If Arsenal keep playing like against Bournemouth, how can I be negative?

Was Saturday the best Arsenal performance under Arteta? by Dan

There have been other highlights of course, such as the first half of last season’s NLD at the Emirates.

Yet in terms of witnessing 90 minutes where we completely controlled the tempo of a game, the scenes at the Vitality were unrivalled.

Yes, Bournemouth have just been promoted, haven’t done much transfer activity, and Scott Parker admitted they didn’t show up in the first 45 minutes, but take nothing away from the many things we did well.

I have never had a problem admitting being negative when certain standards are not being met. To be a big club you have to  think like a big club.

I don’t call 5th progress, I don’t celebrate 2-2 draws at home to Palace, I’m not afraid to question decisions just because it’s the team I support.

Our manager agrees with me. How many times during Amazon’s All or Nothing Series did he talk about the pressure for a club our size is to win every game?

He will defend his squad whatever the result as long as he sees effort and commitment.

On the South Coast not just were his values met, but the ethos of the badge also.

The Gunners demanded the ball, movement off the ball was outstanding. The few times possession was lost, there was an obsession to win it back. We didn’t worry about the opposition’s strengths; we focused on what we do well.

There’s a confidence and a swagger that we haven’t seen from this group of players before, playing like they now believe they are good enough to be at this level.

The new arrivals have lifted those around them.

You can tell Jesus and Zinchenko have come from a winning environment; their tactical understanding is superb.

Our Ukranian full back’s ability to step into midfield and pick a pass was mesmerising this weekend.

Saliba was so dominant; the away fans sang his name continuously. The only critique is we have waited too long to give him his chance?

Remember though the age of the majority of our dressing room means in theory they should only get better?

Saturday was Arsenal to me, very proud to be a Gooner.

We won’t win the title but that’s never been my gripe.

If we play like that every week, the likes of myself will hold my hands up…

Dan Smith

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  1. So surprised reading this …..from Patrick, Lol

    It sound funny and strange, cos I hardly comment on your anti arsenal posts but certainly this time, you certainly made some valuable and thoughtful points.

    However let’s bask in the euphoria in our club for now until the Man United game….then we can know our night as a club.

    1. Sorry did you just say Anti Arsenal?
      How can someone be an Arsenal fan and be anti Arsenal?
      If he wants Arsenal to raise their standard, then he has become anti Arsenal??
      I don’t even agree with most of his post but I have know reason why many of you think you can dictate who is and not a fan at the same time.
      Not even the Arsenal body can do that.

      1. @Kaay. There’s another Arsenal blog which I’ll refer to as The Conspiracy Blog who’ve identified a group of Arsenal fans who they refer to as Anti Arsenal Arsenal (AAA) who’s sole purpose in life is to be negative about the club. I’m not saying I believe a word of it but you can see how some folk might get this idea.

      2. One’s over obsession over something or someone will lead to the destruction of the very thing or one they love. That’s anti-Arsenal.

    2. Not a reply to Michael, but to ask why my post praising , yes praising, DANS WELCOME POSITIVE ARTICLE HAS NOT APPEARED. I posted it right next to Michaels first comment.

        1. HH, Silhurts, whatever that is does not exist!

          Assuming you meant to write Selhurst Park, where PALACE play , and which is in te borough where I live and several good mates live too, then I remind you, cheeky young sir, that I HAVE SUPPORTED ARSENAL SINCE BEFORE YOUR PARENTS WERE PROBABLY EVEN BORN, POSSIBLY YOUR GRANDPARENTS TOO.
          And as you asked me a facetious and incorrectly spelt question , let me ask you this: how is your knowledge of the first hundred years of our football club and do you think it holds a candle compared to mine, bearing in mind I WAS NOT BORN UNTIL 1951?


  2. I agree with everything you say Dan, but there was something EDDIE said when replying to an article (can’t remember what one) yesterday.
    It went somehow along the lines of can’t wait till we play the big boys.

    I assume he means city, pool, chelsea and the spuds and my only way is that those four clubs will not allow us to play the great football we saw yesterday, both in the midfield and attack.

    I have no worries about our defence, as I believe we have the players who will not be intimidated anymore.

    So, while we can enjoy all the plaudits (and quite rightly so) let’s just keep our feet planted firmly on the ground and take it game by game.

    Mind you, I’m buzzing at this moment in time!!!!

    1. Well said Ken! We have been given the best starting fixtures list this season IMO and we are taking full advantage of it which is great…..but an easier start means that we have our more difficult games closer together later in the season so something to be prepared for.

