If Arsenal play the same team against Liverpool, we can kiss goodbye to the League Cup

What has gone wrong with Arsenal!

I still cannot get over the fact we lost to Nottingham Forest!

I just can’t believe it. Well I can, because the performance we put out definitely didn’t deserve a win. But you can’t help but feel that this is our B team, with some first team players, so if the worst case scenario happens where our players are injured and we have a major Covid outbreak at the club, then the majority of those players who played against Forest will be in the first team.

That doesn’t fill me with much hope and positivity that we can get a result in other games with some of those players playing.

And the fact that a depleted Liverpool side had more passion and flare in their game against Shrewsbury, and managed to come back to win 4-1 after being a goal down, than we did. The fact they managed to carve out a result with a mix of minimum resources and some youth players, shows maybe just how far we have to go and just what sort of mentality some of our players have.

There really is no excuse for Arsenal losing against Forest.

Forest wanted it more and it showed and in the end they deserved the win.

We were sloppy, and there didn’t seem to be a clear game plan. I don’t know what Mikel Arteta was thinking or what he told his players to do but either they didn’t listen, or they did! We won’t ever know.

All I know is if we turn up and play the same against Liverpool, even without Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in the side, we can kiss goodbye to even getting a result.

But maybe there is a slight glimmer of hope and maybe we have got the bad result and performance out of our system and will turn up and get a result at Anfield!

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. It’s no surprise that the B-team is rubbish, because it’s composed of a lot of players that had to be replaced from the A-team before it became any good. Even the A-team still needs long-term solutions for striker & DMF before it becomes something like a finished product. So it’s going to be another couple of transfer windows before there is anywhere close to the strength in depth that fans would like.

  2. We need new players. Someone here asked where will we get the money? Well seeing how terribly Arsenal has dealt with their transfer dealings over the past few years, I assume the money is available. If our buying would be dependant on our sales, we would’ve not declined £20m for AMN or £15m for Xhaka or let a number of our players run down the contract or insert ridiculously low buying fee’s for the likes of Guendouzi or Mavropanos.

    The terrible handling of outgoings makes me assume that money is not an issue for Arsenal. We apparently can afford to deal like donkeys when it comes to selling.

    Therefore I return to original point, we need new players this month. And money is not an issue.

    1. And then there’s the about to be free agents such as Zakaria, Mazraoui, Julian Alvarez.. They’ve been quite good this season and are available for a bargain so I don’t think there’s any reason not to get new players.

  3. One cup loss and you’re in meltdown already asking what is wrong with Arsenal?
    You do realize the team that played was different from the squad we’ve come to know as our first eleven don’t you?


  4. We could play White or Chambers in the DM position, unfortunately Chambers hasn’t got a new contract from the club yet. This is why a new DM is crucial for our EPL journey and loaning one will allow us to evaluate him for four months

    When signing a rising star like Lokonga, there must be a clause for his minimum appearance in England. So he’d likely be a starter again

    Rather than playing Patino in the DM position again, we’d better try Akinola there. But we must extend Akinola’s contract first, since it’s expiring

  5. We will definitely field a stronger team against Liverpool because at Anfield it will be very difficult to get a positive result especially with all their players magically available hmm… So its important we stay in tie and then bring them back to the Emirates to get the job done. Depending on whether S.Rowe Tomi and Xhaka are available I would expect to see

    Tomi(Cedric) White Gabi Tierney
    Lokonga Xhaka(Chambers)
    Saka Odegaard Martinelli

    Ramsdale Holding Mari Tavares Patino S.Rowe Nketiah

    1. Replace with Leno with Ramsdale and we are winning the first leg comfortbaly. I do not see ESR on your bench.

  6. I think Arsenal playing at home in the Carabao Cup 1st leg semifinal match against Liverpool play their last FA Cup team that lost at away to Nottm Forest, but this failed team can beat Liverpool convincingly. This is because every game has it’s own complexion.

    More so, if that our last FA Cup team that played woefully against Nottm Forest step up their game playing performance considerably against Liverpool. Then, Arsenal beating Liverpool will come to pass.

    For, even if Arsenal fielded their regular EPL starting IX playing team to take on Liverpool in this ECC big game match encounter, Arsenal may still not beat Liverpool. Save, if the Gunners considerably stepped it up in their game playing performance to out class the Reds in the match. Would I think Arsenal will have the chance to beat the Reds and beat them convincingly too. I will want to say.

    However, I am not saying Arsenal should field their last team that lost to Nottm Forest for their ECC 1st leg home match against Liverpool. For, that will look a risky undertaking on paper if undertook by Arteta. If us Gooners take into consideration the dismal outing this team had against Nottm Forest is a pointer to what could happen again if the team is fielded again for our ECC home match against Liverpool.

    Therefore, I strongly succumbed to the thoughts being mooted in the Gooners quarter, who want to see Arsenal to be at full strength playing their regular EPL starting XI team for the match against Liverpool on Thursday night. A positive thoughts but if applied by Arteta, that I think and believe will yield much good dividends for Arsenal in the match at the end of it.

  7. we have to play much much better to stand any chance against Liverpool. We also need another 2 signings this January, a DM and a CF asap.

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