If Arsenal make the Champions League will Kroenke change his action plan?

Stan Kroenke’s Rams have just played in the Superbowl final. If Arsenal were to qualify for the Champions League, it would be a progressive year for the American – which is a scary thought. While he’s deemed a success in his homeland him thinking he’s making progress in sports is the opposite to what most Gooners want.

At a time when fan groups are discussing how to get our owner to show more ambition, him sitting across the Atlantic thinking his business model is working would be bad news for our future. Losing in a final is fine for the Rams, unlike us, he’s actually put his own money into that franchise.

Arsenal finishing in the top 4 or winning the Europa League could be the equivalent of feeding a monster. Why would he think about releasing more funds, if after a season of criticism he ends up with the added revenue that comes with being in Europe’s elite competition? He’s hardly going to insist next January to not simply loan players if in his own mind his action plan works. So, I’m fairly torn.

The football fan in me wants us to lift the Europa League and or finish in the top 4. My head says, though, it will just make it harder to make our owner reconsider the direction he’s taken us in. The bigger profit he makes, the longer we stagnate. It’s not like Champions League money will change the budget, for the majority of his tenure he witnessed Champions League nights, yet that income went straight into the bank.

We have a month coming up which could shape which way our campaign goes but is success just making us richer and therefore bad for our future? It is clear we have become a club who don’t need success to make millions, the TV deal alone means Mr Kroenke hasn’t panicked after us finishing 6th last season. Only by being hurt in the wallet will he consider selling his shares.

So, being in the Champions League is good for him, but will it change anything for us fans?

Dan Smith


  1. McLovin says:


    Yacine Brahimi is a 28-year old Algerian winger playing for Porto. He’s free in the summer and will turn 29 before that.

    Not a world class quality, but a very great dribbler and a creator. Doesn’t score THAT much but he’s consistent on his stats.

    18/19, 9 goals 6 assists
    17/18, 12 goals 10 assists
    16/17, 7 goals, 4 assists
    15/16, 9 goals, 10 assists

    Decent for a freebie IMO

    1. gotanidea says:

      Depends on his wage demand

      It’s good to gamble on a freebie if his arrival doesn’t tighten Arsenal’s wage structure, but Arsenal should also see his injury history

      They must have learned from Kolasinac’s and Mkhitaryan’s transfers

      1. Leon says:

        More mediocre dross adding to the wage bill.
        If he was quality would Porto no be offering him a new contract?

        1. Phil says:

          @Mclovin-yeah got it.I remember him now.As @ Leon suggests,if that good shy will Porgo let him go on a free.
          Still,maybe that’s out market from now on.Spend big on some quality and pick up some from the bargain basement.

        2. McLovin says:

          No doubt he has been offered an extension like Rabiot but refused it.

          On relatively low wage demands he would be decent. Definitely not for +100k a week.

        3. enagic says:

          Porto is not a big club also it’s not down to Porto every player has personal ambitions that’s why he does not want to extend a new contract Brahimi is way better than Ozil, Iwobi and Miki. Arsenal need a modern thinker like Emery and recruit players from South America, Spain, France, Germany and exceptional one from England and we will be up there and I am not advocating for arsenal to go out and buy a single player for over 20 million, we can still get some players for below that bracket who can come in and do a good job.

        4. GoonerAbroad says:

          At this point, I would favor playing Nelson over Brahimi.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think Kroenke would give Emery more transfer budget if Arsenal can enter the Champions League. Kroenke needs more major trophies to make Arsenal into a bigger brand, and eventually sells the club to get maximum profit

    In my opinion, buying a football club is similar to buying a blue-chip stock. You buy with high price and minimum profit when owning it, but you would get maximum profit when selling it

    Without any major trophy in the next decade, Arsenal would plunge down into mid-table status. Therefore Kroenke needs to maintain Arsenal’s status as a top club, to attract more buyers

  3. ks-gunner says:

    Before Stan set foot at Arsenal the former hierarchy labeled him as nobody who is only interested bec of the money, and that he would not be welcomed.