      We’ll know at the end of Oct what this team is made of…Spurs, Liverpool and Man City with the positive being we are at home for all 3.

      1. I don’t think have been given the best starting fixtures list this season IMO. Playing at Selhurst park is a tough one and will be for every team that travels there. Crystal Palace have a very good team and their results at Anfield is a proof. Leicester are no minnows and we cannot write of Bournemouth either.
        We are rather a better team this season and I agree we are taking full advantage of the opportunities before us.

        1. Nah the fixtures we have gives us a lot of advantage weather we admit it or not.
          The reason why we didn’t do so well at the beginning of last season wasn’t solely because of the injury we had but the team we played.
          We had to play the champion of Europe and EPL, one after the other. And the blues were strong at the beginning of the season toping the table as well. That’s tough man, even with our full squad, we might manage to pick a point than losing both.
          And Brentford are actually a tough team last season and they are even looking more tougher this year.
          Man they have scored 8goals already in 3 games, 4 of them against united. We have only outscored them with a single goal despite us having superior attackers.
          Crystal palace is the only tough game we have this season out of those beginning fixtures and it was hard fought win.

        2. Why do people always confuse easier with easy? No team is easy but there are easier teams than others to play like Leicester being in terrible form.

          Can you name a team with a “easier” first 5 games than us?

        3. True and this is what many are failing to see but perhas due to experience,why should we not be able to win the leaque ?Perhaps i need to be convience that Leicester did it with a better team.At the moment,we can beat any team and anyone of them playing against us will be prepared knowing that they will have to fight to beat us home or away.The matches we are going to lose will be one we will be very dissapointed because it will be one we dominated,my opinion and mark these words,i kmow you will nt talke it to the banks.What do you think would have been said if we were to lose all or even two of the 3 three matches ?

      2. Agree PJ and ken. The fixtures are very kind and we should expect to dip our bread. We are, which is nice.

    2. We may not win the league this season, but we are going unbeaten. Mark it somewhere. #invincible_still_possible.

  3. You could moan, express negative thoughts or whatever you call it. But in my opinion, it’d be better to hold such thoughts until we know our position in December

    1. I think it’s normal for him to praise the team and the manager when he sees and improvement even if it was a single game.
      Remember if the result wasn’t in our favor there would be a post showing what we lack in the game.
      He’s known to be a big critics, so let him acknowledge what he sees as improvement and convincing.

    2. @gotanidea – well said.
      We are definitely getting better but the process isn’t finished. I doubt the gap between us an Man. City will totally be gone…

      1. I believe Arteta had learned a lot at Man City, so Guardiola would likely know how to counter Arteta’s tactics. But we could possibly beat Chelsea, Liverpool and Spuds if our players’ confidence keep growing

    3. So, just to clarify, are you saying that we shouldn’t review any game until christmas because its pointless? so should Just Arsenal just go on holiday until december, because any opinion doesn’t really matter right now?

      As you can see, thats a pretty silly opinion. Theres no point in ‘holding your opinion’ just because of the time of year. It would make things pretty boring

      1. We should criticize our team’s performance, but we also need to provide solutions

        Expressing anger and moaning without any suggestion are immature behavior

  4. Yes it’s great so far for arsenal but I think there is need for some efforcements both in midfield and on wings to be sure for top 4,,

  5. Dan kudos to you bro , did you guys know it takes us 18 good years that kind of football experiencing in my lovely Team ARSENAL? #MIKEL ARTETA , DANKE SCHON

  6. Thanks guys. I believe we’re yet to play the big boys as many of you have suggested, but don’t forget we pulled it off against palace but pool failed. Also in football focus is on the next game. As long as we can win the next game, the others will come.
    That’s the beauty of football. Win all you can and try to put a point where you feel it’s difficult to win.

  7. It has been a perfect start for us i like the confidence from the goal keeping to the score line too nice to watch wawoo wawoo

  8. We played Saliba when he was ready for the PL. Which protected him from being our scapegoat number 2223.

    1. So it’s ok for us to protect some and scapegoat others?
      What happens to back your team many chant all the time?
      Who said he wasnt ready for the EPL? Even the management that sent him wasn’t this confident with the decision. And the fact that there was a lot of debate regarding the loan from and outside club makes you think otherwise. If it was that obvious people won’t have to debate about it like they did.
      However, he has improved with the loan no doubt and it was the right decision to go on loan.

      1. Did you see him play when he signed for us? I did and he wasn’t ready to play for us.

        Young players need to play and playing in France is 100% better than warming the bench for us. In addition, did he lost both his parents after signing for us, how is that for a teenager in a foreign country?

