If Arsenal play the same way in Madrid we will go to the Final

Considering that Atletico Madrid were the hot favourites to win the Europa League (and probably still are!) they were totally dominated by the Gunners and were very lucky to get away with a draw from a Griezmann breakaway. If there had been anyone else in Atletico’s goal then we would definitely had a hatful of goals, but as usual we struggled to get the ball in the back of the net, despite playing against ten men.

Granit Xhaka is sure that we deserved more from such a good performance. “I think we played a great match” the midfielder said. “Atletico had one shot on our goal and scored. It’s unbelievable because we didn’t want that today, we wanted to have a good result at home. But it’s 1-1 and now we must focus on next week.”

Granit is disappointed with the final result, but thinks we just need to do the same thing again in Madrid and hope we have more luck in front of goal. “We know we must score one goal. We must play like we did today, we must focus over 90 minutes, because you can see it’s always dangerous against Atletico. ”

“I’m not one who has an explanation for it now [the final score]. Just after the game it’s very disappointing. I think today we were clearly the dominant side over the 90 minutes. We made chances and I think other teams would have struggled to make as many as we did against Atletico. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the result – a 1-0 would have been enough – but we conceded a silly goal and now we have to go to Madrid and play exactly as we did today… if you look at the game today, you can see that we can compete against Atletico. OK, we had a man more, but we created chances even before the red card. We just need to approach the game in the same way, try to score and then win the game.”

Danny Welbeck feels the same, he is amazed that we didn’t score more! “There were opportunities there for us to score and we’re disappointed with that but it gives us a little bit of positivity going into the second leg knowing we can create chances against a very good side.

“We know we can score against them and we did it tonight so we’re positive going into that game and we know we can create opportunities. Hopefully we can put them in the back of the net.”

If only… If only…. The story of our season! Maybe we can finally get it right in Madrid….



  1. John Wick says:

    It was the same against man utd in December we just aren’t ruthless enough! That tie should be over we had an unbelievable chance but like every European season we blow it! Arsenal are probably the only team who need numerous chances to kill off a game! In order to win European trophies you need a killer instinct like the way Liverpool are now no mercy..

    1. Jag says:

      Wouldn’t say Liverpool as a whole but Salah… we don’t have our main striker to be ruthless and pushed ahead without our main striker…

      1. gotanidea says:

        Klopp, his staffs and his players have clear plan to score in the field, despite their defensive errors

        Arsenal players did not seem to have any last night. They cannot hide behind Wenger anymore now, we can see who is really motivated and which one is not

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      In both games Arsenal played against two top class goal keepers, De Gea and Oblak, at the peak of their powers.
      This showed the value of top class goal keepers, as I’m still waiting for the 10 – 15 points Cech was going to save Arsenal.

      1. Sue says:

        Ha so am I Ozzie! Been a long wait…….

  2. Ken 1945 says:

    A wonderful atmosphere from beginning to end, the players worked their socks off and it was the team performance they should have been giving the manager and fans for every game this season.
    I believe the referee bottled it after the sending off and the Atletico players put him under so much pressure I’m amazed we finished with eleven men still on the park.
    People are saying same old Arsenal with reference to their goal, but Wellbeck should have had a free kick and Mustafis untimely slip allowed Griezman to score.
    we were so unlucky, our tactics were spot on and, considering some “supporters” on here were predicting a heavy loss, I certainly walked away very proud of my club.
    Loved the reception Arsene got from the crowd and as his reign is nearing its end, it was such a pity the final result didn’t reflect his teams dominance.
    What I didn’t realise was that Santi was out on the pitch doing gentle running exercises. Maybe their is someone smiling down on him and whoever the new manager is, what a player he might have back from the dead to use next season.
    Forget Manure, that game doesn’t bother me (as long as it’s not an embarrasing result), if we play the same way out there and with a strong referee, there could still be a great result for the club on the cards.
    If only our supporters got/ get behind the team like that in every game, The Emirates will be a great place to be again.

    1. Sue says:

      Glad you had a good night Ken… it looked great on the tv… a full house was nice to see! We did play well, I am gutted over the result, but there is a glimmer of hope!

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        It was a good night for many reasons.
        The crowd was tremendous and got behind the team even before they walked out.
        During the game the frustrations grew, but we played like a team throughout.
        I can’t praise our supporters enough though. It was non stop chanting throughout and I hope this augers well for the new manager.
        They chanted for Wenger, which was great as his term comes to a close.
        I felt sick for the players, supporters and the club when they scored. We deserved soo much more and I just hope we can conjur up that kind of performance next week.
        One things for sure, Atletico won’t be relishing our visit if we can turn it on.
        Hope you enjoy the Burnley game, i really believe the supporters will “turn up” again as one era ends and another begins!

        1. Sue says:

          Thanks Ken… I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be a very emotional day…I reckon the Emirates will be rocking!!
          Btw Cszorla is back in full training in 2 weeks!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Of course Atletico were dominated, because they were only ten men and played at the Emirates

    If Arsenal play exactly like that at Wanda Metropolitano, Diego Costa, Griezmann, Correa or Torres could punish them with an early goal

    The game at the Emirates has already shown who really wants to fight for Arsenal and which one who just wants big paycheck every month

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Two points for you to answer then:
      Firstly, from that team performance last night, exactly who do you consider was only playing for a paycheck?
      You make these ridiculous statements with no back up whatsoever.
      So let everyone know who YOU think played just for the money last night and let’s see how many people agree with you.
      Secondly, we dominated Atletico before the referee had even blown the whistle.
      The crowd was brilliant, at last our twelth man.
      Until the sending off we were in control and that was the way the game continued.
      Having ten me doesnt mean a team will be dominated, but our performance ensured that was the case.
      I just don’t get why you say you support this club when, even after a game like that, you accuse the players of being merceneries.
      Anyway, I await your naming and shaming of those players you deem to be just that.

