Championship L, L1, L2, who does a certain job is good than we have too many champions. Well is good to quote something you pick up somewhere, but it takes skill to put in perspective. You need to proof the result of his play of Laca, Now I would say the reward factor would be a good indication of how effective this play is.
        I would say that the rewards can be the following
        1. Goals scored for this
        2. Assists for this
        3. Chances create for this
        4. Games won for this
        5. Big impact moments, than chance games
        6. Win the league and Cups
        7. Qualify for Champion league or Europa
        8. Actual pick up EPL ward like for assist or chance create, or even a team one
        Now I would say that there is some level of achievement and even in 1 or 2 case some brilliant moments, but the stats is telling us that even this play of Laca is average, and you can even say below average
        The next step is look at the actual play of the player himself and that will tell you why the stats are so low.
        1. He turns the ball a lot of times.
        2. He get involved in fouls, he has the second high fouls in team after Xhaka
        3. So time he does control the, but most of that times he take so long the opportunity is gone but the time he is in full control of the ball.
        4. And at a very low %, the results for this play.

        Now if anyone is tell you that Laca is a good striker and not an average striker that one is lying to you because evidence is not supporting that. Sorry everything about this guy is average, goals score, assists, chance created, control the ball, even holding it up, not even talking about the fact that you can’t use him as a target man, his too short.
        I will put the cherry on the cake for you, the amount that Laca will go for if he goes, will be of an average striker.

  10. Very average player. Love tje guy but 10 goals and 4 assists is pants. Lets be honest. Move him on

  11. Aslong as Auba signs a new deal, I’m not too bothered about Lacazette moving on if we spend the money on improving the squad! Would love to see us getting a quality right back as we already have a quality left back and if Gabriel signs and Saliba already here the backline is beginning to look very good.. Partey must be signed next 🙏

    1. I totally agree a Top right back is needed balleriner aka Bellerin for me isnt a great right back and needs to go !! and Laca for me isnt a great striker, he needs to many chances to score and doesnt strike fear in any defender or team. He hasnt got a game, in that i mean not a target man, doesnt play on the shoulder of the last defender using the channels. He is always out of position when we need him to be upfront he is always behind the play.I would like to see us sign Wot from Wolfsburg he is everything we need strong brings others into play holds the ball up when needed plays the channels and scores for fun !!

    2. i meant Wout from wolfburg !! lol what a player he is go watch some of him on youtube i think you will agree….

      1. Definitely Carl I still think right back is a weak area we should try to improve on.. I could throw a few names out there but it’s pointless as we know Bellerin will start the season as first choice with Cedric his back up! Yeah for me he misses too many opportunities and when he has a bad game he is absolutely shocking and looks like a red card waiting to happen also. I’ve seen weghorst a few times man, he does look like a very good forward not just tall but can play and finish but definitely wouldn’t come cheap.. some fans would be probably be like who ? But I’d be really happy if we replaced him with Lacazette 👊

    3. Thats why we need to persuade AMN to stay.
      IMO for the past 2 seasons he’s been a better RB then Bellerin although after the restart Bellerin has been starting to show some form under Arteta. Maybe Arteta has given him his mojo back.
      It’s to early to judge Soares. It’s his pace that worries me. With teams around us using young wingers with pace I don’t know if he’ll have the legs for it.
      I know AMN wants to play on the right wing. It’s up to Arteta to convince him it’s his versatility to play in a number of positions thats his strength and is an important member of the squad.

      1. NWL Dan I agree I do hope we keep hold of AMN his versatility is also something which is hard to find. Let’s hope the board don’t decide to cash in.

        1. He say’s (allegedly) he wants to be a 1st team starter and play on the RW. He knows he won’t get that at Arsenal.
          It’s his versatility that is holding him back and keeping him as a squad member on the bench. He can fill in at RB, LB, RW, LW or in the MF to cover for injuries.
          Allegedly Sanllehi wanted to sell him but Arteta wanted him to stay.
          It’s down to Arteta to convince him to stay and assure him that even though he won’t be an automatic starter and will be filling in different positions he is still a hugely important member of the team and will equally share the success of the team.

    4. Max Aarons from relegated Norwich City, funded by selling Bellerin and/or Kolasinac. Arsenal need to act quickly because German clubs are sniffing around.

