If Arsenal play with the spirit we had against Liverpool we’ll have a great season

Round one goes to Liverpool, round two goes to Arsenal! Although it was a Carabao Cup tie and many people will say it’s not a proper trophy, still being in the competition in the manner we are shows that we are made of something.

Leno won a lot of praise last night and so he should.

I will always give praise where it is due and Leno earned it when he pulled off some good saves to keep us in the game at 0-0 and although it was a very uneventful game the most eventful part of it was that it ended up with penalties having to be taken, and we clinched it 5-4 against Liverpool as we did in the Community Shield final!

It was a solid performance from our boys, and it was also nice to see Cedric back and Gabriel get another run out. We showed defensive ability and Leno of course pulled off some key saves. The only thing we lacked was being clinical in front of goal. But coming back to Anfield twice in four days is never an easy feat but we managed to bounce back albeit with a slightly different team, but any Arsenal team that plays is a team, we are one, we are a family. So, all results mean just the same.

Losing on Monday hurt and was disappointing but the quick bounce back and the manner in whcih we did it shows again the mentality Arteta has instilled in the team! The spirit is high no matter what and that is clear to see. To come back to the same place you lost only a few days ago and to grind out a win shows a lot about the character we have. Something we never really doubted, but of course it is always nice to see. A determined and courageous performance won out in the end!

The other positives other than the win was the performance of Leno and the solid back line. It’s always nice to keep a clean sheet and it’s even better when your keeper can pull off penalty saves and Leno did just that, not once but twice. If rounds one and two are anything to go by then I am sure any other rounds that come between these two teams will be just as exciting and full of quality!

So, let’s take this character, performance and ability into the rest of the season and we will undoubtedly get to where we deserve to be! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Agree providing the other managers do not use their best players and the bar plays a role in preventing the ball from going in.

    1. Hahahaha…very true bro. Also if Leno plays like this in every match and every match is decided on penalties.

  2. this is appalling click bait. a win against atrocious Fulham, a lucky win against an almost as bad West Ham and then totally outclassed by Liverpool. you’ll finish somewhere between 7th and 10th and have no reason to think otherwise.

    1. Almost as bad West Ham !!
      You obviously do t watch much football .
      And I take it you are not an Arsenal going by youre last 2 sentences.

        1. You have to take his view in prospective when he wrote this West ham were not 2-0 up against lescester and before playing us they were really and against Newcastle. Plus what he is saying is right West ham was in relegation battle last season and David Moyes is not known for putting out a team which can out play so called big 6 teams. But they did out play us that is the fact we can not hide from.

    2. You truly not and arsenal fan just trying everything possible to blame arsenal and Arteta. same westham won away 3-0. We played Liverpool at anfield not as villa does on villa park.Liverpool underrated villa because they feel its going to be an easy ride.
      Even if arsenal win every match, you still come out with the same negative vibes n feel the club only suit Arsene Wenger

  3. Shenel
    Optimism is great, but deluded optimism is not helpful. Our present team, if we don’t bring some quality players in, is not good enough. You cannot turn ‘a sow’s ear into a silk purse’. Plus didn’t Arteta or Edu make a deal with Aubameyang they would buy players to make us great again.

    Elneny, Xhaka, Ceballos…..is our midfield are they going to get us into the Champions League? I don’t think so. Hope is great but it must be based in reality.

  4. Top 4 Is Very Certain For Us If We Continue With This Mentality We Presently Have

    NaySayers Are Becoming Plenty Here We’re Presently Doing Better Than Man City, Man Utd, Leicester, Tottenham & Chelsea Even

    So Yes, If We Continue This Way – Top 3 Is Even Certain

    Some Guys Only See The Gloom

    1. “very certain”? on what basis? you finished 8th last season, teams above have strengthened more and at least one team below, Everton, look better than you. you need to brace yourself for another season of mid-table mediocrity.

  5. Oh! You really believe we “won” against Liverpool? How cute.
    News Flash, there are no penalty shoot outs in the premier league.
    We had a player in Grujic (who has barely played in England by the way) bossing the midfield against us. Leno will not always be that heroic. And whether we agree or not, that’s a competition a lot of people in Liverpool will be happy to do without.
    We need more quality, if not to compete then at least to keep Aubameyang happy.

  6. some naysayers don’t just want Arteta and arsenal to win games so that they can blame everything possible.
    If arsenal win they turn to performance n don’t see anything positive about arsenal. Not one of them is saying how westham we defeat won 3-0 against a team they rated above us

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