        Our decisions has helped Saliba to reach this level and it has been beneficial for both parties!

        1. There’s no where I mentioned me being against the loan. I clearly stated it was the right decision.
          Secondly his parents didn’t passed away last year it was a year before.
          And I have no idea where you watched him as he didn’t play a single official game for us to even know if he was ready or not. Even saliba himself made this point himself in the past. So I wonder which game you watched to have concluded that.
          And Of course you shouldn’t care of what people say, but it doesn’t mean it did not happened. It’s everywhere, you might just choose not to care or pay attention to it.

      2. @Kaay
        What people believe about the Saliba case without having knowledge is totally worthless to me.

    2. Exactly what I wanted to add, just can’t let go of the saliba thing, like how is anyone sure it would have been better if he stayed. There is a reason why buy option wasn’t inserted in his loan because he important to Arteta. Arteta saw him in training and he thinks he needs more game time to develop

  9. I am not worried of spurs and Chelsea, my worry is city and pool , can’t quite remember the last time we won at
    anfield . Those are the games I’ll be looking at keenly this season we take points from them and I’ll say massive progress

  10. Again don’t get carried away guys . It’s so early . We will know where we are when tougher fixtures come around.
    Remember Spurs some how have won yesterday as well and they have tough fixtures as well . They got 7 points which is good too.
    We need beat the team around us also to be in Champions league . However I am very optimistic this season and can’t wait to see how we play against Man U and Spurs . But first let’s win our next two

  11. Hi Dan…

    It is difficult to avoid reading and responding to such an article from you! It makes sense that you would always want to examine the available facts before you prior to drawing any conclusions. And I couldn’t agree more with such a philosophical stance!

    Even so, I suppose that three games is not a significant sample size to appraise the entirety of the season that remains to be played, and as a result, many fans keep stressing the necessity to maintain composure and keep “feet planted.”

    From my point of view, I have never wavered from the conviction that the league table is merely an output that is firmly and decisively determined by inputs and processes. Therefore, if we concentrate on getting the inputs and processes perfected, then certainly in due time the league table will automatically respond, just as we are seeing it do now.

    For my part, I have always believed that Arteta was focused on instilling the right characteristics, specifically getting the process right. These attributes include attitude, commitment, hard work, and dedication. On the other hand, the required inputs include perfecting the fundamentals of football, such as football strategies, control, positional play, and awareness. In the end, recruiting the best possible personnel was also a very important step.

    After all is said and done, there is nothing more we can do but win the opponents before us! Many have observed that we started the previous season against more challenging teams, but we also lost to Brentford, a newly promoted team (which was supposedly expected to be easier than playing a rejuvenated Crystal Palace this season).

    To summarize, as long as the inputs and processes are taken into consideration, the league table will simply respond accordingly!

    We remain positive! And please, write more articles like this, Dan! *smiles*

    Cheers everybody!

  12. Palace was a tricky fixture and they did well yesterday so thumbs up to Arsenal for the away win. Leicester look decidedly shaky so far, and Bournemouth should be classed as a banker, but you can only beat what is in front of you and so far they have, with plenty of goals and really good performances.

    We have very winnable fixtures ahead, so hopefully confidence will continue to be sky high by the time the Spurs fixture comes around.

  13. While every manager is judged on results. I have seen real improvement in the squad and the way we play since Arteta’s arrival.. The start of his tenure was extremely difficult as there was a poor culture with little accountability. It has taken time but we are finally seeing the fruits of his labour and the time to build and create a squad dynamic was needed. United are at the beginning of this process. Will they like Arsenal give Ten Hag the time and patience to go through the same process? Or will immediate results govern his tenure.

  14. Last season did we lose 13 matches, if we can reduce the number to 8 we will not have many teams above us. So fare we have lost 0 and everything is possible 🔴⚪️

  15. Morning all
    Isn’t it a glorious feeling waking up and looking at the table
    A heck of a long way to go and I will be the first to admit I know there will be a few bumps in the road along the way
    I have always backed the team even when my faith had been called in to question a few times. bad results and terrible displays put that in to perspective and especially the run in last season had me seething at times but we come good and stronger through adversity.
    Really good to see even some of the not so sure category from last season come on board.
    We have come a long way and there is still a long way to go
    But as I said before ..enjoy the moment because we are in the moment right now
    Onwards…ps right now we can’t go upwards because
    ‘We are top of the league
    We are top of the league ”
    say it loud people, even for short period of time

  16. Watching us play was a blessing. Like Arteta said we still need to improve though. If we play good football, then that will keep the supporters joyful. To have a squad that can play progressively and creatively, even when Jesus, Zinchenko and others are not playing, means we need to sign another couple of top players. We are nearly there. Seeing our classy CB William Saliba is heartwarming. It will be interesting to see what happens after a setback. Maybe we will even cope with that. Another two signings please or we could be a victim after injuries etc.

