If Arsenal lose today, could we really be relegated?

Will Arsenal get relegated? by Lagos Gooner

I was listening to a sport program here in my home country and one thing the presenter said was that if Arsenal was not careful, they may end up fighting to remain in the premiership at the end of the season. Really? Will it get to that?

The rate at which Arsenal keeps losing and keep going down the league table, one may be tempted to agree with the presenter, but then, one may be forced to ask what will become of Arsenal, if they are relegated at the end of this current season.

Now, let me be honest; if Arsenal does not get the full three points against West Ham today, then we may either remain on 10th or even go down further. Every team in the premiership seem to be in a decent form, at most but Arsenal has refused to pick any type of form and this may continue for a while, unless we get our acts right. The red side of Manchester are on a run of confidence at the moment; they recently beat Manchester City (unfortunately we are playing them next after West Ham) and they sure look certain to make the top four if they can maintain this form. Man City, on the other hand, will be raring to devour us from the start of the game, because they are wounded lions and will want to start making up soon; this may go wrong for Arsenal. Are you following my argument?

If we lose to West Ham on Monday and then lose to Man City next weekend, we may find ourselves going down all the way to 15th on the league table; and this will cause panic in Arsenal. If we then fail to win games till the end of the year, then we may end the season in the relegation zone, come 2020! And we all know the league’s history concerning people who end the year in the relegation zone, actually ending the season being relegated.

All I just did was a guess work; hoping it does not come to pass but if it does, then our darling team may end up getting relegated at the end of this season.

However, I believe we Arsenal will prove me wrong and end the season on a high.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Arsenal would be on their way to become Fulham 2.0 if they lose tonight, because they have tough fixtures ahead

    We would see whether Lacazette, Ozil and Bellerin are still afraid of the opposition’s fullbacks or not

    1. Arsenal FC by Kroenke is Arsenal without Wenge who kept us alive with no money for over a decade!

      Last year was already showing a lost and shaky team with no spirit, a ship without our Captain but no one really see how shaky it was and got lucky that everyone was doing so poor, made it to EL football, 5th place! A miracle, not a blow as for Wenger!

      Now we can see what we have lost! No matter what anyone says; never under Wenger management, club, players were so lost! Nor fans, just spoiled by Wenger miracles!

      Look at the reality and shut up, if you a true fan, you must regret kicking our Prof out, tricked by Kroenke to do so! Look at us and keep dissing our Prof and just watch result!
      Wenger spoiled Arsenal fans, kicking him out from home he built for us!

      Look at how Man U treats Sir Alex! He is so sadden to see how Arsenal thanked him! Arsene is a legend who made this club 2 decades legacy! It takes time for some to realise!

      We idiots tricked and used by Kroenke to make profits!

  2. Win or lose today, we absolutely could be relegated. Forum members have lots of different views on what is wrong.

    Some like the simple answers – “it is all Ozil’s fault because he is overpaid and lazy”, “management’s fault – Wenger staying to long, Emery, etc” or “the owner doesn’t care”, etc.

    The answer is a lot more complicated and includes elements of all of the ink spread in these pages.

    Bottom line, it is becoming increasingly obvious (to me anyway) that the team is a lot worse than once thought – at best we are mid-table right now, at worst we sink to a relegation fight. The only way we play in Europe is FA or a fantastic run in Europa Cup – and I think we get killed by any of the Champions League failures or the other EPL teams in the competition.

    Defence is awful with nobody really impressing me – Bellerin has been pretty poor, Tierney hasn’t set the world on fire and the various combinations in the middle don’t work. Maybe there is some hope with better training and structure, that the wings get healthier and better but I don’t know. Right now, nobody has been very good.

    Midfield may be worse than defence, but I don’t know. We cannot control the midfield at all, people are playing out of position, not playing very well. Again, some structure might help, but we aren’t very good.

    Attack is better but not wonderful. Auba has scored, but he has also tuned out and isn’t putting in much effort. Laca seems to have a bit more heart than Auba but hasn’t been wonderful. The rest of the cast has been pretty poor, especially at EPL level.

    Goaltending – I think Leno has been fantastic. Does he make the odd error, yes, but he has kept us from getting killed on several occasions. He has been super busy and generally making the stops that we need.

    Coaching – I think that it has been awful, but as time goes on I am wondering if the problem is more about the pieces than how Emery was using them. It was convenient for him to be the scapegoat (and I was right there on that point) but I am less sure, and more afraid all the time.