    They changed their tune and sold out their values for cash and this club which we all choose to support is no more today. Arsenal fans should have seen this day coming before and also understood that Wenger was shielding Stan all of this time during the years and fans where just to ignorant to understand this earlier. Now the the train has already left the station and there is nothing a fan like you and me can do anymore.

    Stan has only one plan and that is not what you got in mind.

  4. GB says:

    What a negative article, next you’ll be hoping we get relegated so the value of Kroenke’s stock really bombs.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      1 step back 2 steps forward. There is no other solution.

  5. ks-gunner says:

    Fear not he is going to invest in the club just as much as to trap the average Joe in continuing in paying his tickets.

    I am no poz to judge fans in England, but how can you come up with wanting to fight greed when everyone chooses freely to give his hard earned money away for nothing.

    Yes but , if i give my tickets away i have to wait another 10 years to get a new one. LOOOL. After 10 years there will be nothing one will find to support at Arsenal. :PP.

  6. ForeverGooner says:

    No. He will see no need to spend
    He is about owning and making money
    The Glazers want that too BUT they want to win trophies also

  7. Grandad says:

    Dan we will not qua!ity for the Champions League next season and our owner will not invest his own money in Arsenal .Nothing will change in a financial sense but hopefully some of the sub standard players who are responsible for our slide into mediocrity will be shown the door one way or another.

  8. RSH says:

    It’s hard to see us in UCL next season if we’re being brutally honest here. How are we magically going to become decent at defending? Hopefully we get a large summer budget no matter what though. Ornstein has already shot down the 45mill budget rumor (reported by daily mail… shocking that’s false ). We’ll just have to wait and see. Hate being at the mercy of this lunatic who clearly doesn’t care about the club.

  9. John0711 says:

    Done with it until he matches our ambition to think we blamed wenger
    Called Cole, van persie, Ox, febregas. They all said they wanted win trophies yet we said money
    However, considering Sol it’s a bit hypocritical
    Looking back they were ALL correct
    Only a fool would not see what’s going on now

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      John I couldn’t agree more with your post, I really don’t blame any of those players who left us back then, I can’t blame them anymore, everyone wants what’s best for his or herself..
      If anyone keeps blaming them and calling them names for leaving, then they’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites

      1. ken1945 says:

        Eddie, sorry but have to challenge you on thisone!
        I have long called RVP a judas and will for ever more.
        Nothing to do with moeny or trophies but something more important than those things.
        It was loyalty to a club that stayed with him through his personal tribulations when he first joined us.
        Then, throughout his injury filled seasons the club again supported him and the fans stayed with him because he, supposedly, loved the club.
        We then got one and a half seasons of brilliant football, the type we all waited so long for.
        Then, he started the mind games with the club, manager and supporters.
        Remember him saying that he would sign when he got back from the world cup? then he just kept putting it off until the clubhad to sell him to United or lose him on a free at the end of the season.
        Adebayour, Nasri, treated the club and it’s fans with utter contempt and yet you call me a hypocrite for calling them out!?!?!?
        Now, someone like Fabregas, who treated and still does by the way, the club with the respect he recognised it deserved is a different kettle of fish.
        He has my complete respect, because that is what he gave to us.
        Do you think that hypocritical little boy in Judas RVP gave a toss about respect?

  10. Tristan says:

    Kroenke won’t change but we will have more fund to invest for sure.
    But Let’s be realistic that we are not going to make the top four under Emery this season if he refuses to change back to the beginning of the season.
    And It would be more difficult to make top four next season under Emery as Kroenke will not provide sufficient financial support to buy the players Emery wants and actually the future squad could be even worse than the current one as we’ve lost Ramsey and we will lost our identity by then.
    Arsenal choose Emery because Emery told the club he can guide the current squad to top four without rebuilding, otherwise the job was for Mikel Arteta.
    Emery did a good job in the first half of season. He did improved us but largely inherited what we used to play (mostly in the 2nd half of the games.)
    After the winning streaks, Emery started to want to have his stamp on Arsenal. He wants to play his football and sign his players which is the turning point of the season.
    The consequence is we start dropping more points. A series of injuries also discounted Emery’s effort to change tactics. but all teams and mangers have this kind of problem during a season.