  12. totally disagree Laca has had a bad run for far too long now and even when he does score the odd goal which is rare. He offers nothing to the team bar running around looking for the ball. He doesnt link play up he doesnt close down to defenders and he is always out of position when we need him upfront he is never there. He takes 7 chances to score one goal and that is not good enough. He doesnt have a game, he doesnt play on the shoulder of the defender he isnt a target man and he never uses the channels. He is a chancer in that i mean if he is their upfront he might get onto something now and then. I hear people say he works hard and holds the ball up?? I personally have watched him every game he plays and for me he is neither. Yes maybe works hard but no end result. Arsenal deserve better and over the years have had so so much better.Laca is not a threat that other teams are scared of, he doesnt strike fear into defenders, as they know to well how to handle him and why he is never upfront when we need him to be.. Everyone says it was just a bad season but again i disagree, he has never been a dangerous striker. Id sell him and bring in Wout from Wolfsburg.. Martinelli deserve a chance he deserves more game time and Abua deserve to be playing in his fav postion and where he is best ie upfront.. With Eddy ahead of Laca in the starting order and Martinelli going to be fit and pushing for a position in the starting line up i cannot see where Laca can fit in !!

    1. What the fck?
      Laca does not close down defender? Does not link up play? Wow. Don’t know what games you have been watching.

      He is not scoring enough. That is fair. But saying that he offers nothing to the team is absurd.

      1. Hi Goonster
        Please help us which games did we win or score a where Laca close down defenders. He is too slow, he can’t close down defenders effectively. He does an averages job. And the evidences is very clear, we an average team and if we don’t get rid of these average players, we would play champion league soon. Since the like of Laca and Xhaka is here Champion league have disappeared

        1. Every single game since his pressure is the number ONE point of satisfaction that Arteta said he had about Lacazette’s performances…

          1. Hi zTOM

            Can you actual think for yourself or you can only quote what you read and pick from someone. Can you actual make a statement back up with proof and evidence and complete reasoning that make sense, like back up your statement with a good example, or you first need to call Arteta.
            I still waiting for the game where Laca had an big impact with his pressure game or you also need to ask Arteta first.

  13. Media played catch up on Gabriel Malghaes to Arsenal. Don’t pay attention to all the fake prices making rounds. Deal was agreed weeks ago and even though he wants Arsenal Napoli want to up their bid for him.

  14. Pause! Laca wants to go from what I understand.. why wouldn’t he when a player of his class will be on the bench and watch Nketiah play ahead of him do you think Auba will take that? A player that is wanted by European giants Juve and Athleti.. we are saying it as if he has no choice and we want to offload him.. make no mistake Laca is class and when he goes to a stronger team where they can create for him Arsenal will realize what we lost.. he had a bad season? Arsenal had a bad season we created one of the least chances in the league how do you expect a striker to shine with that.. Auba got goals because from the wings he always gets the ball I am not saying Laca is better than Auba but Arsenal has failed Laca is what I will say and fans shouting Nketiah is like you have forgotten Chuba Akpom.. you need a certain amount of experience not youth to win in football.. Manure is a good example of what we were always nearly because those kids lack the experience to finish it off.. Nketiah is not ready to lead our lines.. I can take the exception of Martinelli because of raw talent but please let’s not go back to those youthful days that is how our drought started.. but I wish Laca all the best however it pans out and his friendship with Auba is not going to affect the team that is ridiculous this is football business not a neighborhood watch committee.

  15. It’s a conundrum. We need to sell to bring in funds. With the pandemic still going and teams taking financial hits just like we have teams are looking to do cost saving deals. Would we be able to sell Laca for his full market value?
    I would like to see Auba played as a central striker. If it meant selling Laca for this to happen I would of been open to selling him but according to physio room Martinelli is not due back in training this calendar year. Selling Laca means we only have 2 recognised strikers in Auba and Nketiah to see us through to January.
    So do we
    1. Sell him now and rely on 2 strikers till January?
    2. Sell him and use some of the funds to buy another striker? (will the new striker be an upgrade on him).
    3. Keep him and sell at a later date which will means looking at other ways to raise funds?

