If Arsenal lose tomorrow and Arteta gets the sack…..?

Will not winning the EL mean Arteta loses his job?


Picture this, Arsenal get knocked out of the Europa League tomorrow night, and end the season in tenth place..


So, what happens if that genuinely does take place?


Well, I don’t think Arsenal would go as far as sacking Arteta, as the board seem to see something in him that would benefit the club in the long term. Yet they don’t seem to be thinking too much of the present which is where we are right now, and is more important than the future. But if they did sack him who would come in?


I would take Bayern’s coach Hansi Flick. After Bayern Munich rather unluckily got knocked out of the Champions League last night despite beating PSG 1-0 yet going out on away goals and 3-3 on aggregate it could be said that Bayern boss Hansi Flick may walk away from his role.


Rumours are rife that there is a supposed rift between coach Hansi Flick and Hasan Salihamidzic, the sporting director and operating hand of Bayern’s hierarchy. As reported by BBC Sport.


There is no denying that since Flick became the manager of Bayern, leading them to six trophies in 18 months is not a bad stat to have against his name and surely this is something Arsenal needs, right?


But as things don’t seem to be going the way he wants on the pitch, ex footballer Lothar Matthaus has stated that Flick could leave Bayern and become the new head coach of the German national team once Joachim Low steps down after the Euros this year, and speaking to Sky Sports he stated: I already said two weeks ago that in my opinion, this is Hansi Flick’s last season. I’ve said that Hansi Flick is right at the top of the DFB [German Football Federation] list, and then nothing else for a long time. There’s an offer from the DFB, yes. So, they want Hansi Flick and I think – or rather, I’m convinced – that Hansi Flick will no longer be Bayern coach after this season.”


So, if Flick does leave Bayern and not take the Germany job, surely this would be an eye opener for the Arsenal board to sit up and try to get him to manage Arsenal as there is no doubt, he is a quality manager and can really help lead our team to great successes! Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Arteta could finish 17th and still not get sacked the club are completely unambitious kroenke just doesn’t give a sh#t! Any other ambitious club would have booted Arteta’s arse out the door months ago.

    1. Well said Kev 👍
      If we don’t win EL and they keep him on we are fcked for the foreseeable

      1. Yeah Dan I can only see us slipping further down the league and we’ll be told trust the process.. we have class we aren’t like Chelsea chop and change managers all the usual bullsh#t. This is modern football if results are bad and there’s no sign of improvement then the manager must go it’s as simple as that.. just like any other job when your slacking you get the boot, Arteta should be no exception.

    2. He should have been given the elbow a few months ago, but no he’s apparently still got the support of the Kroenkes., so we’re stuck with him.

    3. If they were ambitious after both Wenger and Emery the club would not have appointed Arteta in the first place
      The board have chosen a different path with the view that it won’t be a quick fix

      An interesting thought
      Would any elite manager take on a rebuild? Not an itsy bitsy change here and there but change it lock stock and barrel?

      1. @Sue P I’m not really sure the board know what they’re doing.. a big club like Arsenal chasing a young inexperienced assistant manager is not the actions of a big club… And after a few months he’s promoted from head coach to manager it’s all very amateurish. I’m sure an elite manager would take that role if he was properly supported by the club but I think Arteta meets the clubs criteria, young, inexperienced and won’t challenge them.

          1. Yeah that’s kroenkes type of employees Sue 😆 let’s be honest if Arteta was so good then why did Everton not snap him up ? I mean he spent many years there so the club knows him lol

    4. Kroenke has always taken his decisions with a financial perspective. If Arsenal is kicked out of EL and finishes 8th or worse, they won’t get the minimum 20M UEFA is paying to each club.
      Besides, there seem to be a drift between Arteta and Auba since the Tottenham game: Arsenal can’t afford financially another “highest paid player not playing” saga.
      These are the 2 reasons why Arsenal might sack Arteta, bring in a more experienced manager, aim at restoring higher incomes and manage our diva!
      Let’s just hope Arteta’s contract doesn’t contain the payment of a high compensation if terminated earlier…. If so, it would ruin any short-term hope to get a more decent manager.

  2. Cant just sack him now, we need a proper plan in place. We didn’t have a genuine plan after Wenger or after UE. We’ve been “rebuilding” for 3-5 years already, cant keep on this path.

    There were quite a few decent managers available but we ignored that. My guess is because they would come with certain conditions like transfer budgets etc.

    IMO we should’ve gone for Tuchel but we wasted that opportunity.