    Executive level – these people have been pretty poor, from end of Wenger days to the current crop – the number of poor signings, botched contracts and the like – this is the key for why we are even having this discussion.

    Put all of these points together and yes, relegation is a possibility.

    Hopefully I am being a giant negative nelly right now and a nice win this aft leads us into better ground, away from the bottom. I cannot see us challenging for top four though.

    1. Stewart, Rest assured , you are not “a giant negative” but a shrewd, well analysing and realistic Gooner who can clearly see and sensibly state the myriad faults which have so long term fractured our club. Well said, sad though it is to read, But the TRUTH must out. I fear we are heading right into the thick of the relegation zone by early or mid Jan and UNLESS we get a proven top manager this month – preferably this week – but which now looks unlikely in that time frame AND HE IS PROPERLY BACKED BY KROENKE to buy two, at least, proper CB’s in Jan(even though we need about 12 players at least in reality), we are destined for a very hard fight to avoid going down. And UNLESS KROENKE takes this on this on board, we may well lose it.

      1. I would be happier if you just said – “you are a delusional idiot and all will be fine” 🙂

        1. Sorry Stewart. No chance of that. I always seek and insist on the truth and the most likely outcomes. I DO NOT THINK WE WILL BE RELEGATED BUT WE ARE IN REAL DANGER, ALL THE SAME. I have a keen aversion to fans who self fool and I never do so.

  3. Of course we WON’T be relegated

    ZERO % chance

    Although there probably are some “fans” who want it to happen

    1. And I am not in that category – am just really afraid. But you are right, I think some people want to see the car crash.

      1. The moment we left Highbury we started our count down.

        I think Arsenal were invincible in 4-4-2 formation. That will really keep counter attack and defence in balance. I dont know why we choose diamond midfield to invite vultures to our post easily.

        I believe we can still improve in 4-4-2.


        Bellerin …Holding …Luiz ….Tierney



        May be modern football has discarded that formation. But we still have solid players to do wonders. And the midfield is not open for counter attack against us.

    2. innit, What is it like with your head in the sand? As a realist, it is something I have never done and will never do, unlike you!mRelegation UNLESS there is proper action, is a distinct possibility. Get real man!

      1. Can never understand someone calling themselves a realist. Let me say something real. We are all standing/sitting on a rock, that is zooming around a huge ball of fire, which itself is zooming around a massive black hole/void. Laws of nature are the only truth my friend.

      2. Now I know your a very busy man when it comes to answering questions put to you Jon, delivery questions always seems to be your forte. but not answering them.
        As a fellow realist, I TRY to follow up my posts, especially if I have accused another fan of something.
        So I would ask you to go back to the article regarding Leeds United, where my reply to admimmartin wemt missing and was then found – I’m sure you will remember it, if only for the slur you made against me.
        I have FULLY answered your misleading comment/questions and would, strange as it might seem, expect the same courtesy from you.
        It bothers me not if you answer on this thread, or the Leeds one, but in your indomitable style of telling innit to get his head out of the sand, please do the same, get real and answer questions that arise from your posts!
        Just let me know when you have had the time to answer please – thank you.

        On your comments above, apart from taking out Innit’s rebuke, I can only agree with your views.

        1. KEN, Suggest you ask whatever question you hoped I had seen, but which I have not, NOW, on this thread. I have not time to go seaarching through many past threads. as you appear to think I read everything. I have told you before that I do not, so please ask again but on THIS thread and I will gladly answer.

          1. Jon, if you can’t be bothered to look and and answer, then just forget it…in fact, there seems little point in trying to get you to answer anything at all.

            I give up and cannot be bothered any more either.

        2. KEN I do not welcome your unwarranted rudeness to my answer, below. I tried to answer but I am not your servant. For the last time Ken, if you want answers to questions I have not seen then I will gladly help if I can , But if you expect me to troll through many past threads at your whim, then you are way out of order old son. Is that clear!!! An apology for your unwarranted rudeness would help!

        3. KEN1945,i would have you down for a lot of things, but a realist !?. who do you think you are fooling , sir.

  4. I wish I had your confidence. I am afraid, VERY AFRAID. Maybe you think we are too good to be relegated Tell that to Man U.

  5. Yes if we carry on playing the way we are, it could happen. And on the last day of the season, as I’ve sat and watched people crying in the stands over their team going down, saying “aww look at those poor sods” (apart from Stoke and West Brom)
    I could very well end up being one of them!!!

  6. What has it come to when I am looking at the bottom three teams results instead of the one`s above us and thankfully the bottom 3 only managed a point between them with Watford drawing on the weekend……………………..and we have a game in hand over them ………..it has been a good weekend for us……………yippee ki yay !