    The current squad actually was improved this year comparing to last year as Torreira is a very good addition and Papastathopoulos is at least better than Mustafi. Guendouzi also has great potential.
    Considering the Mourinho episode at Manchester United and Want-away Hazard at Chelsea, by the end of season if Emery can not lead us to top four, the appointment surely shall be seen as a Failure.
    #Kroenkeout shall not be discussed together to assess whether the appointment of Emery is a successful decision. if new owner can provide more financial support, Kroenke shall leave,
    Good Luck to Gooner and Emery.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Tristen, I still believe you are unfair in your criticism of Unai Emery. He came to Arsenal as a well credentialed coach, who is very highly respected by his peers in football coaching and management.
      You commented that other teams have suffered a similar injury toll to Arsenal; however I don’t believe this would hold up under detailed analysis. In my 57 years of following the Arsenal, I cannot remember a season starting with two players suffering long term injuries (Mavropanos and Koscielny) and then three players (Welbeck, Holding and Bellerin) suffering season ending injuries.
      Such injuries, plus the contuous revolving door between the pitch and the treatment room of other players have disrupted the ability of the coach/manager to select and train a stable team.

      1. jon fox says:

        My thoughts exactly. But then you and I always do see the truth clearly. Those who blame Emery are out of touch with all reality.

        1. Tristan says:

          Let’s see by the end of the season or his tenure. My prediction is we will not make top four under Emery. Emery and Sanllehi will probably turn us to a top 10 team soon.
          But you can always claim you can see the truth that Kroenke is not spending. Jajaja…

        2. Midkemma says:

          Will you accept that Emery is making Ozil worse?

          “As a result, Ozil has provided a goal or assist every 245.25 minutes in the Premier League under Emery, in comparison to one every 180.33 minutes last year.”
          (Planet Football)

          Or how about key passes to help us score?
          “Özil has had some world-class performances and some less impressive showings so far, but he’s consistently Arsenal’s chief chance creator, as always. With 2 key passes per 90, there’s still room for improvement, but the fact that Aaron Ramsey is the next best creator with 1.1 per 90 shows how the Gunners still rely on their German playmaker.”

          I head on over to Turkish-Football and read this:
          “Ozil made his first appearance of the year last week in the FA Cup against Manchester United.
          Only Shkodran Mustafi made more tackles than Ozil who also managed to complete the most passes and create the most chances.”

          Yet you will willfully ignore all that when calling Ozil lazy.

          Nice how you try to claim anyone who blames Emery is out of touch with reality yet you are really the deluded one.

      2. Tristan says:

        The detailed analysis shall be,
        How many games Marvo and holding played last season?
        Did Kos improved us significantly after he came back from injury.
        Is Welbeck a first eleven last season?
        Why we loan out Nelson when we all know we don’t have winger?
        I have to agree Bellerin case is a huge blow us.
        But the squad we have is not that bad. Overall it’s clear we have a better squad comparing to last season. And with right mgmt, we shall make top four this season.
        Don’t forget Spud don’t have Kane, Ali and Son and they still win the games. They didn’t even invest in the last two windows.

        Fair or unfair? The judgement shall be made by the end of the season. Let’s see!

        1. ozzziegunner says:

          Tristan, the question remains can you name a squad that has been more affected by injury than Arsenal this season?
          The second question, which few seem to want to answer on this site:
          Should Unai Emery walk because undertakings given to him by the board and support in the transfer market are not forthcoming, which well credentialled coach/manager with an equivalent or better CV would follow him to the Emirates, given the quality of the current squad, the transfer budget, the self sustaining financial model and Kroenke’s ownership?

  11. Durand says:

    He never invested big to get past rd of 16 in Champions league, so why would he now? It’s fools gold to think major investment is incoming. New kit deal and freeing up cash from wage bill adds to club value, no way he’ll lessen that by spending bill.