    I’ll get a lot of stick for this but I’d still like Simeone. He can work on a “budget” and can help us shake the decades of our soft underbelly.

    Whatever we do we need a proper 2-5 year plan.

    1. Simeone earns almost as much as much as our transfer budget😱 No wonder he can work on a cheap budget if he gets his £30m salary each year

      1. Yeah I’d still love him though, he’s exactly what Arsenal need. Toughen up our bunch of wimps!

    2. You all need to understand our “Owners” are only interested in making money. I am a gunner from years back. I now live in L.A the Kroenke lot are in sport be it soccer or American football for money. As long as the sell season tickets they are more than happy.
      Think, Henry, Viera, Bergkamp, Bastin, Hapgood
      then look at our lot

  3. What are we saying here ,? Is Ateta the problem of Arsenal ? Capital NO, the problem is the board since krokeke took over Arsenal FC , doing the era of Wenger they said we are building stadium we can buy quality player and after the payment , they could not buy what the team ñeed they always go for low quality players . So I think they should sell arsenal team to the person that love the team and that is ready to take the club to the dream land by investing on arsenal FC

  4. Arteta will learn to not use the psychology that a manager should bench a dominant player as a stick to reign/discipline a player.
    He should use other means not depriving the team of the chances and outcomes the player brings.
    Many examples there: Pogba vs Morhinro. Brazil lost the chance to take the world cup because the Manager benched their best striker’s night out of the camp.

    1. Correct Declan.

      Although purely quoting David Ornstein ,I have posted TWICE on here now what he claims he has been informed of the clubs forward plan.

      It may be a good idea for those who have not read Ornstein’s piece do so.

      Although this could be classed as “hearsay” I would hazard a guess it’s a LOT more informed than the simplistic sack Arteta immediately tirades which constantly appear on here.



  5. Arteta would have been sacked by now if we had a full Emirates, so wait til next season and see

  6. Arsenal did not hire a ‘top’ manager because those managers would demand the one thing Arsenal will not or cannot provide, massive, immediate investment.

    Managers like Hansi Flick, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola,Ronald Koeman, and others know that when they are hired they have one or two seasons to make it work and prove their value or they get sacked. Because of that, they need to see that the team will invest in the squad because face it, the league table tells you how good your side is. If Arsenal finish 10th (8th or 9th is more likely) then that is how good the side is.

    If the club expects top 4, top 6, or whatever, then the manager needs the players to get those results.

    In Arsenal’s case, the club does have the necessary players with one or two additions, but the club has managed their assets poorly, allowed off-field issues to create problems, and hired an inexperienced manager.

    While Arteta has a good pedigree, Arsene Wenger used to say he would be a great manager one day, and he worked with Pep Guardiola, he has not had the to job before and it shows. Here’s how.

    1. He lies. He has said all sorts of things that were provably untrue in the Ozil situation and other player disputes. Arsene Wenger never lied. He deflected, obfuscated and avoided, but he never lied. Saying Ozil was not in the team for footballing reasons was a lie and it was provable in that none of the players who replaced him were better, either in terms of results or statistics.

    2. He does not respect his players as people – Mourinho does this too, but gets way with it because he has a nearly unmatched record of success. Guardiola, too,, does this at times, but Man City are two deep in every position. Arteta is starting out and Arsenal’s reserves are, in nearly every case, significantly inferior to their first XI. Benching Bellerin, for example, is a mistake and it is having an effect. Chambers is not as good as Bellerin, period, but he’s playing over him. This might be a way to force him to sign a new deal or because he has said privately he wants to leave; but benching a player for non-football reasons is petty and short-sighted. Current players and their agents see this kind of behavior, and it affects dealings with the club. This kind of screw-up is a classic rookie mistake.

    3. He cannot manage difficult situations. Mateo Guendouzi is a case in point. Guendouzi is a head case. Clearly. He needs to go. Clearly. But. He was also a player rated between $30-40 million when Arteta took over. Now, he is worth $22 million according to Transfermarkt. Arsenal, after a loan to a team that cannot afford him, where his disciplinary issues have cropped up again, will be lucky to get back what they paid. Arteta could have taken a page of out his former manager’s play book. Wenger would have defended Guendouzi as a younger player with great passion for the game (both true) who needed time and understanding (also true) to realize his potential. He would have started him in the next game, then gradually pushed him into the cups and Europa league team until the opportunity arose to move him on; thus preserving both the player’s value, and the harmony in the dressing room. Wenger owuld have been honest with both the player and his agent behind the scenes, and never, publicly let the appearance of a personal feud be the reason for the player’s absence from the side.