      1. gotanidea says:

        1. Ozil and Wilshere

        2. I didn’t see Arsenal dominated Atletico before the red card

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Then you wasn’t there mate that’s all I can say.

          1. Dave says:

            Lol, how can you use ten minutes of a match to judge. Roma dominated Liverpool for the first 25 minutes and created more clear cut chance than Liverpool. Liverpool won 5-2.

  4. ks-gunner says:

    We have no players to choose from which could change the outcome of the game. No reserve players at all. I think its there where our biggest problem is. At times some certain players are not up for the job or we need a diff king of approach towards the game, but like i said, no options.

    Giroud would be a super sub. Same goes wich Coqueling, but bye bye they all went.

  5. #MAGA says:

    @gotnoidea, so who exactly didn’t fight for Arsenal but just for the fat paycheque? In the game I saw, everyone fought long and hard, yes mistakes were made, but no one can be accused of not fighting.

    1. Gunner22 says:

      The end result matters most mate! And kos has been bottling it up umpteen no of times including the league cup against Birmingham, several penalties etc. Just to note he came from Lorient and mustafi from relegation threatened Valencia. we were ok last season cos mertesaker though slow could read the game better than mustafi. Belerin has no competition and no one knows what happened to sead kos. That sums up our defense.Hope the new guy sorts this out.

      1. #MAGA says:

        I agree the end result matters, of course it does, mate! I was questioning the questioning about fighting for Arsenal. Kos fought but he’s not good enough.

    2. gotanidea says:

      For example, Ozil and Wilshere. They did not dare to take high risk and did not pressurize the opponent hard enough

      If Simeone replaces Wenger, we could expect him to bark at Arsenal’s lazy players, just like when he yelled at the officials yesterday

      We would see how those people perform again at Atletico’s turf. Let’s see who is willing to work harder and fight for the team

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        So that’s it then?
        Ozil and Wilshere are the mercenaries not playing for the club?
        Atletico had 30odd% of the game, so where were they being pressured from?
        Not our defence, because they only had six shots.
        It was our attack minded midfield and forwards that pressured them.
        We are talking about last nights game, not next weeks and that is what you based your accusation on.
        If they do bottle it next week, I’ll be the first to agree with you.
        As for simeone replacing wenger, that’s another issue isn’t it? To have both the manager, assistant manager and a player sent off is a disgrace and if that is what the new manager is going to bring to our club then god help us!
        This is Arsenal Football Club we are talking about.

        1. Dave says:

          Lol so Wenger has never been sent off before.

      2. ks-gunner says:

        Ozil was the only players who could do something while being always under pressure. Why you do single out those two i dont know. Especially Wilshere. Him and paying for the Check? Get get real man. If someone is there who besides being a player is also an Arsenal fan its Jack.

        Atletico is known for such games. They have even beaten Bayern like this. They sit tight and play while relying on luck a lot. And yesterday luck was again on their side.

        1. #MAGA says:

          Well said ks

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            I agree, no one can reasonably accuse any Arsenal player of not trying on Thursday night.


    Arsenal players should not get worried because we always play better in any away match; prediction (3-1) in favour of Arsenal

  7. Durand says:

    I think LB Sead is injured; thigh problem I believe.
    Ready to have him back and in his early season form. Excellent crossing and Auba there to finish; ohh ahh.

    1. #MAGA says:

      Kalasinac never crosses, he is the biggest culprit of getting to the goal line and passing back.

  8. Ignasi says:

    Why do arsenal players continue to shoot ‘at’ or ‘near’ the oppositions goalkeeper?

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      That’s because Wenger has coached them to do that, what a ssilly question.

      1. Ignasi says:

        I was being facetious.

    2. RSH says:

      because they think its FIFA. (isnt that so damn annoying btw)

  9. Chet says:

    Danny Welbeck’s continuous urge to cheat the Referee got us into this bloody mess.

    I hope he doesn’t play again in Madrid.

    1. #MAGA says:

      He doesn’t cheat, he’s just like Bambi on ice.

  10. King henry says:

    All I can say is regardless who they bring in next.. we should be PAYING Jan oblaks release clause.. that keeper kept them in it most the game.. 87mil go out and pay it.. he has great potential and is only 25.. could be our keeper we need to compare with our rivals (de gea, courtois, ederson, loyris)

    I can only prey the board noticed his performance and had a glass of wine and a little chat with the owner of athletico and offered the guys release clause and we sign him regardless of whoever new manager is..

    Atmosphere was best I’ve heard at Emirates.. keep it up!!


  11. John0711 says:

    TBH we should all get behind the team, will it be difficult to win there, hell yes
    can we do it yes if we all pull in the same direction

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    Play the same way and we’ll be fine? No, we’ll be out! Poor in attack, poor in defence last night, is not the recipe for success in Madrid. Our only hope realistically, is to sack Wenger before the 2nd leg, otherwise it’ll just be the same old, same old, just like last night.

    1. #MAGA says:

      Rediculous comment

      1. Thomas says:

        We the second leg still, we can do it

  13. GUNNER OZ says:

    Some on here do not understand the tactical systems defending with 10 men. Already a good defence side, once down to 10 men they retreated behind the half way, offering very little space for us in the final third. There attack suffered not there defence. There only out from possession was long over the top balls, which we have been atrocious at handling recently. However going forward we still created a plethora of chances, how we miss Auba in these circumstances.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      My countryman and I see eye to eye on this one. I am looking forward to Lacazette and Aubameyang playing uo front together in the future.

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