    1. Selling Ozil (yeah, I know), Sokratis, Mustafi, Chambers, Guendouzi, Elneny, Kolasinac and Mkhitaryan will bring in a tidy sum. I don’t know why Elneny and Mkhitaryan are being loaned out when they have no future in the club.
      Sell Torreira if we get Partey.
      Are other clubs in a position to buy? Do we still keep Laca or sell him.
      That’s why to me It’s a conundrum.

  16. Thinking of selling Laca still baffles me, cos it will definitely send us back to square1. An attacking line of Auba, Laca, Pepe with Willian behind them can almost match any other teams. So Y gamble a so called Partey that may fail. Players like Ozil & other bench warmers can be used to generate fund not a sure starter.
    To know Laca’s impact, please watch Arsenal’s moves on youtube & see him at the center of almost every good move.

  17. Totally agree with you. Auba needs an unselfish player like Laca in the team and besides having those two upfront is something any club would like to have. Sell anyone except Laca to make room for Auba’s wages and transfer signings.

    1. That’s true Lacca is a real central striker must stay cause is he knows how to put pressure on defenders.

  18. I agree that laca is not good enough upfront, but let us take look at this, in juventus ronado play through left side and he score morethan striker, even in madrid, that’s not mean the striker is not good enough, i want you to agree whit me that there ara meny player like that they can score verywell from the wing side. but if you play them upfront you can’t get what you expect from them, in my own understanding we need auba & laca. in the team squad.

  19. Best forward play for Arsenal this season and best balance attack was the game against West Ham just before X-Mas. Lyungberg the coach. I am not sure if they all start the game in these positions or if there was any subs. But it was Auba in the middle, Pepe on the right and Martinelli on the left. We were 1 or 2 goals down and within about 10 mins Pepe, Martinelli and Auba each score a goal with Pepe 2 assists and Auba 1. Just sorry Lyungberg didn’t got a good defensive coach as his number 2
    We don’t need Laca, just sell him

  20. It is important that we do not take transfers personally,it is a business that looks to balance the club’s needs on and off field. We all agree that Arteta is a right manager to move us forward,so let’s all support transfer decisions. Not forgetting as well that these players’ contracts are not tied up to each other. Laca has served the club well and should be celebrated if he leaves the club. Remember as well,he desires to be first choice in his position.

    1. Hi Simon

      Please help me, based on what desires Laca to be first choice no 9.
      1. Is it his goals
      2. His assists
      3. His tall and score a lot of goals with his head.
      4. His a fast player
      5. His not slow with the ball at his fleet
      6. He close down defenders very fast.
      7. He is very skilful with his fleet

      Soccer is a very simply game, the number 9 main job is to score goals, and if he doesn’t, you sub him that is how simply soccer is. Your team will just be an average team if your 9 doesn’t score, and you know what, currently we are an average team.

  21. I total agree with You , both players are good for the team , You can see when Laca is in the team He always push Himself, defending & winning all the tackle. I love both for the Gunners

  22. Please keep Laca. Even when he does not score many goals he gives confidence to many on the pitch and his relationship with Auba is fantastic and a major asset in the field. Opposing defenders panic with him in their box and that helps Arsenal strikers. By the way, when will Arsenal board ever get money. For years now it has always been one story – no money to buy players

  23. I do like Thomas Partey, but he should not be our next priority, central defence should be and it looks like it is with the Magalhaes rumours lately. Just hope he is as good us they say. Thomas next to Xhaka looks solid but very static (slow), I would like to see Thomas next to Guendouzi, that would excite me, but guest that is very unlikely.

  24. Hi Justine
    Let me help you, I saw Nketiah score a goal by put pressure on the defence this year and I say Auba score gaols this year and last year by put pressure on the defence and saw Laca score against Liverpool when Nelson put pressure on the defence, so where did we score when Laca put pressure on the defence

  25. Totally with you, Laca may not score as much as we would love to see but his work rate is unquestionable. He does a great job holding up the ball in the front to feed the likes of Auba. I rather see laca on the field then “Notyethere” Nkitai, when brought on loses the ball, not passing, and not coming back just on stroll . He looks tired for a young man and behaves like a superstar seems arrogant. For now Laca any day

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