    It’s all ticket talk, selling the brand. Rams make it to superbowl (lost as i predicted and bet) and now talking same jive about Arsenal. Josh wasn’t talking last year was he?

    Kronke will deem the cost to chase CL not worth the admission price; payoff not worth the investment. Mediocre future betting youth carries us, will still bargin bin shopping, average players on a free, and repopulating Arsenal’s home for the aged and declining footballer.

    Thanks Kronke, you a$$hole, hope you break your wrist counting your money.

    Humiliated in the Superbowl is fitting for his ambitions. He himself said not in it for titles. Good then, you got what you wanted then Kronke, mega cash, no title. Loser.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Durand, and the LA Rams shouldn’t even have been in the Super Bowl, except for the on field officials missing blatent pass interference against the New Orleans Saints.
      Almost as bad as the Seattle Seahawks being robbed a few seasons back.
      I’m waiting for Stan Kroenke to redevelop the Emirates for apartment blocks.

      1. jon fox says:

        Wow ozzie! You actually WATCH that rubbish? I’d rather watch paint dry. A country that calls it a World Series, admittedly in a different sport, when all countries taking part are from USA, perfectly sums up the insular attutude of decision makers in that country. Not JUST the existing President either! It is in the psyche of the whole place.

        1. Durand says:

          Bit harsh to condemn an entire country, aye Jon? Psyche of the whole place? Wow, rampant generalizations gone wild! Thank goodness the “psyche of the place” bailed your country’s ass out of two world wars aye? If it wasn’t for our psyche you would be speaking German no doubt. At least Churchill appreciated the contribution. Still upset America threw off the British yoke perhaps?

          Just kidding my friend, but perhaps ease up a bit on condemning nations, perhaps stick with foreign owners and English clubs.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Durand: Sure Jon was talking with tongue in cheek, however I use the same analogy, you’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for the British, however I do add, the American’s and Commonwealth countries to that analogy, even if you we’re a little late lol, when talking about the Europeans and Brexit. Personally, I like the Americans very much being, in my opinion, one of the countries who love and respect us. Being a London Cab Driver I have a lot of contact with Americans, they love our Royal Family, our culture and our history and are also, in my business, the best tippers, especially the New Yorkers. I do however agree slightly with Jon about the NFL, although I’m not really up with the rules of the game, that I’m sure, would obviously make a difference. Durand, I would like to ask you one question, do you like Rugby Union? If you’re not sure about it get into it, especially International Rugby Union. Personally I think it’s an upgrade to the NFL and played without helmets and padding.

          2. jon fox says:

            Kenny I appreciate your comment “tongue in cheek” and suggest you read my detailed reply to Durand which properly explains my real meaning. I would not, however, personally call that “tongue in cheek”.

          3. jon fox says:

            By using the phrase”psyche of the whole place” I was certainly NOT “condemning an entire country” as you wrote. I use “psyche” in its meaning as a spirit, a soul. I was saying merely that most countries have a distinct psyche: for example Britons are seen as reserved, Germans as organised, Aussies as sport loving,Latins as excitable and passionate and so on. A psyche is how the country is perceived by outsiders. It is not a statement of factual truth about all or even most of it’s citizens. You ought to know me – from my many wider aspect of life posts – rather better than to level that sort of comment against my intellect. I have oft times said that we are all individuals and that is as true in USA as elsewhere. That being said, it is a fact that there are roughly £300 million guns in USA, about 3 guns for each 4 citizens. It is also true that America has extreme nationalistic pride bordering by many on a superiority to all other nations attitude. It is precisely that quality, bordering on national arrogance by many millions that many across the world find so objectionable about the USA psyche. Trump and esp him being democratically elected is the proof of this statement. A more healthy country would never even have a serious candidate as seriously mentally frail and out of self control as Trump, let alone elect such a human as President. My own country of Britain is widely regarded through many past generations and even now as USA’s most staunch ally . But right now in Britain is is hard to find anyone who regards Trump as normal and doing a good and safe job for USA. THIS TELLS US SOMETHING QUITE IMORTANT. I have enormous respect for approx half of USA citizens. Those are the ones implacably opposed to all Trump represents and stands for. But I repeat, a democratic majority of states(as distinct from actual votes, which were MARGINALLY against him) democratically elected him. To my reasonably intelligent mind that is something that USA will need many decades for sober minded people across the civilised world to forget and forgive. National reputations are not as easy to shed as mere Presidents or PM’S etc are. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE PSYCHES. I trust this makes some sense to you Durand, dear fellow. Finally I do accept that my own prejudice against the main USA national sports, which excludes football (soccer, if you prefer!) does impinge a little – mind I say a little , not a lot – on my impression of the mental health of that country in the “global village” that the so called civilised world has now become, rightly or wrongly. Whether globalisation is mostly good or bad is a far wider debate that I prefer not to indulge myself in on here. I do so however on other mainlyy political and socially based sites and spend many hours each day of the week just writing my thoughts and sharing opinions. That is my own private addiction!