    1. LCQ, Sadly this is EXACTLY how I AM THINKING TOO AND WILL NEED TO CONTINUE TO MONITOR THE BOTTOM THREE AND PRAY THEY LOSE. I AM AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A REALIST. We could well go down and only wilfully blind fans refuse to see that possibility. I pray it never becomes a probability. Still some fantasists fool themselves we can make top four. What planet are they on!

  7. Each time I read this stuff online I do find it very dumb. No offense meant to you Sylvester as I have the same feeling everywhere and every time I’ve read it.
    I just think it’s insane anyone can even think hard of this being a possibility.
    Pundits who are always the first to jump on our necks, I’ve yet to see one claiming or analysing Arsenal ending up being relegated, but us fans keep thinking of it and possibly some want to see us bottom table.
    Arsenal won’t be getting relegated anytime soon. The UCL might be out of reach for years but relegation isn’t happening.
    Every top team went through this patch FFS. I just know we might not end up among top 5 but relegation isn’t an option

    1. Eddie:Our form is diabolical. We can’t seem to win games against the weaker teams at home! If we lose a few more games, and given that Arsenal is a not team full of warriors, I think that relegation is a possibility. Sad but realistic supporter here…

    2. Come on Eddie, have you actually been watching us recently, no wins in last 9 games, playing really terrible football, players blaming each other, no manager, no tactics, no heart, no idea. I’ve watched the Arsenal week in, week out for over 60 years and not seen it this bad. Of course we could be relegated, seen it with Man U, spurs and Leeds, don’t be deluded in thinking it can’t happen to us. I truly hope it doesn’t though!

  8. I keep hearing about Leno being tops. First off, we’ve seen relegated keepers getting top marks because of how busy they are, they will inevitably save a share and have an opportunity to make the odd acrobatic save in most games. These keepers were rarely ever as good as the hype. How long it takes before he is beaten in 90 minutes, this is a better marker than what percentage of strikes were saved.

    He’s supposed to try and keep us in the game, ride out a rough patch, so depending on how many shots he saves before he’s beaten, how many gilt edged chances has he stopped before the ball hits our net, what time is he beaten at, these are markers.

    Secondly. How confident are fans with our GK in truth, I ask, because there is a way to know this, and it’s how I know my feelings and why I started down this path.

    I used Seaman, and Lehman as examples.

    When a penno is given against us, how confident was I in Seaman that he might save it – I was always about 50/50 (give or take slightly depending on opponents) ..whether Seaman would be beaten. I had confidence and I had dread in about equal amounts.

    Same question now with Leno. I’m sorry to say that I have little to less confidence, I would be in the high 90’s with an almost certainty of this penno will go in. If others were to tell the truth here, they would admit to a similar uncertainty/certainty.

    I expect him to improve though, I hope he has what it takes to become the guy that some fans say he is.

    1. If all you can talk abou is his percentage of penalty saves you have a very narrow view of what keepers are most used for. LENO IS A FINE KEEPER AND IF YOU WONT SEE THAT , THEN MORE FOOL YPOU!

  9. I cannot recall one convincing League performance this season,and if this continues there is a very real danger of our being relegated.We have no divine right to a permanent place in the Premier league and in terms of defenders and midfielders we have some of the poorest in the division.These are the words of a fan who is being realistic given that we do not seem to be in a position to recruit quality players to replace the 5/6 individuals who are first team picks despite being consistently poor.

  10. Does anyone remember about a millenium ago when a certain Granit Xhaka said something to the effect that they were scared on the field of play?

    In the light of recent happenings, and despite the calls for his head at that time, does anyone think he might have put his finger on something?

  11. Arsenal is not facing a relegation problem or threat. You guys just like to overhype the problems here. Arsenal has very serious problems and I am not downplaying it but to claim that we could be facing relegation is equivalent to crying fire in a crowded theater. Let us concentrate on the problems and stop pouring gas on an already burning fire. Thank you.

  12. The way we are playing of course relegation is a probability. I know it’s an old cliche but you are never too big to go down. When MU were winning European cup in 1968 I bet they thought they could never go down with the players they had yet a few years later they were relegated. We need the players to face up to the possibility and fight for points.

  13. Totally agree Eddie. Last season Cardiff finished 18th in the EPL with 34 points, we have played 15 matches with 19points. Even if we perform as badly for the next 15 games we will have reached 38 points with 8 games to play. Too early to talk about relegation.

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