If Arsenal sell Pepe, who will replace him?

Sign a replacement for Pepe first if he must be sold in January By Sylvester Kwentua

Recently, I did a piece on Pepe’s chances to impress again at Arsenal. In that piece, I explained my reasons, and why I feel Pepe may find it hard. Never in that piece did I mention that Pepe should be sold, and to be sold in January. I am not the manager of the team, and it is never in my power to determine who stays and who is sold, and in what transfer market. Being that said, I would like to ask, will it be right to let Pepe go in January without getting a better replacement first?

According to a reports from Football.London, Arsenal are willing to suffer a significant loss on Pepe and accept £25million for the Ivory Coast international. After reportedly losing patience with Pepe, nobody will blame the club for being willing to let him go. But letting him go without getting a better winger, may just be a wrong move.

Arsenal are reportedly considering a move for Dejan Kulusevski of Juventus, with the 21-year-old capable of playing as a winger or an attacking midfielder. Dejan seems a good replacement for Pepe, but would Juventus want getting to release him in January without themselves getting a replacement? Even if Juventus was to release him, would he be so good enough to make an instant impact in Arsenal this season, or would we have to wait another season to see him play his best? Are we also looking at other options?

Nicholas Pepe is not getting playing time and the club may want to let him go, but even if i was to support any player being sold, it is surely not in January. I have never been a fan of the January transfer window, and I have never hidden this. Secondly, I am tired of us selling players and not getting better replacements. Arsenal can sell him if they wish, but please get us a winger willing to make us forget Pepe sooner than expected. Is that too much to ask?

So who should take his place?

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. If the rumors about Pepe’s sale are true, I guess that’s why we were linked with tall left-footed attackers like Vlahovic, Kulusevski and Asensio

    If we can’t sign Pepe’s replacement, we still have the untested Hutchinson

    1. arsenal must get one of these players to replace pepe if sold noah long, sterling, zaha because are more dangerous in attack

      1. The players you mentioned play predominantly on the left wing. We need someone to compete with Saka on the right wing

        1. Pepe wasn’t playing totally on the right wing before he came to Arsenal either,

          I wouldn’t mind Zaha/ Kulusevski, strong , fast and has an eye for goals and passes,

  2. The question you’re asking is who should replace our second choice right winger, and now probably 4th/5th choice wide attacker?

    Doesn’t seem like much of a concern to me. We’re overloaded with players who can play wide in the current squad (Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Auba, and at a push Ødegaard, AMN or Tavares), not to mention Nelson on loan or the youngsters in the U23 side (who would look to complete for places in the cup competitions over the next couple years).

  3. Douglas Costa , gelson Martin’s players like that, a speedy exciting winger like we have had in the past. Coyg

  4. 25 million is a little low, a think arsenal could get 40 million for him as he’s not that bad, proberly sell him and he will become a world class player as he’s still young and has speed ,control and can finish, I still think giving him a striker roll instead of right midfield/winger with a left foot just doesn’t make sense, play him upfront give him a chance he’s rapid and with a little tweak could be great.

  5. The first thing is should we rule out Pepe before trying him out in a different position, probably a CF position. The guy has speed and can finish so could give defenders a torrid time. Secondly if at all he is sold, I feel we should go in for either Zaha or Kulusevski.

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