  12. ForeverGooner says:

    Don’t get your hopes up. It won’t happen
    Liverpool, City, Chelsea, United and Spurs are all better teams and have more top players then we do.

    Our best chance is Europa League and we are long shots in that too

  13. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Ken you say that as if to say football in as much as it’s for the money, it’s not for the glory. RVP left at a time where the club had and showed zero ambitions. Zero!! Don’t pretend reports weren’t the fact that he hated us losing our players, and wanted to know the kind of players we would sign, tell me what kind of players we were signing back them.
    You say so as if to say you’re completely unaware of the fact that loyalty is a word that lies with the fans.
    Yes Arsenal stood by him when he was injured, blah blah blah, was be injured playing for me or you? Was he injured playing for England? He was injured playing for and serving Arsenal football club!! Arsenal treated him and tolerated his injuries doesn’t mean he needed to give up on his dreams of having a major trophy. He can only be grateful, it’s rare to see players stick to one club, very rare.
    How can I call another man names for so long just because he wanted to achieve something great in his life and career? How? that’s why I said I can’t blame them anymore, I’ve done that enough.
    I hated the fact he left us, but now don’t forget that first he’s human before a player, as human he’ll forever have his wishes and heart desires, regardless of the Jersey.
    should a man be forever haunted just because he thought about himself and his heart desires??
    In your career or line of work, will you turn down a job that will take you places and really give you something, the position you’ve always wanted to reach in life and society, if the opportunity comes, will you turn down the job just because your current boss or company pays your salary and took care of you while you were sick??
    Growth is inevitable, man will continue to do so no matter what, you’ll do what’s best for your life first, please tell me something else other than the whole “We stood by him” line and blah blah blah

    1. jon fox says:

      Eddie, A fine post full of sensible perspective about RvP. I know Ken has a down on this man and to some SMALLISH extent I share it, as do many other Gooners. BUT, I also remember that there is a chasm attitude wise, between almost all players and fans. Fans are morally the real owners of the clubs we love. BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM! Players, however adored they be, do not even know of our individual existence. How can they! They are in essence employees passing through and that is the truth. I accept that many of them grow to love the club, such as Henry did. But most , once they leave, will have no more than a slight fondness, if even that, for the club they once played for. Decades ago, before obscene wages ruined what was a sport, things were often different and many long ago players, for us and for all clubs , have a real abiding life long love,eg Bob Wilson, Charlie George(who was already a Gooner long before making the first team), Frank McLintock etc etc. But perspective is anathema to so many fans , everywhere, and so many confuse players with fans and mistakenly and naively believe that players think as we fans do. Most do not think as we do. They have familes to feed, children to educate, swanky houses and fast cars etc . Some of the more shallow ones value, bling, tattoos, poncy hairstyles, nightclubs etc to love instead. For every Henry, Wilson, George out there there are a dozen or more Coles, Adebayors, Nasris etc or at least people like RvP. They were all bad apples; I do not personally think this of RvP. But I also do not confuse myself by fooling myself that Arsenal is the love of his sporting carreer. He left, mainly , in my view, for the realistic chance to win the title and perhaps the CL, which he recognised was not ever going to happen in his time if he stayed with us. He won the title and was proved correct. Some, the usually worldly wise Ken included, will not see it any way other than their own. But in life there are many differing views and to expect a professional to put club “affection”, even where it exists at all, above his career and possibly his family is naive beyond belief. This is my take from a realist in life’s position! Many see realism as being negative and downbeat. I see it as vital, if truth is to be found and VALUED. The way some fans hero worship players , SOME of whom obviously do NOT care enough to even earn the huge wages paid to all, is IMO , often countr productive to our future on foeld success. At least be sure your heroes are fully deserving first. Dennis, Thierry, Geordie Armstrong, Santi Cazorla, etc!