  17. Dan, you spoil an otherwise good piece by your pessimism at the end where you assert that we won’t win the trophy. This is defeatist! If we are playing well and we have the right players what makes you think we can’t win it? Do you remember Man U in 1999? How old were their players? How about Leicester in 2015-16? How many big names did they have? If you think a rookie manager cannot win it look across to Zidane at Real Madrid, Guardiola at Barcelona etc? Were they extra ordinary? Let us have more belief. All success begins as a dream.

      1. We can..this earth still moving…yeah ..I said this first and all read this take a note. but I don’t like negative people

        1. Okay then technically anyone can win the title
          We won’t this season
          I dont like arrogant people

  18. Apart from a 10 minute spell at the start of the second half when a measure of complacency was apparent in terms of misplaced passes, we controlled the game in a very professional manner.Tougher assignments lie ahead of course which will fully test the mettle of players and Manager alike.In terms of personelle I would like to see Martinelli and Saka switch positions , or at least interchange during the match.Saka is clearly struggling as an inverted RW and he is more likely to regain form on his “natural” flank on the left.Significantly the Saliba goal came from a right footed cross , on the run, from Martinelli .This is highly un!likely to happen with Saka on the right as he invariably turns inside and can barely cross a ball with his weak right foot.Martinelli, on the other hand, seems entirely comfortable on either flank and , indeed he strikes me as a player who would thrive ,given the freedom to interchange with Saka and Jesus.

    1. Grandad, On this football obsession with inverted wingers, I once again agree with you. There can be , only can be mind you, SOME ADVANTAGE BY USING INVERTED WINGERS, BUT TO ME, you get a far greater and general advantage using wingers on the wing of their stronger natural side.

      I too would change Martinelli to the right and use Saka on the left.

      I alwqays wanted PEPE used on his stronger left side but he was largely wasted IMO playing on the right. Yes, he VERY OCCASIONALLY CUT INO HIS STRONG LEFT FOOT, but most often he ran into trouble and had not the nous on his weaker side to get out of trouble .

      Mind you ,I agree with MA, that wherever he plays, he is not suited to our style or even to highly physical Prem football.

      He was a bad buy and a waste of £72 mill. Thanks for nothing SANLLEHI!

  19. I don’t understand what you guys mean by easy games, no game in premier league is easy.you can only beat what is in front of you

  20. The player and the manager will evolve..the more experience they get the more better and more experience they are.. I believe people need times..like we grow a mango..that mango impossible to fruith in 1 year..but with care,with love that mango can fruith after 3 yrs..this is our time..stop being negative..

      1. It may not be negative, but it clearly is NOT positive! Neither is it factual…
        ‘WE are not likely to win’ is tenable, but to ORACULARLY declare ‘WE CANNOT WIN’ is a different proposition… Simply Preposterous of you, Dan!
        What did Leicester FC boast of when it won?!!! I am sure you were the only one who predicted the outcome, back then!😆

  21. Arsenal proudly!!! But Arsenal needs 2 signals more if want to compete with ManCity and Liverpool:
    Moussa Diaby & Lucas Paqueta or Tielemans

  22. Happy day and happy weekend, imagine your team won yesterday and one of your so called noisy neighborhs( Chelsea) lose with 3 goals margin …. Hurray, long may this continue….

  23. From being rock bottom of the log last campaign after 3 games, to being at the zenith of it after same 3 games (with justifiable performances!) in the present speaks of a project and a process really and truly underway!
    I am supremely confident about the great outcome of the ongoing evolution.
    Sorry to the cynics and naysayers!!!

  24. Balanced Article Dan. And no we might win the technically but saying we will is arrogant. Same as we were last season after beating chelsea, utd and thinking we were going to finish top 4. I believe and support the team but let’s not get over ourselves again. We’ve been here before.

  25. I guess by now, all the so called big teams have realized that “easier” is just in semantics. They have dropped points in those very easier matches. A game at the home of Crystal Palace is not in the easier category. Give credit where it is due, Arsenal is flying.

  26. By not repeating the negativity in you articles and certainly not alluding to how you were right to be negative. Maybe mention Xhaka or the 18 years best start (you did not hesitate to mention the worst start last year in depth.) Just write an article that is plainly positive no agenda, no chips, no bias.

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