    The club manages its assets poorly.

    1. Arsenal need a reserve left back, that is nearly universally agreed by anyone who watches the team or covers them as a journalist. And yet… Sead Kolasnic, who is a left back and an Arsenal player, was sent on loan. He might not be as good a Tierney, but he is certainly a better left back than either Cedric, Granit Xhaka, or any of the other options.

    2. Arsenal need central midfielders that score and provide assists, but have done nothing to procure any. Dani Ceballos doesn’t score or provide assists, but Arsenal renewed his loan. Martin Odegaard has potential, but that’s all.

    3. Emiliano Martinez left when Arsenal needed a second goalkeeper. After ten years and few chances, he wanted a chance at the top job, something he earned with stellar performances when Leno was injured. He should have been given a chance to compete for the job, and, even if Leno won out, played as the club’s cup keeper. Arteta let him go instead when the only options were a newly signed unproven Runarrson and a hastily procured, entirely underwhelming Matt Ryan. The third-team keeper for a lower half team is not the player that a club with top 4 ambitions has as their second choice goalkeeper.

    4. The club allowed the Ozil situation, and others, to fester and distract the team. Guendouzi, Ozil, Torreira, Mustafi… no matter what anyone thinks of these players, the club mismanaged these players as both assets and in the way their presence/non-presence affected the club. Ozil, for example, made it very clear he would not leave unless he was paid in full. The club played chicken with him for three years and lost. A better option would have been to play him, because he was better than the players who played instead, preserve his value, and subsidize his voluntary leaving (which they did in the end anyway!).

    Mustafi is another similar case. Here is a player who had real value when he stopped playing regularly for the team. Did Arsenal sell him? No. They kept him and let him rot on the bench, further eroding his value, until a player who was a regular for a good Spanish team and a good Arsenal team, left a mid-table Arsenal team for free.

    Guedouzi is another player who was brought in by Emery, thrown into the team over better players, and failed to perform. He s also a bit of a head case. He needs to go. Arsenal should have resolved this situation outright. The loan to Hertha is not going to yield a sale, the club cannot afford him. Getting him out of the dressing room is a good thing, but he needs to be gone. Quickly, not after years or flailing as in Mustafi. It is so easy to see him leaving on a free, when he was rated at a $30 million player when Arteta took over.

    Sacking Arteta would solve some of these issues, but not most of them. The club hierarchy is clearly amateur hour when it comes to asset management and very petty when dealing with players. Arsenal Football Club is a billion-dollar business, but it is run like a mom and pop bodega. Sacking Arteta, or keeping him for that matter, will not change that.

    1. Paul35MM,what are you really high on to include Jose Mourinho and Ronald Koeman on these lists? What the hell have they done in the teams they coach?

    2. Kolasinac was shipped out because he is a very poor defender, I was going to say useless, but that would upset Sue😊

  7. I am not sure i trust our owner to do the right thing if we get knocked out on Thursday. If we did, this season would be classed as a total failure, leave the club in the worst position it has been in for years and no light at the end of the tunnel. There wouldn’t be any excuse for our dreadful season, if it were the case and it would show wether kronk pertains any ambition for Arsenal or just Premier league mediocrity.

  8. Totally agree with Kev.Arsenal have been unable to challenge for the epl many moons ago.It will be like that unless they get a owner who is ambitious not someone who treats the club as an atm

  9. Arsenal must score the first goal to have amy chance.This will force the opposition
    to come out .
    The problem is ,imho ,Arsenals pedestrian attack is predictable .Liverpool whose attack is much stronger than Arsenal’s,were stifled.
    Of course Arteta defied the odds to defeat MC in the CF.
    I believe Arsenal can end the long unbeaten run
    of the Czech champions.
    After all records are meant to be broken

  10. I dont see Arteta getting the sack if Arsenal lose tonight. It would just trigger a chop and change reaction from Arteta, where senior players who will not perform on the night will be benched, while Arsenal will play the remaining PL games with their youngsters who have shown hunger and commitment. We might just see Balogun and Martinelli getting more minutes up front. Plus, they might just alter their transfer plans a little as well and put some senior players on the market too. IMO, Aubameyang seems to be totally distracted or disinterested, and may just be shown the door, depending on his performances in the remaining games, especially tonight.

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