    2. Midkemma says:

      As you said about RvP, I agree. We didn’t show the ambition to entice him to stay when UTD was sniffing around and more likely to win a title.

      Another player I feel gets a hard time is Nasri.

      He was sold after promises of being kept and from what I recall about the time, Nasri was happy to stay for 12 more months. Him and Cesc wasn’t to be sold together according to Wenger and Nasri later came out and said the board sold him after Wenger assured him he was in his plans.

      If I was told “Sorry, you’ve been sold” then I would look to get the best deal going forward. I believe we all would if we was being honest.

  14. JimBeam says:

    First of all, I would like to say that i do not blame any player that has left Arsenal in the last decade, and I don’t understand the people who do?
    They all left for more money and most if not all of them won championships.
    If there is one amongst you who doesn’t want to make money and achieve more success please let me know.
    Second, we are where we are because we have been badly run for a while and it’s everyone’s fault, Stan, Ivan and Wenger.
    Stan gave Wenger enough money in the last few years and Wenger almost always brought in the wrong players.
    Mustafi,and Xhaka for me at 35M each are the most glaring examples.
    Letting players contracts run down is not Stan’s fault either.
    And the last nail on the coffin the 53M Pound contract given to Ozil that has completely destroyed the club’s financials.
    So in my opinion. Wenger sucked, Ivan sucked and Stan is a terrible owner.
    We should not expect miracles in one season from anyone but Unai has bought well under the circumstances.
    For the first time in a decade we have a real defensive midfielder in Torreira, we have a superb talent in Guendouzi, A tough no nonsense defender in Sokratis.
    We also have Auba and Laca that we spent over 100M of Stan’s money for.
    We have Holding and Bellerin who have both come of age. We have Mavros, Nelson, AMN, ESR, Willock, Eddie who are all brimming with potential.
    so the future can still be bright if we have a smart summer transfer season.
    There are a lot of players leaving and hopefully we will be able to sell some players that are not performing and can still bring us some transfer funds and also clear the wage budget.
    Let’s find Ozil, Mhki, Mustafi and Elneny new homes and replace them with younger hungrier players that fit Unai’s system, and let’s give Unai at least another year to get thing’s right.

    1. J.H says:

      Sorry guys
      But you just dont seem to get it,
      all American owners want is to be able to send money back to the good old U. S. A.
      But the poor little ( soccer team ) team can have 40 million to buy 4 or 5 new players.
      He might even try and find a buyer for our stadium.

    2. jon fox says:

      Jim, I agree totally. A fine and realistic post.

      1. JimBeam says:

        Cheers John!

    3. Midkemma says:

      Sven done well in the transfers, at least in my opinion.
      It is a shame to read Emery getting credit for Torreira when we was linked to him before Emery and Nzonzi became a link once Emery had joined.

      It doesn’t appear that Emery had much influence in the transfer that did happen in the summer.

      Positive side to this is that Emery isn’t to blame for Lich, at least from my perspective.

      I have read that Arsenal apparently have a summer transfer lined up for 25 mil euros, an attacker from Genk, I was reading that it would be Svens parting gift for us. If it is true then fingers crossed for another gem like from diamond eye.

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